If I Bake It . .

. . we eat it!  If I make a whole pan of rolls, we eat the whole pan.  If I make a little pan of rolls, we eat just the little pan of rolls and then we’re not leaving the table saying . . we shouldn’t have eaten so many rolls!

Both my favorite whole wheat bread and white bread recipes make two big loaves, about 1-1/2 pounds each.  Instead of using the usual 10″ bread pans, I’ve been making two one pound loaves and baking them in 8″ bread pans.  That still gives us two good sized loaves of bread, but it gives me about a pound of  leftover bread dough.  I’ll just pinch off what we need and do with it whatever suits us.

Some of the dough, I roll out like a flour tortilla, and “fry” it in a skillet over medium heat with no oil or butter.  Really I’m just kinda grilling it.  Then I put a piece of cheese on it, fold it over and cut it in half and it’s like a quesadilla.  Those are great with soup for lunch.

Or, I could roll them out and fry them in a little oil and sprinkle with either sugar and cinnamon or powdered sugar and they’re like beignets.

Or, sometimes I melt a little butter and add some herbs, especially that Mural of Flavor that I’ve fallen in love with.  Stick them in a little pan and let them rise.

Bake them and eat them all . . and then we don’t feel like gluttons because there weren’t so many of them.

And, I’m not having to make bread every day.  Just pinch off what we’ll need and leave the rest in the fridge.  It will keep up at least five days in the fridge but towards the end, it’s developing a bit of a sourdough flavor, which is still good!


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    What a great idea for alternative bread foods by “saving” the extra dough! All of your suggestions sound wonderful!

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    Jackie Warren says

    I made some of your white bread. Wonderful. So easy and tastes so good. I did half the recipe and only made one loaf. Mistake. We loved it and it didn’t last long. I plan to make more and I like your suggestions for left over dough.

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    Lately I’ve been dividing the dough in half, and baking 2 small loaves. Freeze one, and then eat the second one. So now I have 2 different loaves in the freezer, and today I’ll make yet another recipe.

    Happiness is Penzey’s! I wish there were one near me, although ordering is still pretty cheap.

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    Doe in Mi says

    YUMMMMM! Sounds so good. When my kids were little and I was baking bread every week I had a couple of real small loaf pans (maybe 4-1/2 to 5 inchs) and I used those for a special time with my kids. Bread would just be coming out of the oven when they got home from school. I’d cut up the whole loaf and all 4 of us would stand in the kitchen and eat and talk. I was great and the bread was still warm and yummy. Your rolls look so good they reminded be of what fun that time used to be.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    and you can make a flat round of dough and fry it to make fry bread for Indian Tacos. Indian Tacos are very common here in Indian country. You start with a fried round of dough, then layer chili, pinto beans, a little hamburger meat if desired, then lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, and grated cheese and top with a dollop of sour cream. They are so good, but we only eat them a very few times a year because of the fried bread dough. Sometimes, we have them without the fry bread and then they are fairly healthy.