Do you ever have a thought that starts running through your head and finally, no matter what you’re doing, you just give in and go take care of the issue?  Yesterday I kept thinking . . I haven’t seen the receipt for the Bernina 430 I bought this year and I’m going to need that for my taxes.  Don’t ask me why the sewing machine was the only thing I was thinking about because I probably can’t find any receipts.  The last time I saw the receipt, it was on the downstairs bar.  It was there for weeks, probably months.  Every time Vince would come downstairs, I’d stick it somewhere else because . . well, it’s not that I didn’t tell the whole truth about what I paid for the machine but it’s more like . . he never asked the right question that would have involved me telling him the exact dollar amount.  And, besides . . once I had already bought it, what difference did it make how much it cost, right?  I surely could have spent more on a different machine!

Anyway, I began looking for that receipt.  I’m such a slob!  Really!  I found volumes of paper — other receipts.

Volumes of paper that I had printed off knitting patterns.

That stack is about 2″ thick.  The Traveling Woman shawl pattern is on top and I’m going to make it some day.  I even started it once but decided I didn’t like the yarn I was using.

I found pantos in a bag I didn’t even know I had purchased.

I found our insurance policy on the vehicles from 2009.  I guess, since it’s now 2011, I don’t even need to save that!

I found recipes . . so many recipes that I could make a different dish every day for the next year!  Vince came downstairs and asked what I was doing . . nothing! I surely don’t need a lecture from him about keeping myself organized.  Or, maybe I do!  After about an hour of digging and going though stuff, I thought . .  I haven’t seen the owner’s manual or anything related to that sewing machine!  Maybe I made a file and put everything where it’s supposed to be. Doesn’t sound like something I would do but I went and checked the filing cabinet . .

Yep, that’s where it was.  Receipt in the folder!  Who would ever have thought to look there?


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    Hmmmm. I know the feeling. However, last night I *did* take quite a few of the knitting patterns I’ve printed and put them in page protectors and 3-ring binder. Usually I just save them on my computer and don’t print until I’m ready to make some choices. At least the printed ones are where I can be inspired to actually begin something lovely–although I do need to finish the pairs of socks I have started–it’s pretty cold here!

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    Marina Louw says

    I am exactly the same and cause myself the same stress because I pile the paperwork up until it falls over and often can’t find important things. My excuse is that I scratch around in other peoples’ paperwork doing my day job and that I don’t want to do the same at night when I am not at the office. I do file the patterns that I print out every few days, I should realy do the same with the receipts etc!

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    Funny! Anything I’m looking for is always in the very last spot I think of to look. Why can’t I check that spot first??? Sure would save a lot of time and aggravation.

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    LOL!!! I’m very organized (sometimes to a fault!)and was so happy when you found your folder. See how easy that was, Judy! I’m still LOL!

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    I clip recipes all the time. Always have. If I had a nickel for every recipe (in my recipe drawer, my recipe file or my recipe PILE) I have NOT made, I’d be able to hike a full-time chef!

    Glad you found your receipt!

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    I know exactly what you are talking about! My husband casually mentioned yesterday that it was time to get 1099’s out to his subs and I know I need to leave the sewing room and go through stuff……it’s all in the roll top desk….most of it is done as he builds houses but I will still need a day to get everything organized. I was organizing in my sewing room the other day but now I have to go through the piles of printed patterns and such. Good luck!

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    DebrafromMD says

    Paper work is not something I struggle with; I’m definitely left-brained and organization comes easily for me. Now housework on the other hand is not a priority for me. I can overlook dust a lot easier than unfilled papers.

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    Terri says

    ugh my paperwork at home has gotten out of control. I spend all day dealing with PAPER (I do the books/office work/safety stuff for our business) that I just can’t make myself deal with it at home. So I’ve got stuff scattered everywhere! That was my goal last year and I did pretty good until it got warm lol. Oh well try again this year……

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    Judy, you are so funny! I think that’s why we like to read your posts – because you are the ultimate housewife. We all admire you, and wish we were like you.

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, isn’t it amazing when you find something right where it’s supposed to be?
    the good fairies must have been working overtime that day.

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    I never kept up with filing when I used a file cabinet. Then my neighbor shared his wonderful method of storing receipts and manuals. He uses binders with sheet protectors. A different binder labeled for each category you need. I have a shelf of them and it is now simple to find the papers I need.

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    Evelyn says

    Quick – make a copy and keep the copy in the file. Always good when you can find your paperwork. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Until our move to Minneapolis I was very well organized with my files. I blame it on the fact that I open mail upstairs and my files are downstairs … and that I had to get rid of my filing cabinets with the last move.

    Maybe I’ll get a small one and put it in the kitchen where I open mail – then I could file things as they come in.

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    Judy, you crack me up but it sounds oh so familiar. One trick I figured out a long time ago and it actually seems to work for me is I staple the recipe to the inside of the owners manual. I can usually find it. 🙂

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    Karen Langseth says

    I feel your pain when it comes to paperwork…..aren’t we supposed to be a paperless society…..I personally hate file cabinets….with 3 businesses here I was filling up the file cabinets during the year only too have to empty them at the end of the year….so now each business has a box that I just file it away in the box each month….then after the taxes are done the box gets put with the rest of the years in the storage area……works for me.

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    Rusty Miller says

    There is a computer program that is free called Evernote. Just google evernote and read about it on their website. It has changed my life.

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    Great story! And about one of my receipts: the receipt of my old machine is still in the files at my ex boyfriends house 🙂 we are seperated for 10 years now! I do want it back someday so I can look up when I actually started quilting! It was just after buying that machine. I hope he still has it.