Cleanup on Blue Shelf

I thought I’d been using an awful lot of blue.  I had empty spots.

In the above photo, I’d already straightened the far left stack.  Then I looked over in the corner . .

The corner where all the UFO’s that weren’t added to my 2011 list are stacked, and there was a pile of blue fabric.  It had fallen off the shelf into the abyss of UFOs (including that brown Minkee fabric that was supposed to be a Christmas gift!).

The blue fabric is all stacked neatly now.  Next to purple, I have less blue than anything else.  I do have a patriotic stack that has some blue and there are several (maybe a bit more than several) blues that are not on the shelf but I really am short on blues.  I’ve used quite a bit of blue this year but I have never had a vast stash of blue.

Which color is the largest in your stash?  Which color is the smallest?


  1. 2

    pat says

    Mine is Blue.
    Red, white and blue combined.
    The only color I can say I don’t have alot is pink. That isn’t my favorite color.

  2. 3


    Blue, definitely blue. I’ve decided that there will be blue in most every new quilt that I start now. I even substituted blue for the pink and red in Bonnies latest mystery.

    Happy New Year Judy!

  3. 4

    DebrafromMD says

    I don’t have a lot of pink. Just went through my stash looking for a few pink fat quarters and nothing I have will work. I need to go shopping.

  4. 5

    Diann Smith says

    Purples and lavendars are my smallest because I put them in everything. Lately I’ve had a taste for reds and double pinks and oranges. Been buying them often. I love cheddar, aqua, lime but my smallest just because I am not that wild about the color is green. Don’t gravitate toward green much. And I have a new stash of browns because I made the Civil War Diary quilt and had leftovers..but many will go into the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery should I ever get the UFO I’m working on finished. Too many things started. Shoot. Wish I could make money double like fabric folds.

  5. 7


    Greens are the worst! I inherited my mom’s stash when she moved into a smaller place and I started quilting. There are loads of greens. I’ll never know why because she can’t remember. lol

    The least seen color in my stash is actually orange.

  6. 8


    I love green so that’s my heaviest color, followed by red, brown, purple, orange, and neutrals. I have no pink and very little black or blue. Since I like red and green so much, they always need replenishing 🙂 I do have a lot of trouble finding neutrals I like so I pick them up almost every time I’m out shopping.

  7. 9


    Purple and black are sorely missing in my stash, and that won’t change anytime soon. I really have to stop stash building in 2011.

  8. 10

    Lynne says

    Lots and lots of brown not much pink and purple. Great an excuse to buy more, as if I needed one !

  9. 12

    Becky I. says

    Blue is my largest color pile. It used to be my favorite color but in recent years purple seems to be my color of choice. Happy New Year!

  10. 13


    That’s easy. The white on white/cream on cream is my largest stash. I can barely get the lid closed on that box. As far as “colors” go, that too is easy. Blue — I’ve got one box devoted to it. But if you consider themes it would be my music stash — I’ve got two drawers of it. On the other end of the spectrum it would be red.

  11. 14


    That’s easy. The white on white/cream on cream is my largest stash. I can barely get the lid closed on that box. As far as “colors” go, that too is easy. Blue — I’ve got one box devoted to it. But if you consider themes it would be my music stash — I’ve got two drawers of it. On the short end of the stash is red.

  12. 16

    Glenda in Florida says

    My biggest stash is purple, and next is blue. I never seem to have the right green, so that is probably my smallest group. I’m also weak in red.

  13. 18


    My stash has more florals than anything else because that is what my friend Lois, who left me her stash, bought. If it were just me, I think blue or purple would be what I have most of. Least is probably really good darks, especially blacks.

  14. 19


    Orange and brown are my most common; not sure what my least common are but it’s either pink, white, black, or gray.

