Welcome 2011

Hope  everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s.  It was a quiet evening at our house.  Chad went to a friend’s house and spent the night there, Vince was watching football and whatever else was on TV and I was downstairs sewing.  I’m not much of a drinker but I do love a glass of champagne on New Year’s but had to forego that one pleasure this year because I’m taking antibiotics for an ear infection.

Just before 11 p.m. our time, I went upstairs to watch the ball drop in NYC.  Vince and I watched the coverage there and then he went to bed.  I stayed up and finished the book I was reading — Sugar Queen.  I liked it and ordered another one by Sarah Addison Allen, Garden Spells, but haven’t started reading that one yet (since it was 2 a.m. when I downloaded it to the Kindle).  By the way, I still love my Kindle.  Vince got the newer model and I’ve never even looked at it but he likes it too.  Even though I could read on the Android or the iPad, I still only read on the Kindle, though I do have the Kindle app on the other devices . . just in case I ever need to do some reading on those.

About 2011 . . do you realize that we’ll just blink our eyes it seems and we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve again?  Time passes so darned quickly!  2011 is going to be a “No Buy” year for me.  The plan is no fabric, no yarn, no gadgets, nothing I don’t really need.  And “need” means need!  If I get my new kitchen, I’ll buy appliances but that’s kinda different.  I will continue to buy books but since I download them, I don’t feel the need to stock up when I’m at the bookstore and usually order one book at a time and only order another one after that one has been read.  Depending on what else is happening, I sometimes read one book per week and at other times, it’s one book per month.  All in all, I think a lot of things will be different for us in 2011 and I hope by this time next year, we’ve made some big changes.  Some are in the works now.  Some may not happen . . but they may!  It’s fun to dream and plan.

So, dear blog readers . . make 2011 count!  Once it’s gone . . it’s history. Do as much in this year as you possibly can and have fun doing it!


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    Happy New Year!

    I enjoyed Sugar Queen and Garden Spells. I don’t know why I didn’t read her next book. I think its because I stopped visiting the library. She also has a new book due out in March.

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    You have set a high bar Judy. I am really, really going to try to cut back on buying – I now have enough projects (quilting, knitting and cross stitch) to last for waaaay more than a year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Happy New Year to you and Vince.

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    Toni in TN says

    We are pretty much on a “no buy year” also. Haven’t bought much fabric for the past several years anyway so that will not hurt much. Our big thing is to buy more food items that are produced locally. Our two grocery stores only have seafood [shrimp, fish, scallops] from China and Thailand. I have a real problem with that. We are about 500 miles from the Gulf. Go figure. Hope to finish many UFO’s.

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    Great plans for the year ahead. I am hoping to get rid of a lot that we no longer want/need/use so that there is room if there is something we really want! Look forward to seeing how your year of no buying goes!

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    Lisa says

    My precious husband bought me an iPad for Christmas! I downloaded the Kindle app and I’ve bought a couple of books. I’m really enjoying it.

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    I loved Garden Spells and Sugar Queen. Now that I have a Kindle, I’ll have to download her new book. Now I’m off for some stashbusting.

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    Eileen Keane says

    Happy New Year to you, Vince and Chad. Whatever things you have planned and in the wings, I hope they work out for you.
    Your blog has been one of my favorites for so long; I hope you keep doing it for a very long time.