Monochromatic Challenge – January

The color for each month will be drawn on the last day of the previous month so today is the day to draw the color for January.  It’s after midnight on 12/30, which means it’s officially New Year’s Eve, which means it’s the last day of December, and the last day of 2010 and . . we can draw for the color for January’s monochromatic quilt!

First thing on the agenda was to wake Vince from his sleeping position in the recliner.  Not really, he was awake . . really!  He just looks like he was sleeping.  That’s what he told me and he’s my husband so I believe everything he says!  🙂

Next thing to do was let Speck check out the bag.  Anything in a Ziplock bag must be something to eat.  Once we convinced Speck it was nothing to eat, then Vince could draw the color.

Why is he holding it way above his head .. like it would be against the rules for him to see what he’s drawing . . when he doesn’t even know what we’re doing!

OK!  We have a winner!  🙂

Ugh!  The hardest color of all for me to work with.  When he read it to me, I said “Oh, no!  Not yellow!”  Vince said “That’s ok . . I’ll draw another one.”  I told him we had to do yellow.  The funny thing is that earlier yesterday I was thinking that even though I didn’t want to do yellow, it would be nice to draw it first because everyone is more fired up about the challenge and even those who, like me, aren’t really excited about yellow . . we’ll do it because this is the first month.  Right?

I don’t have anything in mind yet . . but I’m going to start thinking and I’ll have something done by the end of the month.  Who’s with me on this one?

Before you panic and drop out on Month #1, remember that this is supposed to be fun, we’re supposed to learn from the experience and this isn’t brain surgery!  If we make a quilt we don’t like, we donate it or give it to a friend . . no one is going to get hurt.

My yellows will probably range from yellowish ecru to yellowish gold. Don’t forget — no quilt police and no monochromatic police!

Here are some links to get you started: (some of these look really green!)

Go to google and type in “shades of yellow” and then hit “images”.  This isn’t nearly as hard as we think! : )


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    Wendy from South Australia says

    Just wondering – what are the ‘rules’ for this challenge? Can it be a block, or more, or does it have to be a quilt top? I love the idea of using up the scraps all from the same shades.

  2. 4


    Hmm, I wasn’t going to play this challenge because I have a ridiculously tiny stash…but I’m intrigued by the yellow. I’m not even sure I *have* any yellow but I could dye some…hmm, I see a pretty little wallhanging/art quilt in my future, thanks Judy!

  3. 5


    I have the same question as Wendy. I’d love to do a block per month in the color scheme picked and have it be a rainbow quilt by the end of the year! Or does it have to be a quilt each time?

  4. 6


    I couldn’t find the html code so I knocked it out using the UFO button info, here it is if someone needs it (hopefully this doesn’t format in the comments…)

  5. 9

    Carol says

    Yellow? Actually I made a churn dash mystery quilt out of prints that were shades of yellow through medium brown. It turned out much better than I thought it would. It’s bright and cheery. Who would have thought ! Should be an interesting challenge.

  6. 10


    I have lots of yellow, mostly because I tend not to use this color. Some are very old, so I am excited to start cleaning. When I first read about the Mono challenge, it was the perfect way to build up my stash of baby quilts. 2011 — here we come!

  7. 12


    YELLOW? Ok, I can do that. I actually have lots of yellow. I am happy about this too because I have a graduation quilt I need to make for NEXT year (2012) The graduate loves yellow. It is his favorite color and he even wears it a lot. I have been trying to think which pattern to make for this quilt. I am hopeful to get some good ideas here. I’m in.

  8. 13


    When I first saw Vince reclining I thought that our color was going to be GREEN (in honor of his shirt)!! he he he

    I actually love yellow. . . .it’s my favorite color so if anyone needs a charity to send their unwanted quilts to I’m available!! he he he

    Happy New Year!!

  9. 14


    ugh. i’m not a yellow person. even when i used to play bingo every week, i would groan when the cards were yellow because they were hard for me to see! i wonder why that is? anyway, please refresh my memory about what we are supposed to be doing in this challenge. thanks!

  10. 15


    Oh yellow is my second favorite color! (It was displaced by purple in high school, though I can’t really explain why.) And for a dreary month like January, working with sunny yellows will be delightful. How depressing it would have been to work with brown when everything around me is dead and brown.

  11. 16


    I don’t usually use yellow. But I think it’s a good time for yellow. We can have a new quilt., wall hanging, or table topper just waiting for spring. Now to decide what to make and look for patterns and fabric. Fun, fun, fun!

  12. 17

    Toni says

    I’m with you! In more ways than one. I will be participating and a lot of my “yellows” are going to lean more towards gold. I don’t have many true yellows…well at least I don’t think I do! Wait until I start digging out that color and we will see. It will be fun and it will be cheerful! Thanks!

  13. 18


    Okey-dokey — yellow it will be! I may drift over into gold, I’ll have to see what the scrap bin tells me 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  14. 19


    This is a good challenge color – because I know I have some yellows, but I think I put other things on top of them as they aren’t used much! So today will be my *find the yellow in the stash* day! Thanks for the challenge!!

  15. 20

    Becky I. says

    Lesson learned here: yellow ranges from almost white to orange, brown, green and anything in between. When I think yellow, I almost always go to a lemon colored yellow in my mind but the links you posted prove otherwise. It gives new meaning to monochromatic. Very interesting, isn’t it? I would love to participate in January’s color but I am afraid that “life” isn’t going to allow it. We are doing a major remodel of our home and that won’t leave any sewing time or space this month (all fabrics are already packed in storage). On second thought that sounds really scary, I may need a rubber room before this is over with. Will everyone out there in cyber land please pray for me? Have fun! I can’t wait to see photos of everyone’s quilts.

