UFO Challenge January Number

It’s officially time to draw the first number for our UFO Challenge.  The 12 numbers are in a ziplock bag.

A number is drawn — see it laying on the right bottom corner?

That number is . .

Number 6!  For the month of January, we’ll all work on the project that is numbered 6 on our lists.  Good luck getting it finished!  May 2011 be a fantastic year for all of you!


  1. 1


    Happy New Year Judy! As soon as I saw your post I had to see what number was drawn and then go to my blog to see which UFO I’ll be working on. I think I lucked out as this is one of my smaller projects!

  2. 2


    This is the one I wanted to work on now!! I will be entering this in a Quilt Show at the end of January. Binding and Hanging Sleeve her I come!! Darn now I have to decided what color binding to use!! Thanks Judy!

  3. 3

    Mel Meister says

    EEK! The all embroidery quilt:

    6. Wildflower quilt top

    Oh well, it’s gotta be done.

  4. 4

    Terri says

    Happy New Year! I could not have asked for a better number! It’s my soon-to-be step grandson’s quilt, and he is due in March! Yipeeeee! Think I need some sleep now, so I can get crackin’ tomorrow!

  5. 5

    Terri says

    Happy New Year! I could not have asked for a better number! It’s my soon-to-be step grandson’s quilt, and he is due in March! Yipeeeee! Think I need some sleep now, so I can get crackin’ tomorrow!

  6. 6


    All right! It is one that I cut the strips for and planned for the “future”. It is a fast and easy one, so if I don’t get sidetracked, I shoudl actually get it DONE this month! Ya hoo. And I get to go to a friend’s next week and quilt for 5 days. All is well with the world.

  7. 7


    Lucky Number 6 huh? Then that means I work on my…Wasiq Round Robin from 2006. It needs a border and to be quilted. Not too bad, but 6A is only 4 blocks made for a Buggy Barn Stars quilt. Guess what will be on the Agenda for January DWM posts?

  8. 8


    I`m working on Number 1 on my original list as it has a deadline of Jan 24… but wish I was doing 6 as it is a much smaller project….

  9. 9

    Cindy from CA says

    Cool!! A baby quilt for my great-niece that has been on the back burner for over a year!


  10. 10


    #6 is my charm challenge quilt to piece and/or my 5-patch scrap top to quilt. I JUST put that quilt top away last night as part of my challenge to clear my flat surfaces.

  11. 11


    Yeah … I guess? #6 is a top. (orange-what-was-I-thinking oldie.) Starting off with one I want to work on least, but closest to done is probably for the best.

  12. 12

    Kathie L in MD says

    My #6 is a small row robin quilt from many years ago. Will have to start shopping my stash to see what I have to go with it.

  13. 13

    pdudgeon says

    My #6 is machine quilting a wall quilt that features Thimbleberries fabrics.
    i have an acorn meander stencil that i can use on this, so i’d better get busy!

  14. 14


    OK, here we go. I have to figure out the border for the rainbow spirals top. Well….first I have to figure out where I stashed it. I know I’ve seen it somewhere.

  15. 15

    Jennifer says

    Yeah! I have to check my list to see what it is, but am glad you didn’t pick 4 or 10 first!

  16. 16


    As I was laying in bed this morning, Emma cat pestering me for breakfast, not really wanting to get out of my cozy nest, I realized “Judy is going to pick the UFO number today!” and then I thought “She’s always out of bed early and I bet the number is already up.” Sure enough, there it is. Yay! Let the quilting begin!

  17. 17


    Due to some serious commitments I have (other than sewing) in January and February, I am going to join this in March. At that point, I will have my list not include the January number (6) and whatever number is chosen in February. That way, with any luck, I can still get 10 UFO’s done. Have fun with project # 6, everyone!

  18. 18


    Happy 2011 Judy and family. I love that you picked #6, because that is my easiest one to finish. I will have time to work on some of the other projects this month.

  19. 19


    I’m so ready to get started. My #6 is the rail fence quilt-along I did not too long ago from Alyciaquilts.blogspot.com. The back was already made. So far this morning I have cut the batting and have it loaded on my Superquilter frame. Maybe I’ll review my Pajama Quilter Rethreaded DVD for quilting inspiration. I’ll put a picture of the top on my blog.

  20. 20

    Sarah B says

    #6 is my hexagons. I really have no idea how to finish this…. It started because I wanted to do some handwork while I was on a women’s retreat and because I have always been intrigued with the hexagon. Hummm, I guess it will evolve to be something but I have no idea what right now. I will keep you posted. Have fun!!

  21. 21


    Good start number. I’ve been wanting to finish the BOM quilt and get it and the finished one hung up outside my studio!

  22. 22


    I’m glad you chose #6. Six is my lucky number and this is a cute baby quilt reproduction that is needle turned. Just what I need to start the year! How did you know? Happy New Year to you and yours.

  23. 23


    I’m excited now! I have a focus for the month and it’s only a wee bit into 1-1-11. Thanks Judy!! My #6 project only has a few blocks made so I better get cracking.

  24. 24


    Oooh goody, #6 is a completed top. Hey, will we be sent to the principal’s office or whipped with a wet FQ if we need to work on a different number due to a pending birthday or such?

