Yellow Quilt

This is the design I’ve decided to use.

All of the chain blocks have the same three colors, a pale kinda ecru/yellow with two golds that are about the same value but have just a bit of difference.  The star blocks are going to have different backgrounds, points, centers . . kinda scrappy but the points and background in each block will all be the same fabrics . . just in that block.

Once I got to playing with the design, I realized this is a good quilt for my guest room.  I think the colors will work in there.  The current quilt on that bed is brown and green . . a bit brighter than olive but I’m kinda tired of looking at it.  Mostly my quilts are in the 60″ x 80″ range and are made to be given away or used as sofa quilts but I’m going to make this one bigger for a bed quit.   If I make it right by the design, it will be 82″ x 100″.

There’s a chance I’ll swap out the straight borders for a pieced border but I kinda like the straight borders on this one.

As I was trying to figure out fabric yardage, I changed one of the colors so I would be better able to see which fabrics went where and I also like the black in there.

I’m not putting the black in my quilt but I do like the way it changed the look.

Have you decided what you’re making for the January monchromatic yellow quilt?


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    I wasn’t planning to do the color challenge (not prolific enough to keep up), but I’ve been collecting various shades of yellow kona solids, with the idea of doing an ocean waves in all sorts of yellow solids.

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    I’m hoping I can finish my UFO challenge for January quickly and then tackle a yellow project. I’ve had a children’s dress pattern and yellow fabricfor it for many months and I’d love to actually do it.

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    I have!!! I’m making a little bow tie quilt! I have about 5 blocks done and I LOVE it already!!! I have my stash sorted by color (well, some of it) I pulled out my yellows and started cutting some strips for the blocks! I’m not over thinking it, just taking my time, enjoying myself making these sweet blocks!

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    I too have pulled out my yellows and golds. I’ve cut into the needed strips and rectangles but there is still some sub-cutting to do. The quilt itself is a simple scrappy quilt called “Hanky Panky” by Darlene Zimmerman & Rachel Shelburne. If I can get a decent picture of the pattern I’ll post on my blog tomorrow. At first I was thinking white background…for a sort of light, frothy look but now I’m leaning towards black for more contrast.

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    Bev in NC says

    I hadn’t planned on doing the monochromatic challenge, but think I will make a crib size tumbling blocks in yellow. It will satisfy 2 challenges at once, as diamonds/y seams are the “skill of the month” to practice on another group I belong to. BTW, got Weekend Quilts over the week-end and LOVE the quilts Judy!!!!!

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    i finished my yellow monochromatic challenge top this morning. … will get it quilted up next week or so. i pulled out scraps for the background…8″ blocks. and put yellow selvages on half of each block..corner to corner. made 30 blocks…added 2 sashings and a border and it is done. it’s smaller than i normally do…about 50×60…but i got it done. it was fun and got some stash busted. thanks, Judy

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    Great quilt Judy – I also like it with the color added, but thought it was navy blue instead of black. While I am not going to join you for the challenge, I may try to make one block a month to follow along with your challenge…and that will give me a new UFO for next year 😉

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    Liz says

    I have some yellow fabric pulled and since it has some purple in it, I found some purple to go with it. Still trying to figure out a pattern or design.

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    I’m using Terry Atkinson’s Urban Cabin pattern. I’m going to also try and use only stash for the “color” part of the quilt, and allow myself shopping privileges for the background non-color part. My yellows are leaning towards the golds, and my background will be white. I’m really excited about making some monochromatic projects, even for a couple of busy months it might only be a couple of place mats. Or a potholder!

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    I’ve got the blocks made. It’s only 30″ square because it’s going to be a neonatal quilt for our local Preemie center. I pulled the yellows and then just cut and laid them out without to much thinking or else I’d get bogged down.
    They’re going on my design wall so I’ll post the photo tomorrow.

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    I’m making a Min quilt that I saw in the Prairie Children and their Quilts book by Kathleen Tracy. I’m going with a little different handle like I saw on a different Blog this week-end using Buttons for the handles. For a wall hanging I think it will be cute.

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    Sarah B says

    I finished the yellow top with the pattern I chose but I’m not sure I like the size. It finished at 32×32 so I can leave it as a wallhanging or table topper or add borders to make it a throw or crib quilt. I have time so I will let it lay till it “calls” me…. meanwhile, back to the UFO!

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    I agree with you; yellow is not my favorite color. However, I had wanted to make a series of monochromatic quilts, so I’m eager to start this year with your challenge. I’ve decided for mine to do a two sided quilt…the front will be from the Robert Kaufman bundle and the back will be pieced from prints that I have. So, this yellow quilt is going to be 16 patches with a slim white sashing. The back will be pieced with yellow 4 inch squares that my girlfriend is sending me. I’m very excited.

    Thank you for this challenge!!

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    I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about monochromatic yellow quilt idea’s. LOL Finally at 1am this morn. I got up and started up EQ7 to throw some of the idea’s in my head into files so that I could go to sleep without worrying about forgetting what it was I was thinking. This is going to be so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with. : )

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    Becky I. says

    Oh Judy! I love your design. You done good! : ) Personally I like the monochromatic one with out the black in it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Pat Hedrick says

    I have pulled out all my yellow scraps and have started two small quilts to donate to AAQ1. I may do a series of four. Thanks for the inspiration.


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    Mel Meister says

    I’m finally going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now and “play” with my fabric. I am going to do applique, thread and yarn embellishments, and thread painting. Not sure of the size yet. That will depend on how much fabric I have.

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    Darlene S says

    I am not going to do the color challenge, but love seeing what everyone is doing. Instead, I’m concentrating on finishing up my UFO list. I may have to make double the 12 we’ve committed to in order to make a dent in my total list. After finishing my UFO’s, then I may go back and pick a color for a monochromatic quilt. I’ve never done one, so this would be a stretch for me.

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    OMGosh, that quilt is GORGEOUS! Is it bad form to copy? My family room is all yellow and green and it would be perfect in there (well, except smaller).

    I wasn’t planning to do the color challenge because I’m doing the UFO challenge and I don’t think I can fit in two quilts a month. But I just LOVE yellow. Maybe I’ll dip in and out.

    I *do* happen to have a yellow quilt on the boards that’s not in the UFO challenge, so maybe I’ll do that one. I have yards and yards of this gold-mustard fabric that I want to use up, so I’m thinking just something simple and classic. Hmmm….

    ~Angela 🙂

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    I’ve gotten my fabric pulled – and had an idea … but when I remembered a different place where some yellow might be hiding, I found another UFO that I really want to finish this year. At the time it was a swap block – Garden Maze – that we all did with our own batiks, and Hoffman 1895 black. I made extra blocks because I wanted a larger quilt – and I still have tons of the 1895 black left, so I’m going to make one block each month with that black and the choosen color, then use those as a center, and surround them with my garden maze blocks as a border. It should come together really nicely – so now to find a block to use with my black and yellows for this month !

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    I have my designed (posted today) block and am ready now to grab fabric for it and start sewing. Love the look of your quilt.

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    Deb S. says

    Love the design of the yellow quilt! I especially like it with the third color added. Is this an EQ file that you’d be willing to share with us?

    Deb S.