My January UFO

Welcome to all participating in the 2011 UFO Challenge.  We ended up with 180 participants on the link box and many others who emailed their list to me, and quite a few who are playing along on their own terms.  In my wildest dreams, I don’t expect that all 180 of us will finish all 12 of our projects but we can give it our best shot.  I’m not keeping names or a list and I’m not checking it so if you can’t participate some months, it’s no big deal.  Don’t feel like a failure!  Heck, you made a list of some of your UFOs and that’s an accomplishment in itself.  And if you get one or two projects done that you wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise, you’re a winner!

My #6 project is an easy one for me.  Personally, I would have been better off if this one had been drawn during gardening/canning season but . . whoever made up these rules anyway?  🙂   It just needs the binding and I know I can get that done.  This was the mystery quilt we did . . was in during the summer?  I like it a lot and have no idea why I got it to this point and never finished it but it will be nice to get it done and marked off the UFO list.

Good luck getting your #6 project done.  I’m going to hound you at least weekly so don’t even think of not getting January’s UFO completed!  🙂


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    Sandy says

    I wish I was in the challenge but my UFO’s are in my sewing room at home (Winter Texan). Next year I will bring some with me instead of starting new ones, lol.

    Good luck to all that participate. Can’t wait to see what you get done!

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    I can’t even find #6 on my list!! Now that’s crazy! I should have found all the UFO’s before I put them on the list. I’ll have to dig through the closets to find it before I can make any progress…but I guess that’s an important step. Once a quilt is out of sight, it’s probably never going to be finished 🙂

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    judy says

    Hi Judy

    Since you got lucky with an easy finish this month, do another off your list, then you can have a pass on the month when all the gardening and canning are going on. Just a thought!!

    I have my list on the pinned to the wall ( no blog) and my #6 is kinda hard, finish my Civil War Tribute quilt. I just have the center block to make and then I can start putting it together. Started last nite. My goal is to make an hour each day to sew!! You can get alot done in one hour!!!

    have a great day

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    My number 6 is also an easy one for me and I may combine it with a number 7 if I have time (adding a new #7 later by my own rules. lol). All I have to do is quilt it and bind it but quilting was planned to be a very simple meander. So, not much time at all. We will see what the month brings.

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    My number 6 has been living in a box since 2008, Nine Baltimore blocks made and nothing done with them. SO out they came and I found the material I used for part of the design, which went on as borders, and I have now backed the blocks and joined them together, using QasUgo method.. I’ve even attempted to put the instructions on my blog [ this is a first for me!]. Next step is to hand sew down the QasUgo back and decide on the outside and binding.
    I am SO pleased Judy started this UFO get-it-finished.

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    Judy C in NC says

    My number 6 was a “from scratch” project I really was wanting to get done. Proud to say that the blocks are now done and in the process of putting it together today. Sewing with my Golden Girls yesterday was very productive. Thanks Judy L from Judy C

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    # 6 is on the design wall. I started with 20 9-patches and I’m up to 44. I think I’ll have 92 when I’m done — not that I know what I’ll do then. Good thing I have all month.

  8. 10


    My #6 is also a “from scratch” project. I finalized the design last night and hope to iron the fabrics today, maybe even get the fabrics cut. Glad it is only a wallhanging and that January has 31 days.

  9. 11


    My #6 is the Country Village wallhanging. All the handquilting is done and working on some embellishments today. Tomorrow I will do the binding for a finish.

  10. 12


    I loved this mystery quilt and it is on my UFO list too–but is not #6! However, I only have the blocks sewn so it will be a bit more work when you pull its number. My #6 is fairly simple but will have to wait till the last half of the month after DD goes off to Arizona…

  11. 13


    Oh Judy you are so right about just listing the UFO as being an accomplishment! It took me years (2 or 3) before I could even face making a list. So thanks for the game – it makes it fun. I did pull out my #6. I really don’t know what to do with it. It’s one of my first UFO’s. I’m taking it to my quilting friendship group to ask for help. Thinking about it almost made me want to give up again. As I was writing this to you I remembered – “better done than perfect”. So I am going press on and finish it. Thanks Judy for getting me going! – ((Big Hug))

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    I just counted 9 UFO’s in the sewing room and there could be more “in hiding”.

