Week 1, 2011 Stash Report

Most of the sewing I’ve done this week will be counted next week.  It will all be yellow fabric!  🙂  This week what I can count is the backing that I pieced for the purple and green quilt.

Used this Week:     5 yards
Used year to Date:    5 yards
Added this Week:    0
Added Year to Date:    0
Net Used for 2011:    5 yards

It’s a new year.  We’re all starting a zero.  Join us for the stash report!  Please link to a post and not to your main blog.


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    I’m ready for a fresh start! I’m now back in the black and hope to stay there. Thanks for hosting the Stash Report again this year.

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    I just added my link. Because I do my reporting only once a month, this is actually the final report on 2010. It’s pathetic, last year I managed to add almost 50 yards to my stash instead of using it. And I am still expecting an order of white fabric I ordered in the USA last november for snowdyeing. The snow has almost melted away by now, but still no fabric, I suspect it has been held up -again- by customs @%$#$$#$ now I start in the red in 2011, for nothing!

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    Terri says

    Thanks for the idea! I need a way to stay on top of things. I can add, add, add and need to be responsible for getting it into quilts. How else can I add more? I’ve run out of space! LOL!

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    Looks like you’re starting out strong in 2011, Judy!

    I’m really excited to get home (when the roads finally open up) and get to sewing.

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    Karen C says

    I love how Kate said she’s “back in the black”. Me too! Now if I could just stay that way. 😉

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    Thanks for doing this, Judy. 2010 was the first year I have done anything like this and I really enjoy knowing I have used from stash. My year end net was almost 59 yards used from stash so I am really tickled with that!

    Looking forward to 2011!

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    Susan Torrens says

    I love a new beginning. Now I have to make the effort to keep track of fabric added and used – off to make a new spreadsheet!

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    Used this Week: 0 yards
    Used year to Date: 0 yards
    Added this Week: 0
    Added Year to Date: 0
    Net Used for 2011: 0 yards

    Yep…I’m proud to announce that I haven’t added any fabric so far in January!

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    I’m going to start linking with you to keep track of what I buy and use. Sort of refreshing to start the new year with all zero’s!

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    Nice to start out the year on the positive side with using stash! 🙂 Since I received fabric for Christmas (and this is the first report since then), I’m already in the hole by 12 yards. I’m hoping I’ll use it up this winter since I tend to do more sewing when its snowing out.

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    Thanks for hosting the Stash Busting again. It sure helps keep my under control. I am again going to keep track of the stash, spools of thread used, and skeins of yarn. I’m on the no buy for all unless I can use it now. Not some year in the future.

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    I’m back in it this year. I took last year off, but participating in the stash report makes one more conscious of fabric purchases, even when you aren’t reporting. I’ve become a better citizen of the quilting world. It’s not that I don’t buy fabric any more, but I don’t buy fabric on “spec” any more.

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    This is my first ever stash report! I have been lurking for a long time, but decided I’d give it a go this year! Thanks for hosting this!

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    Liz says

    Are you aware that when we, or at least when I, look at the comments, the blue bottom area goes through the comments, making the unlucky one hard to read. You may not see it if you are looking at your comments on another page.

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    Heh Judy, I’m cleaning today too and a little sewing. Christmas stuff is packed away…one of the nice things about living in an RV…there wasn’t much to pack away. You are so right about tote bags…they multiply as well. I have them in the truck and yet it never fails that I forget them when I head into the stores.

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    Denise says

    I’m counting the week between the last stash report and the 1st of the year as “freebie week.” 🙂 None of those purchases count since they were made before the 1st. LOL so I’m also not counting what I used for that week either. So since the 1st of Jan. – nothing used nothing purchased.

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    Well my quilt shop didn’t get rich from me on fabric, but I did use the long arm quite a bit. I can almost load the thing with 2 or 3 questions now….
    Thank you for keeping this stashbusting up, really has kept me in line. Might have to try the monochromatic quilts, also trying to follow the UFO challenge. I put binding on a quilt and almost have a flimsy top for the ufo challenge lol.

  18. 30


    I’ve been reading these for almost a year and I’m excited to be starting one! Hopefully I can stay in the black…right….

  19. 33


    I’m a bad girl! I bought fabric today–only the 2nd day of the year! But I needed to get the right border fabric for Judy’s UFO Challenge! I’m allowed, aren’t I?

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    OH! After posting that comment, the page updated and this was showing…
    “Mister Linky is currently down for emergency maintenance. We’ll be back up as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience!”

    Okay…I’ll check back later :0)

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    Darlene S says

    I’m happy to be starting 2011 Stashbusting again this year. I almost went shopping today, but instead, cut some binding from my stash !!! My first report follows. Now if I can just keep the numbers in those 3 columns I’ll be happy. Used this Week: . 5 yard
    Used year to Date: .5 yard
    Added this Week: 0
    Added Year to Date: 0
    Net Used for 2011: .5 yards

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    Melissa R says

    I have challenged myself this year to finish the many projects that I have started and to work from my stash on any new projects. The stash report will fit right in with these goals. Time to get stitching!

  23. 41


    Like others… (Glad to know I’m not the only one!) I couldn’t resist a good sale. But hopefully you all will keep me in check. Now to use up more this week then came in last week…. Thanks for all the encouragement and ideas Judy.

  24. 43


    I’m starting this year off boring…but I’m really curious to see if I can use more than I buy this year. 🙂

  25. 49


    I missed the first week, but everything was zeroes, anyway. Does selling/donating fabric count for yardage used? :o)