    • 24.1

      Kathy N says

      Of course you will be whipped with a wet noodle if you fit the numbers to the quilt that needs to be completed for a present-lol.

  25. 26


    Happy New Year, Judy! #6 is a good one for me. I’ll finish assembling the blocks on a gorgeous quilt out of Lecien fabrics. Might even get it off to the quilter this month! Thanks for poking us to get them done!

  26. 27


    Yeah! Number 6 is my paper pieced patriotic wallhanging (say that three times fast). I didn’t really care which number was chosen, but I’m happy it’s this one. It’s pretty small and it’ll look great on my wall when it’s done. Now tell me again why I didn’t finish this before? I’m guessing that another “shiny object,” soft fabric, or fabulous pattern got in my line of vision and distracted me. Well now I’m focused, at least until I look at another magazine, check out another website or walk into a quit shop. Happy New Year everyone! Good luck with the projects.

  27. 29


    AHHHHHH! The outhouse blocks. And the Orange Snowball Mystery that should have been done for Thursday next week anyway.

    Hmmm. How did you know that Judy? Do you have ESP? Or did the guild president contact you about that number?


  28. 30


    Okay—I am up to the challenge! Actually #6 for me is one I like. I am going to change it though—now I don’t like the boring unbleached muslin I originally was using. All my strips are cut—so I think I will be able to successfully complete this. What fun!!!!!!!?????????

  29. 31

    BlondiKnits says

    Excellent! My #6 is what I call my “Texas Wildflower Quilt.” I bought the fabric (Hill Country Spring by Moda) while visiting my sister in Texas a couple of years ago. The pattern is from Kimberly Einmo’s “Jelly Roll Quilts & More,” design “Star Chain.” I’ve posted a picture on Facebook.

  30. 32


    Happy New Year!

    LOL – I just checked – #6 will make my son quite happy! This one is the quilt for my son! A sampler alternating with plain blocks that get quilted in various patterns
    And I’m using tea-dyed muslin as the background and homespun

  31. 33


    #6 for me is a mostly done project–Comfort Zone Quilt–the top is done, the binding is made, I just need to sew together the backing, quilt and bind. This is a blessing because January is a really full month–DD#2 is moving in three weeks and I’ve got to get her quilt finished–and it’s a monster of a job for my domestic sewing machine!

    I’m really glad you didn’t pick #12….

  32. 34


    Hmmmm…..#6 is the second month of a project for me….so I had to do some rearranging! I certainly couldn’t quilt this if the top wasn’t first pieced!! But I am working on the correct project for the month and was very excited to get it started. It w Becky

  33. 35


    My black and green jelly roll quilt is one I’m excited to finish. There are a few on my list that I’m dreading. Glad they didn’t come up this month.

  34. 36


    Well, I guess this is the best one to start off the new year’s with as it’s my least finished UFO of all. Buffalo Ridge is only at the point of having the fabric bought, and a few, very few pcs. cut. So I better get busy and get this one started NOW in order to get it finished before next UFO number is drawn. LOL I’m soooo looking forward to getting this one done. : ) Happy New Year Everyone!

  35. 37

    Kathy N says

    I did not get a chance to put a list together but am going to go into the sewing room and find something I can work on between basketball games and football games and see how that works.

  36. 38


    i wish i had thought to leave a comment earlier, when i stopped by to see what number you picked. i’m glad, too, that my #6 is not hard- just a dresden plate wall hanging that is nearly done.
    my children were in a serious car accident on christmas day, and all are fine. my 17yo son who was driving, was the most serioulsly injured with a broken hip and pelvis.
    i’m so glad that they are all ok (a major understatement!) and i’m glad this month is a small project, so i won’t fall behind right away!

  37. 39


    Oh, Goody! I’m still working hard to finish Kaylin’s quilt (it isn’t ALLOWED to be a UFO)… so I’m glad the January number is one of my “more finished” ones!
    Happy New Year to everybody, and thanks for getting us moving early in 2011, Judy!
    Cheers, All!

  38. 40


    I’m so excited about this challenge! It’s just the jump-start I need to get UFO’s moved to the FINISHED! category! #6 is “American Heritage” from the book Simple Blocks Make Sensational Quilts by Winnie S. Fleming — and I have it started in Thimbleberries fabrics, a combo of fans and log cabins!! It’s languished because I dreaded the fans. OK, here we go!
    Mary Lou

  39. 41


    I get off easy this month! All I have to do is make a pieced backing for my Halloween quilt from the large left over scraps. I can see if from where I am sitting and have all the fabrics ready. Yeah for an easy first month!

  40. 42


    Yea!!!!! #6 is the quilt that is closest to finishing. It is the quilt that I have been working on. I was a little anxious before the draw–Thank You again. Also, no having to explain to the family why it dissappeared and something else gets pulled out.

    Have already done more work on it!

  41. 43


    Well, since you did say we can be a little creative in the way we do the UFOs if necessary, and I have a deadline, I made my number 6 project the one I need to work on! This is a wedding quilt that I want to get finished by the 3rd anniversary of the marriage. Did I say it is a California king-sized quilt? 🙁 I worked on it last year prior to the anniversary, but then didn’t get it finished and totally gave up on it until now.

