Thursday’s Agenda

Yesterday I shared on the blog that I planned to quilt a top, go to the grocery store and then knit. There’s something about publicly stating my plans that makes me feel like I really have to get those things done.  Yesterday all I wanted to do was knit but I knew I needed to get that top quilted.  I pressed the backing and loaded the backing and the top, all the while telling myself that maybe once I got it loaded, I could go knit for a while.  Then I convinced myself that I had to get that top quilted before I could knit.  It was a battle but I’m glad I stuck with it and got the top quilted.  Then I got everything else done and was able to knit a while, but not as long as I’d like.  Here’s my progress so far on the scarf.

If you see a mistake, please don’t tell me!  🙂

Dinner for tonight is done and I’m going to sit with Speck and spend the rest of the afternoon knitting .. maybe that will get it out of my system and I can quilt all day tomorrow.


  1. 9

    Jane says

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I (still) don’t know how to knit so I wouldn’t be able to see a mistake which I’m sure there’s not!! 🙂

  2. 10

    Sandy says

    That is a gorgeous scarf, Judy and my favorite red color!! I have never tried knitting cables before. It will be on my “to-do” list. Beautiful!

  3. 11

    Denise says

    It’s turning out gorgeous! I may have to go order that pattern. Especially since there’s a sock pattern on their site I’ve had my eye on too. 🙂

  4. 15

    pdudgeon says

    it looks to me like you’ve knit quite a lot already. It’s comming out beautifully!

  5. 16

    Greg says

    I’d like a sweater like that! But don’t stress out – remember, quilting and knitting are supposed to be FUN.

  6. 18


    I’m glad Speck is included in your plans. I’m sure sitting with you while you knit is the highlight of his day (other than his egg for breakfast and sleeping).

  7. 19


    Great scarf and fun to see as I got this pattern too. I’m going to try Knotty gloves for the challenge. True confessions though, I’ve not finished your sock challenge….yet.

  8. 21


    So pretty. I just love that yarn!

    Don’t know if you are the praying kind, but when I get in a situation as you were in, I’m finding (making a conscious effort) that if I say a little prayer, it’s easier. Same at the store when I really want to buy something I don’t *need*… It’s something I never really did before but am happy with the way it’s made me feel lately. 🙂