    I cannot participate in your UFO project but it sure has been an eye opener and I now am motivated to get some of mine completed this year.


  13. 15


    I’m so glad that number 6 was selected. It is a smaller quilt that needs a hanging sleeve and binding. Having it selected for the UFO challenge sealed my decision on what to enter in the Lake Farm Parks Quilt show here in Northeastern Ohio. So far I have added the hanging sleeve. I hope to get the binding cut this week, while getting the sewing/spare bedroom ready for my sister’s visit on Friday! Thanks for the shove Judy!!

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    Elizabeth says

    Judy, I just love that #6 quilt. Does it have a pattern? for sale? from a book? I did a search through your site for mystery quilts and I didn’t see it. Thanks.

  15. 18


    Pulled out my #6 so it would visible and I’m trying to decide if I want to add more borders. I’m glad this one was picked as it is probably my smallest UFO. I’m enjoying the challenge!

  16. 19


    I’m having fun making progress on #6 – a string quilt. I started January with 10 blocks, now have 27 blocks. I still don’t know what size I’m making this quilt — just winging it at this point. My goal with this UFO is to complete the top.

  17. 20

    Sarah B says

    I am still making hexagon flowers… I posted a photo of the “before” on my flickr and I added 2-1/2 more flowers. I figured I would use up the fabric I already had set aside and see what size it ends up being.

  18. 21


    When you picked #6 I said, “Noooo, I don’t like that one!”. But, I got right in my sewing room, added the 3 borders I needed to add, made the back and bought the batting today. So, I’m well on my way to completion! Thanks to you, I’m going to actually finish this quilt that I never would have without your encouragement!

  19. 22


    Love your #6. I may have to go back to the posts for it and make one. My #6 is an easy one also. I sandwiched yesterday, quilted it today. Once I find some binding I’ll be in the home stretch. Thanks for making UFOs doable by taking out the dithering part of it – that’s what your drawing a number has done for me.

    We are going to polish off a lot of ufos this year!
    Thanks, Judy!

  20. 23


    I am making progress on mine too – got the backing made last night and hope to get it on the frame this week so I can quilt it over the weekend…if that all works, I will have two weeks to bind it which should be more than enough! Thanks for the challenge – it has really gotten me going!

  21. 24


    Mine needed borders & to be quilted. Borders are on…had to unsew one side and loose a ripple (hopefully). 1st a snow storm Monday and a fall down steps yesterday has kept me from the fabric store for backing/batting. The borders seem to draw the eye away from the what_was_I_thinking orangeness of the background; telling myself.

  22. 25


    My #6 UFO is finished and soon to be on its way to Alycia for QOV. I hope I remain so inspired for the entire year. I’m working on #6A now, a BOM from Joann’s circa 2000. I don’t remember where I got it – probably at a yard sale or the guild auction.

  23. 26


    I got the blocks sewn together, put the borders on last night and longarmed it today. I even got it pinned on within 1 hour, with no questions to the quilt shop owner. Big break thru for me. Tomorrow I’ll start the binding, cutting and sew it on. Since I’m doing the UFO challenge from the sidelines, I’ll do my best to get them done with everyone else.

  24. 27

    Mel Meister says

    I couldn’t find my original #6 either. Fortunately (or unfortunately!) I have two wildflower embroidered quilts to do. I really wanted to do the first one as it’s older, but I’m going to have to work on the 2nd one now. Bummer….

  25. 28

    Rebecca says

    I agree with Judy (comment #3). While you’re in a gitterdun mood, go ahead and work on another project on the list!

  26. 29


    I suppose I am one of those who is “playing along under my own terms”….. Thanks for the plan you created and for allowing some of us to adjust to our needs…

    I can tell already that this is going to help me stay in track and get a few things finished………….