UFO & Monochromatic Challenges

Just a couple of things to share —

  1. The UFO Challenge link box will close some time after midnight tonight so if you want to be included in this project and want to do it via your blog with a link, get your link up there.  Also, if you’ve added a link, you might want to check to be sure that it’s there.  Links that went to posts that did not list UFOs or links that went to a main blog and not to a specific blog post are deleted.
  2. For the Monochromatic challenge, are you going to share your pictures — what design you’re using, progress along the way, or, are you going to wait til you’re finished or til the end of the month to share your projects.
  3. If you’re not participating and want to see what we’re doing, would you rather watch along the way or just see our finished projects?



  1. 1

    Ray says

    I think it would be fun to watch along the way – maybe once a week. That may be asking for too much. 🙂

  2. 3


    I love to watch along the way. But, I know that is a lot of work to take pictures and whatnot. To get to see the finished projects alone is wonderful. 🙂

  3. 4


    I love the process as much as the results. Hey Judy, while hunting for my UFOs to take pictures, I found a Freeze Frame quilt that I forgot still needed binding. Gonna work on that tonight. Thanks for all you do.

  4. 5

    Sarah B says

    I would love to see the design selection process, then as the work progresses and the final project! But realistically, I always forget to take the pictures!! However, seeing everyone elses work always motivated me to get going. Maybe we have a Tuesday evening link up for progress shots for anyone who has something to show but at least one “mandatory” end of the month progress photo. I doubt I will finish anything in one month because I am really, really slow!

  5. 7


    I love monochromatic quilts! Love them! So I can’t wait to be in this challenge! I am perfectly good with yellow as the color.

    I can’t do the UFO challenge; I can’t number them and hope the one I want to finish comes up when I’m inspired. So I have developed my own challenge: to complete one crafty thing per week in 2011. If I complete 40 things I will consider it a success.

    I just finished grad school two weeks ago, so it’s been over 3 years since I could quilt with abandon. What joy!

    OK, I’ll shut up now!

  6. 8


    Hey Judy!!

    I’m already “in” on the UFO list. . . . so “check” that.

    As for the monochromatic challenge I was thinking that I would probably be doing blog posts about what I am doing as I get it done. . . .so a Mr. Linky box might have overkill. . . . perhaps, if it is not too much work for you, we could do a link at the beginning of the month & then a second one for the reveal at the end of the month?

    If everyone marks their blog entries for the monochromatic challenge then searches could be done at each of the individual blogs throughout the month to check on progress.

    For me it isn’t easy getting through the web rings that I am in so having 2 times to check in would be fine.

    Happy New Year!!

  7. 9


    IF I have the time to do the monochromatic challenge I will be blogging regularly about it. I love when people blog about their projects and love it that much more if there are pictures….blog posts are boring without pictures….my opinion and not that of anyone else’s LOL

  8. 10


    I agree, watch along the way but I may not be able to post once a week. However, I suppose if my progress is only worth posting about every other week that wouldn’t disallow me from participating, right? -wink-

  9. 11


    I plan to have some Pieces and parts on my DSM posts. Combining the fun at your BLOG! So if you see Yellow this week, that’s the Mono Challenge for January. Definately will post Pictures and link at the end of the Challenge.

  10. 12

    Mary Jo says

    I think it’s fun to see quilting in any stage! I think on the way would be great for us if it’s not too much to ask of the quilters.

  11. 13


    I’d like to try the monochromatic challenge — it sounds like good fun! Do you need us to sign up, or just join in? I will probably write about my project as I go along, maybe for Design Wall days, if that’s OK. I’m already looking at my yellows and thinking of patterns. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  12. 14


    Oh my gosh, I’m done!! You really got me going early this morning with the color drawing, I ran right to my studio & made it up as I went along. I even hand quilted the thing, lol. Thank you Judy!!!

  13. 17


    Initially, I was not going to do this challenge, but decided that it would be good to do some small projects. I’ll probably talk about the project and show it on design wall monday. So, if we all show our progress on Monday, then there would be a need to only have one Mr. Linky at the end of the month. We could always show pictures, talk about the process and show the final quilt.

    Of all the colors I have, the smallest amount is yellow – only had four pieces of fabric that read “yellow”. It will be a small project!

  14. 18

    Karen says

    I will be participating in the monochromatic challenges but you just won’t see my finished project because I don’t have a blog. I look forward to seeing all your projects.

  15. 20

    Sarah B says

  16. 23


    I want to participate in the Monochromatic challenge and have a blog that I will post on. How do we know who else is doing it? I am also signed up for the UFO challenge. Thanks Judy!

  17. 24


    I think having the option to post progress through the month for the Monochromatic Challenge is a good idea. It can help those who are stuck to be inspired and can help us cheer and guide each other on:)

    I will post process posts so if you do a link up, I will be there!