Yarn is Multiplying!

We know how quickly rabbits multiply.  But, what about sheep?  Since my yarn is mostly wool, could it be multiplying while I’m not watching?  It has to be!  No other way to explain why there’s so much yarn in this house.  I’ve been on a cleaning binge the last 24 hours.  Speaking of multiplying . . what about tote bags?  How many tote bags do you have?  I’m talking about the cheap ones, the nicer ones, the ones that say Quilt in a Day on them, the ones that say Jack Daniels on them and one of them even has my sweet little boy’s picture on it . . back when he was a sweet little boy!

Told you . . I never get rid of anything!  I do not even use my bags for groceries.  I’m one of those horrible people who actually likes the plastic grocery bags.  We have a little bitty trash can that sits on the kitchen counter and I use the plastic trash bags as liners and several times a day, I dump those into the bigger can in the garage.  When/If we ever have to start paying extra for plastic bags, I’ll have to re-evaluate my plastic bag usage.  Don’t even think of giving me the save the environment speech!  When Vince is working and not home wanting to run the roads, one tank of gas in my Honda, which is about 14 gallons, will last me about 3 months.  And, think of how much money and greenhouse gas I’m saving by making everything from scratch and not using all those packaged goods.  OK . . maybe I could do better but don’t ask me to give up my plastic bags . . not yet anyway!

Back to my story . . every tote bag I pick up has either yarn or a pair of socks in progress.  This is the yarn I found this morning.  It has now been added to my spreadsheet and has bolstered my commitment to buy no yarn this year.

Don’t say I can’t go a whole year without buying yarn!  I’m 1-1/2 days into this year and haven’t bought any yet!  🙂


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    Oooooh! Love the mango and pink yarn, I would have bought that just to display, no I don’t knit anymore and I am not going to start again.

    Happy New Year to you and yours Miss Judy.

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    Linda in NE says

    So far so good on the yarn. I know you’ll stick to your guns & not buy any (well, not much anyway). That really is a pretty pile of yarn though. By the way, I use my plastic grocery bags to line the little trash can in the bathroom and for scooping the cat box into. Old newspapers go under and around the cat box and get shredded for fishing worm bedding during the warmer months. I’m recycling, the “save the environment” people should be proud of me. I spoil my cats rotten too, so the PETA people should be proud of me too (not that I really care).

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    I love those plastic bags for kitchen use! I probably filled six or eight of them yesterday while cooking. And since I only go to the market once a month to “make big groceries,” I couldn’t bring enough cloth bags. I saw one lady going in Albertson’s Friday who had a big plastic bag of plastic bags. She was recyling!

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    Oh, I do love those beautiful yarns. Just seeing them makes me want some more–wait, that’s probably how you collected those too.
    Still, even knowing I have plenty of sock yarn to keep me busy for a long time, I’d love to have more! No calories, long shelf life, what more could we ask!

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    I recycle plastic grocery bags at my local farm market. They give a 5 cent credit for every bag of your own that you use. I use at lease one plastic bag with each meal I use for the scraps from fresh veggies. And, we don’t talk of yarn here- I have two skeins of Bugga yarn that just came! There’s just so many gorgeous yarns and it’s so hard to resist it. I’m going to try to resist.

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    Gwen says

    I use reusable bags for grocery shopping, but still seem to collect enough plastic bags to use. I pack a large amount of my Christmas decorations with plastic bags instead of paper. They make good packing material for breakables. I don’t put them in the trash alot, just put them all in one bag to take to the market’s recycling bin.
    Good luck with the yarn purchasing! You will do fine if you don’t forget to pack some when you travel! Knitting is such a good travel project and yarn is pretty easy to find right now if you forget! Don’t even ask how I know!

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    pdudgeon says

    i don’t blame you for buying any of those yarns—they all look like they’ll make very interesting socks.

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    I think my mom would agree with you — yarn organization and tracking is on her list for today and I haven’t heard a thing from her….must be keeping her busy! She also told me last year to remind her to never buy another tote bag; hers have been multiplying just like the yarn!

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    I use the plastic bags for kitty litter clean-up… and if you have a pooper-scooper law, they work good for that too!

    I don’t have your yarn problem (how can there be too much yarn?) but I do have that tote bag problem. I even have two sets (one bought here in Ohio, one bought ages ago in Houston) for grocery store use and nine-times-out-of-ten I forget to take them into the store!