  16. 22

    Tricia says

    Now I think we’ve seen all the important people/animals in your family…chickens,dog,son and the essential part of your blog-the hubby in the green tee with a quilt on!
    I love how you make everything so interesting-even step by step pictures of picking a color!
    Have a great day!

  17. 23


    Vince was just getting into the spirit of the draw, right? Too funny.

    I agree, yellow is a hard color to work with, but it sure is pretty when done right! Good luck, ladies!

  18. 24


    It would be a good thing if you could post the rules for this challenge.
    If monochromatic, I’m sure you mean ONLY that color is used in the quilt, in all its various tones.
    Does the quilt need to be a particular size or can we make a small mini or maybe a tabletopper of a small doll quilt for the kiddies?
    Does it have to be finished within the month?
    I’m liking this general idea but will need a bit more info.
    Thanks for an intriguing challenge.

  19. 25


    Hah! Vince is so cute, he is such a good sport, and so photogenic!
    I have always wanted to make a yellow and white quilt. Whether I can get to it or not, is another story, but I am going to try! Maybe a feathered star block……Hmmm…dream big, I say….

  20. 27

    Suzanne Smith says

    Yellow will be a ray of sunshine through our very grey northern January…what a great colour-can’t wait to start!

  21. 28


    Ooooooohhhh yellow — my FAVORITE color! Always has been, always will be- I’m strange like that. I had a yellow bedroom as a child and in my very first apartment I did it in yellow and my sainted father bought me a yellow rug ( yes I was spoiled) Anyway I am all in for this – I actually have a partially started quilt that is all in yellows so this could be the kick in the butt I need to get it done. Can’t wait to see what everyone else will come up with!

  22. 29

    Judy W says

    I love yellow and I’m sure my stash can support a yellow quilt! Will look for the kick – off in the next few days. Judy W

  23. 30

    Sarah B says

    I am intrigued with the prospect so count me in! I have a box of “yellows” that range from pale to mustard so I should be good for a nice scrappy quilt…

  24. 31


    Oh, I’m so excited! I actually wanted it to be yellow, lol. It’s not my favorite color or anything, but for some reason, I wanted yellow.

    I can’t wait to get home and get started!

  25. 32

    June Piper-Brandon says

    Yellow is Liam’s favorite color. His room is painted “chilled lemonade”, his Christmas hat is bright yellow, his rain poncho is bright yellow, his sheets are yellow, he has more yellow shirts than any other. His next quilt has to have yellow in it somewhere. I often wonder if yellow is his favorite because it’s the one he can see the best (he’s red green color blind). Skip is red green color blind too but his favorite color is blue. Who knows!!

  26. 33


    I’m in. I’m doing circles and that’s all I’m gonna say for now. You will see my “design thoughts” progress as we move on. I can’t say it will all look good in the end but that’s okay, if it does or doesn’t, someone will get a unique project. 😀

  27. 35

    Darlis says

    I’m going to play with this one. Wonder what yellows I have in my stash. My husband cas been after me to

  28. 36

    Darlis says

    Sorry I think that sent.

    I’m going to try this one. My husband has been wanting me to clean my stash up and organize it. Wonder what I have for yellow. I will see tomorrow.

  29. 37

    Mel Meister says

    Yellow… not my favorite, but like you said, we need to grow. I’ll see what I can come up with.

  30. 38


    That’s what makes it a challenge!
    I like yellow but paired with other brights.
    I can’t wait to see what comes from this!

  31. 39


    I’m so excited about yellow! I had a feeling it was going to be yellow:)
    It’s not intimidating if you think about it creating a mood or feeling – then you can think sunshine or wheat fields or sunflowers and not think – omg it’s yellow!!!!

    Thanks for the challenge Judy!

  32. 40


    Of course Vince did not sleep, he just closed his eyes for a moment….
    I think Speck picked out the most difficult colour in the colourwheel. thios must make it interesting/

  33. 41


    I am doing a quilt with yellows, blues and purples and I just discovered that yellow is an awfull colour to use with arrificial lightning. It is really difficult to distinguish all different shades of yellow.

  34. 42


    Love the photos of Vince and his comment about picking a different color! The link you gave really helped in picking out colors for this as I’ll be adding beige and brown.

  35. 43


    I am sooo ready ! I was digging and digging through my stash (it’s hidden in lots of different drawers, totes, closets …) and found a project I had completely forgotten about – lots of brights, and black … I remember it was a black batik … 1895 something? Not sure exactly, but I’ll find it again. SO – I’ll be able to do the monochromatic challenge – as well as knock out one of the multitude of UFO’s I want to finish this year ! Plus, for Thanksgiving, in an online quilty exchange – a fellow quilt bud gave me some Hoffman watercolors – and there are lots of different yellows. Now to find the name of the block so that I can find some instructions ….

    Thanks Judy – for inspiring me yet again !!

  36. 44


    Yellow is my favorite color, but I’ve never made a quilt using it . Since i just ran across this challenge today – I need to research the monochromatic options now and decide on what I want to do. LOL Boy oh Boy, my month is already getting jammed packed. STarting the new year off with a Bang I guess. Fun fun fun….. Thanks Judy.

  37. 47


    I’m in. This gives me a reason to start a new quilt and finished it in a short time! I’ll post my progress in my blog (I started a new one because my orther blog is in Dutch.)