Monochromatic Challenge “Rules”

Most any time there’s something you want more information about regarding projects on this blog,  you can go over to the left sidebar and there’s a search box.  For the Monochromatic Challenge, if you type in “Monochromatic”, you’ll find everything I’ve posted in the past.  To make it even easier, there’s a button over on the left sidebar that says “Monochromatic Challenge” and that post will stay updated with links to monthly colors chosen and completed projects  But, to recap, here’s what I originally posted:

  1. Monochromatic Monthly Quilts – I’ll put in the colors and each month will draw one.  You can do one if that color suits your fancy or you can skip it.  No accountability — just do it if you want.  No set size — make a pillow or a wall hanging or a throw or bed quilt . . whatever makes you happy.  I don’t know if there are 12 colors — there’s always red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  But then there’s pink, brown.  That’s 9.  Maybe we should skip December because of the holidays.  Maybe one month could be black, white and one other color and one month could be your choice for a 2 color quilt.  How does that sound?  Also, for the color, you can add white, ecru or black along with the color.  Say January is blue — you could add any shade of blue, along with white or ecru or black (but not black and white).  Can you do that?

I never mind answering questions but sometimes it’s much quicker (and easier) if you search the blog before asking.  If there’s something you don’t find answered on the blog, please ask me because you can bet you’re not the only one with that question.  Most often (but not always) I think I know what I’m trying to say but it doesn’t always come out as clear as I wish.  When I go back and read something, I sometimes wonder how anyone knew what I was talking about! : )


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    Duh! I should have looked for a sidebar. Sorry.

    With Xmas projects to finish and 2 cataract surgeries this month, I didn’t come to the blogs so you having this sidebar is great.

    I’m in, at least for a few months at least. This sounds like a good one.

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    Wendy from South Australia says

    I’m the same as quiltbea – should have checked more thoroughly! But it was actually already New Years here, & I was trying to multi task!! Thanks Judy.