Monochromatic Helpful Sites

The challenge can be fun and can be a learning experience for those of us who have not worked with monochromatic themes before.  Hopefully we’ll all come away with more knowledge and power in how we use colors in our quilt.  There’s no right or wrong for this challenge.  If you like it, use it.  If you think your yellow is too green but you still want to use it . . then use it!  Don’t struggle!  Don’t fret or get worked up about this.  It has to be fun or it isn’t worth it.  For those of us who are able to do the challenge most every month, my hope is that we come away with a whole different view and appreciation of color in our quilts.  There are so many interesting websites for using color.

This is a site Margo shared with me.  Normally I use FireFox as my browser but have better luck with Internet Explorer for this site.

You go in and choose a color by sliding the little plus sign over to the color you want to use.

The above image shows Analogic colors for yellow.

Then I changed the “Scheme” to complimentary and this is what I got.  I see those colors often in my quilts!

Then the scheme was changed to Monochromatic and this is the result.

Play around with it and see how much fun you have!  🙂

Thanks Margo for the link!


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    laceflower says

    and thank you Judy for the link to this colour site, it looks very interesting. I will be playing along with you only virtually in EQ7. Happy New Year to you, Vince, Chad and Speck.