Stashbusting 2011

Is there anyone not familiar with the Stash Reports?  We’re going to continue them in 2011.  You can do it any way you want to do it but here’s my idea of how the reporting works.

  • You do NOT need to know how much stash you have.  Don’t count it!  Don’t weigh it!  Do NOT let your husband know how much fabric you have!
  • Each week we report how much we’ve added and how much we’ve used, along with a running total.
  • If you don’t know exactly how much you’ve used (say you’re making a scrap quilt), guess!  If you’re using 4″ squares, you can figure that you get 10 – 4″ squares across the width of a 4″ strip and if your quilt is using 200 – 4″ squares, figure that means you’ve used 20 – 4″ strips, so that’s 80″ or 2.222 yards so I’d put down 2-1/4 yards for that quilt.  If you use Electric Quilt, roughly draw the quilt in EQ and use their fabric requirements as your usage.  This is a form I use in my weekly reports:

Used this Week:
Used year to Date:
Added this Week:
Added Year to Date:
Net Used for 2011:

The year always starts out with many participants and we lose a few (or many) along the way.  Don’t feel like a failure if you start and don’t finish.  Don’t give up if your numbers get horrendously out of whack . . as in you’ve used 100 yards and you’ve purchased 500 yards.  We do have one stashbuster (and I use that term loosely) who keeps us entertained with her stashbusting efforts.  We look so forward to Vicky’s posts!  🙂

Many of us have found that knowing we have to post that stash report has encouraged us to shop the stash first.  I have no problem with buying fabric I need, or fabric to finish a project but I’m done collecting fabric until I get a whole lot of what I have here used up.

Plan to join us in the Sunday Stash Reports if you feel the need to use what you have before buying more quilt fabric.


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    Denise says

    I’ll be doing the stashbusting reports again. But since we did the last report for 2010 last weekend, and the first report for 2011 is coming up, I figure whatever I bought in those last few days of 2010 is a freebie. ROFLOL So I’ll only start counting with what I used/bought from the 1st on (since I didn’t keep track of how much I bought on two shopping sprees this past week! But it was fun.

  2. 3


    This sounds interesting (as long as I can remember to do it each time I make something – lol). My biggest problem I have right now is the Lack of Fabric. Well, not the lack of fabric as a whole as I have lots of various kinds of fabric – but I’m really getting short on quilting fabric. I have lots of little pcs. under fat quarter size – and very limited amount of stash that is over that size. I have decided to quit worrying about buying for just projects I am making and start buying what I like when it’s on sale to build a stash – this year. Now if my budget will just fullfill my desires. LOL
    Have a great new year. : )

  3. 5


    There you go picking on me again!! LOL. My stash reports in 2010 were strictly for entertainment value! But watch out in 2011! I’m going to be a stash-busting fool! (Already unloaded 10 yards on Jane today!) Thanks for hosting this again, Judy!

  4. 6


    I’m looking forward to the stash reports. I’m going to be in stashbusting mode this year (I hope). Thanks for continuing to host the Sunday report.

  5. 7


    Oh Wish me Luck! Wrangler man helped me make an Excel file to keep track… this may be a step to getting organized ( ackkk)

  6. 8


    Thanks for hosting this. Hopefully this will keep me on track. (and since there are no stores near me right now, at least my first week will have 0 yards purchased!

  7. 11


    I have been hoarding fabric for a year or 2 in preparation for my retirement, which happened 12/18/2010. I always said that after that I would become a scrap quilter, lol. So I am trying to only use what I have. BUT, I did do inventory at a quilt shop for store credit, which technically isn’t “buying” any more fabric. Is it??

  8. 12


    This will be good for me. Concentrating on finishing a lot of quilts for this year so I will be shopping the stash for backings, even if I have to piece them. I’m ready to clean house!

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    pdudgeon says

    yep absolutely, i’m in.
    this year i’m really organized, know exactly what i’ll be making and how much stash i’ll be using. I’m pretty sure that i’ve got every piece of stash i’ll need accounted for, but there might be a few pieces i’ll need for backings that will be added to the stash and then counted right out.

    I’ve already cut my first quilt for the year, and pieced my last quilt top for last year this past week. I’m determined to bust 277 yards this year,(and i’d like to make 300) so here i go!

  10. 14


    I believe counting or weighing your stash is a health hazard. You could die from fright if you knew how much fabric you have.
    I’m in for this years stash report, I am hoping to at least break even (instead of adding).

  11. 16


    I have been watching others report in 2010 and even started in Dec to see if I could reasonably do it … and to eliminate the ‘grey’ area associated with start up, so I am in for 2011.

  12. 19


    I’m in! I’ve been watching others do their Sunday Stash reports over the last year, and figure it’s time I tried to see how much I use.

  13. 21


    I wish I had heard about this earlier! I have a serious fabric addiction and hope this will keep me in line to use what I have before I buy any more. I’m two weeks late, but I’m totally in!