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    Liz says

    I also have lots of tote bags from meetings. But I never take them to the grocery store – I’d have to wash them every time. Really, think about when was the last time you washed totes bags. I use my totes for carrying around other stuff.

    I get those little plastic bags and then use them for everything. When I recycle my newspapers, they are in the bags. It’s too windy in OKC to just leave papers out in the open recycle bin. They’d be all over the place.

    I also save those little bags that newspapers come in when it is wet outside. They are the right size for dog/cat duty. No, I don’t have those critters, but there will always be a present on my lawn or in the flowerbed!

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    Karen says

    Had to laugh when I saw your yarn pile. While visiting our daughter in Colorado we stopped at a Radio Shack and low & behold, a brand new yarn shop in Evergreen. She has some beautiful yarn – I now have some for 2 pair of socks and a scarf.

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    Denise says

    What lovelies to find in your bag. I especially like that sort of wine colored one on the left. Wish I’d find tote bags filled like that – but those totes – they do multiply like crazy.

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    Helen says

    Mmh… maybe you can sell the tote bags, their magical spell MUST be what is helping the yarn appear. That is lovely yarn, I have one project on the go and one lot of yarn for the next. I bought the second project in a sale last January, I saw the flyer for our local craft this morning – yarn is on sale. Thanks for the reminder that I really don’t need more yarn.
    I love your monochromatic quilt. I look forward to see the finished quilt.

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    Hey, I like the plastic bags, too! I have a disabled, incontinent son who uses them in his bathroom trash can.
    I have a lot of tote bags that I just cannot seem to get rid of, same as you.
    And, the yarn supply is multiplying at my house – might have something to do with that big yarn sale at Joann Fabrics ?!

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    I want to mention how much I like when the links change color when a person has clicked on them. I lot of times I leave your site open and throughout the day click on links – for Design Wall Monday, etc. It is nice to be able to see which links I have already clicked.

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    Mel Meister says

    We use the plastic bags for garbage, too and emptying the litter boxes.

    I made a nice pair of socks from a similar red, white and blue yarn. You should work those up for patriotic holidays!

    BTW… I really love The Painted Tiger, that’s where I got my red, white and blue yarn. Her yarns are scrumptious!

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    Have to laugh at the yarn stash! Very pretty, too.

    Here in StL every store sells their own reusable grocery bags, usually 5/$1. I LOVE them. I can get more in them AND since they have a rectangular bottom, they sit upright in the trunk or the back seat and my purchases don’t go rolling all over the place. So, I have a little stash of these in each car.

    I also have two little fabric bags in my tote that I carry daily and use at Target, who gives a $.05 refund for using your own bag (Wal-Mart does not do this), or Walgreens or wherever I happen to be. You gotta be fast b/c the checkers are fast on filling the plastic.

    I also use the plastic bags as trash can liners but I try not to use too many, sometimes reusing one from week to week if possible. Since DH doesn’t have a stash of bags – or doesn’t use the ones in the car, we have a nice supply of bags and I still take bunches back to the store for recycling.

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    Linda Lasco says

    I’ll be interested to see how that red-white-and-blue yarn works up. I had some once that “puddled” into red and white strips with an occasional blue field with white flecks. Very American flag-ish. My daughter wears them to New England Patriots games.

    Linda in Kentucky

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    I have a solution for both the yarn and the plastic bags… Use the plastic bags for knitting! I crochet plastic bags into totes.

  20. 21

    lw says

    Most of us are just not going to give up plastic bags without a good replacement. I use them for cat litter, trash can liners and for walking my dogs. Anything non-disposible would require washing, and wasting water is even worse than using the bags.

    It would make a lot of sense for a company to engineer water-proof, biodegradable, disposable bags instead of expect people to give up using plastic bags.

  21. 22


    I’m with you on the plastic bags; they’re really handy. And I like paper also…we recycle for garbage. Yep, I’ve got lots of yarn totes, and lots of yarn…also need to “shop the stash,” but it’s hard as often there’s not quite enough for whatever the project. Love that Hollygrove scarf!

  22. 23


    Oh…..I simply adore BAGS……. I collect them along with yarn and fabric and pincushions and many other things too numerous to mention……….

    I have not put my yarn on a spread sheet but I am going to attempt to get some of my sock yarn knitted into socks this year…………… Time will tell.