  15. 20

    Diane says

    Largest is the brown/tan/ cream stacks and the smallest is purple. I thought I might try to fill in the holes, but decided I might want to use some fo the over flowing brown/tan/cream stacks. I can’t walk past a brown withough drooling so I tend to buy. I must stop that! 🙂

  16. 21


    I have more yellow and orange than anything….I love them and keep buying them (or I used to) and I rarely use them….not sure why? I think I have the least amount of red and purple.

  17. 22

    Linda in MI says

    well, I am about even between blues and greens, with pink being the least in my stash….
    and happy new year!

  18. 24


    For someone who absolutely loves blue, I have more green in my stash. I didn’t realize this until my daughter was looking. I know that blue is a very close second. Of course, this doesn’t count my batiks or orientals. One thing that does help my blue stash is that my bee members gave me several blue Moda fat quarters for my birthday.

    Happy New Year!

  19. 27

    Mary G says

    Hi Judy
    Orange is my favorite color, maroon my least favorite, but I like them all. Most of my fabric is in storage for the next 1-1/2 years tho. I probably have the most fabric in blue, simply because that’s what I started out buying about 20 yrs ago and it was more available than orange at the time. If I see orange, I buy it.

  20. 28


    My largest stack is blue…which is ironic because I don’t really like blue. My smallest stack is neutrals. I definitely need more beige, creme, ecru, eggshell, sand, etc….

  21. 29

    Karen C says

    Most=Green by a large margin… can’t get enough! 🙂
    Least=A tie between orange & pink. A little orange goes a long way unless it’s a quilt for my oldest daughter. And pink…an occasional baby quilt. Happy New Year Judy! Can’t wait to hear what UFO number you select tomorrow.

  22. 31

    LadyBaltimore says

    The largest – green, definitely (I do love to applique those leaves).
    The smallest – orange (maybe only half a dozen FQs)

  23. 32

    Darlene S says

    My largest color stack is all shades of purple, next would be blue and green. My smallest stack is pink and neutrals and can’t keep enough black. I’m only buying my needed colors as I absolutely need them and have room on the shelves for more fabric — probably sometime in 2014! Dar in MO

  24. 34

    Denise says

    Largest color group is green and the nonexistent one is pink – hate pink and only use it in Komen Fund quilts so always have to buy it for those projects.
    The Christmas fabric shelf outdoes everything else – I love those and there’s lots. No more buying Christmas fabrics.

  25. 35


    I think I have more blue than anything, (I finally just finished a totally blue quilt, just to use some of it!), green coming in a close second. Seems like I can never find the right shade of green for anything, but keep buying a piece if it looks like it might work somewhere, or is a certain shade. But purple is my favorite. I think I have the least of pinks, and browns. I try to buy a few pieces of brown, since lately I am leaning toward putting it more in my quilts (?).

  26. 36

    pdudgeon says

    the stash of neutrals at my house is almost non-existant because i’ve been using them up at a rapid pace this last year. in fact i just had to substitute a green for the setting triangles in a quilt, where i normally would have used a neutral!

    there are several colors that i only have one or two of in my 2 stash drawers, and that stash includes several pieces 4-6 inches wide fabrics that were trimmed off from the extra backing on my quilted sandwiches. so right now most of the fabric in my stash drawers will probably be used up in “kitchen sink” quilts, where everything and anything goes in.

  27. 37


    In my stash I have more green by far. Until recently I had almost no white but I now have a new fondness for white. Pink is probably now my smallest stash.

  28. 38


    It always was blue, because I like that colour most. But I made a some blue quilts last year, so now it is the smallest amount in my stash. My second favorite colour is green, this is also the biggest stash (for now).

  29. 40


    I have more blue than anything else – I love it! One of my UFOs is a blue log cabin and I made it to use up my blues, which had taken over my little stash at the time. Well, I haven’t finished the quilt yet, but have at least 10 times more blue now than when I made that quilt. Yellow is the smallest stash.

  30. 41


    Biggest is definately red! and smallest is browns, I really am not inspired by browns. Oh thinking of not inspired, grey is probably smaller than brown!
    I love your questinos from time tot time!