New Socks

On one of my Ravelry groups, we’re going to knit one pair of socks each month.  I started to choose yellow yarn to go along with the yellow monochromatic quilt but decided I needed something different.  This Opal yarn will be my January sock project.

It should make a fun pair of striped socks.


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    What a good idea — I am going to have to share it with my mom, as she has lots she can work on! Like the color and will look forward to seeing them come together…now I am just on pins and needles waiting to see which UFO number you pick….I am hoping not 4 or 10!

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I love that yarn AND it’s my mother’s name too. Sure wish I could knit up a pair as quickly as you. Can’t wait to see how the stripes end up on the top of the socks. Dar in MO

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    Denise says

    What fun colored yarn. I had thought about joining the group but oh the horror of not buying new yarn all year. LOL My yarn stash isn’t quite as large as yours so decided to set my own goal of at least one new pair a month (but I can buy yarn) 🙂 in addition to finishing one of the orphan socks in the basket into a pair until they are all done. Well see if I can accomplish that.

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    Lesa Matthes says

    I joined the same Ravelry group, followed your layout for documenting my stash yarn & am using a Malabrigo sock yarn (color Stonechat) that makes me think of chocolate covered cherries. I was looking for something with red so I’d have a new pair of socks for Valentine’s day. This will be my fourth pair of socks ever – thanks to you for passing the sock knitting bug on!!

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    I’m in the same group. I haven’t decided on the yarn yet, but I’m using the worsted pattern and something in a single color. I’m hoping to clear out some of my yarn stash as well as my fabric stash this year.