    Woo hoo! Thanks for the incentive, Judy!

  42. 44


    Yowza. #6 is one of my most difficult. Ten floral blocks to applique AND get them made into a quilt. Think it’s possible? We’ll see… Good to get the tough ones done while the excitement is high, right? 🙂 Thanks for the great incentive!

  43. 45

    Kathy N says

    Since I didn’t have a list I pulled something out of my pile and cut more blocks for a doll quilt-will be an easy one to finish up this month.

  44. 46


    First thing I did when I got up this morning was look to see what number you picked! I scrolled down v-e-r-y slowly. . . #6! Noooooo! I don’t WANT to do that one. . . . But, you know, I went in my sewing room, dug it out and put the 1st border on it! Then I discovered I don’t have enough of the original light to put the 2nd border on it and the border fabric I’d originally bought for it was used for a backing on another quilt–OOPS! So, I’m going to have to go to the quilt shop tomorrow and buy fabric for the borders! Guess I’d better agree to be on the ‘stashbusting’ chart this year just to make sure I’m a good girl 🙂

  45. 47

    Darlene S says

    Oh OH, my # 6 was my least favorite one to work on, and I do want to finish ALL my UFO’s listed, soooo I did what Bari did, assigned #6 to the one that I need to finish first. That way I WILL complete the first project in January and that will give me a jump start on the next 11. Either way you look at it, I’ll be finishing up these 12 during the year (and maybe even a few more if the shorter ones come up first! 🙂 Thanks for the kick in the b___ to get moving.
    Dar in MO

  46. 48

    Robin says

    Alas -no blog or flicker account but will be joining along as best I can- I have a list and plan to try to participate along with you .

  47. 49


    Darn, I was hoping for one of the donation tops…this is one that I was piecing for Adam before the unexpected wedding last March. I finished the top but it needs quilting and binding. It may eventually end up as a gift for someone else or as a special donation quilt but it’s one of the larger ones on my list.

    I know I could switch them around but it’s more fun to follow the rules so I’ll get this one done.

  48. 50

    Brita says

    When I pulled out my UFOs for my 2011 challenge, I couldn’t find the one I had listed as #6. So thought I’d cheat and work on a new one instead. However, while I was looking for something else, lo and behold! I found #6. So now I have a new UFO that I started because I didn’t have #6, plus I have the original #6. I’m gonna be busy this month 🙂

  49. 51


    My #6 is a Lily. I’m working on fabric selection. This one will be primarily black, white, and gray leopard fabric. Will need to experiment a little with the background. I’ve got two for consideration.

  50. 52


    I’m delighted that #6 was the first UFO selected. I have a whole bunch of blue/white monkey wrench blocks that have been begging to become a quilt for a child … They will be so happy when I tell them that their number came up! I’ll be posting their picture on Tues, Jan 4th on my blog.

  51. 54


    I have gotten my Orange Snowball Mystery Quilt finished to the top stage. It will go on display at the January meeting this Thursday then I can bring it home to quilt it.

    But I may have a problem with the Outhouse Blocks. I can’t find them!


    And in my searching, I uncovered about 27 more UFOs……………but you didn’t hear that.


  52. 55

    Kathy N says

    Well my first ufo is done-granted it is just a doll quilt that I had the top done but it is quilted and washed and now in the dryer and will go home with one little girl tomorrow.
    Now to think about what else I am going to work on this month.
    I have two opprotunities to work on my quilts-this saturday when we are having a sewing day at my girlfriends and then Super Bowl weekend. For 6 or 7 years a group of us went to a B&B for the weekend.It was great-we started friday evening and sewed until mid afternoon on sunday. Unfortunately two years ago the owner’s son decided he was moving home and we lost our spot.Now we sew at my girlfriends house-order out chinese for lunch and then have something yummy for dinner.

  53. 56


    Great number. I’ll be working on the Judy’s Mystery quilt from the Shipshewana retreat. I’ve got to piece the borders, sandwich it and get it quilted. Probably won’t get all that done this month, but if I can get the top done and a backing put together, I’ll be very happy.

  54. 58

    Kathy N says

    Gave away the doll quilt #6 so now have pulled out another ufo to work on. And it is only January 6th-yea!!!

  55. 60

    Kathy N says

    Well I had a total flop today trying to finish up another ufo. I pulled out 16fqs that all went together fairly well and cut them for a pattern which we found out had a mistake in the lay out.Not a big deal we caught it before sewing-but once I sewed the fabric was awful.Not all of it but enough of it that I just picked it up and put it away. I am so disappointed. I will try again tomorrow to see what I can do to fix it.

  56. 66

    Nancy says

    I am working on my wall hanging. I am embroidering tonight with hopes to quilt it in the morning. My binding is already cut too!!! Thank goodness for a snow day and my friend Debbie putting the pressure on me to work on it today. This is great fun.

  57. 67

    Nancy says

    #6 is complete and hanging on my front door…Yeah!!!! Picture will be on the blog in the morning!!