June, 2010 Mystery Pattern

The June Mystery, which is my #6 UFO, and I showed it on the blog yesterday.

Several asked for the pattern and I know I had it posted but I think it was on the sidebar and during the blog re-do, it must have gotten lost.  I’ve now added a page which includes all the information and links to the clues as to how to make this quilt.  You can find it by clicking on the “Free Patterns” tab above or on the left sidebar, under the Patterns for Free section.


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    Marilyn W says

    ooh….I’m going home TODAY and pulling fabrics for this…guess who is leaving for quilt retreat MONDAY for a WEEK…what can I get done? WhooHOOO!!!! thanks for this pattern.


    P.S. You SO TOTALLY inspire me. I’ve got my husband reading your blog now. He’s been wanting some chickens. I received a fruit basket at Christmas w/3 red apples in it(we don’t eat the red ones…we like to eat Fuji’s). Anyway…I had 1 granny smith, so I peeled, cored, and chopped up really small, added some water and cooked it all down. Didn’t taste sweet at all (thanks Granny Smith), so I added 1 heaping teaspoon of Spenda. Once it cooked to mush, I finished it off with the potato masher…it was THE best applesauce (which we DO eat). It made about a pint and a half. Figure it’ll be eaten within the week.