January Calendar Complete

So I’ve missed the first week of January . . no time like the present to get started.  I think this is going to work for me.  For those who mentioned the Google calendar, I use that too for all my personal/family appointments/commitments but I wanted a calendar just for my quilting “to do list”.  It’s not something I’ll have to consult before scheduling a dentist appointment or lunch date with friends.  It’s only something I’ll look at each morning when I arrive in my sewing room.  I won’t beat myself up if I don’t get everything done each day . . it’s a guide — not a do or die commitment.

It’s taped on the storage room door which is right next to my design wall (which happens to be empty on this Friday afternoon!).

On the agenda for today:

  • Make 3 star blocks
  • Load the Shared Memories top so I can quilt it tomorrow

Easy enough . . then I can go knit!  🙂

Keeping a detailed “to do” list doesn’t work for many . . probably I’m the only  one who has to have a list of what to do . . but it works for me and that’s how I get the most done so I’ll try this for a while and see how it works.

At the end of each day, I’ll cross off the things I got done and leave the things that weren’t done.  Maybe if I get done early on a future date, I can go back and pick up those projects or, I’ll just add them to next month’s calendar.


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    Truly you are the most organized person I know…well, I don’t “know” you in real life, but seriously, you are very inspiring!

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    Hey! I love “to do” lists! Whether it is quilting or housework or other things, there is so much satisfaction in being able to cross them off the list.

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    I’m very much a “list person” and think it makes me more effective. I categorize my lists so the least desireable items are first and the fun things are last – have to do the not-so-fun things before doing the fun-things. Nothing is quite as satisfying as looking at my list at the end of the day and seeing everything checked off.

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    Cindy Little says

    I’m going to go ahead and modify your idea just a bit. Instead of making a list of quilt tasks to do, I’m going to use the calendar to note the quilty activities I do each day. I also make the same resolution each year that each day I’m going to do something quilty related for at least 15 minutes a day. I always fail 🙁 ….of course sometimes life does get in the way. But if I can’t spare 15 minutes a day for something that I enjoy, than I have problems. I should be able to do ok over the next week, then school will be thrown into the mix again. I’m finally on my last two classes for my MBA. May 5, 2011 cannot come close enough.

    Thanks for the idea!

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    I have to have lists of what I have to do today or it gets pushed to the wayside. I love checking things off. It drives me to the end of the day…..where I just make a new list for tomorrow!

    glen: Checking blogs is on my list always!

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    Janet P. says

    I have done a daily list for years. There is great satisfaction in crossing one item off the list, as in: “There, take that!”

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    For all of my working career years I used a planner and had everything EVERYTHING in it. When I first stopped working outside the home I thought I could be a little more relaxed and not use it. Big mistake! Having a good organizer system makes life so much easier. A few minutes a day saves hours later and really keeps you focused on “must do’s” vs “could do’s”.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I have kept a calendar for a long time, except I use the planner types. It has lots of room to write. I keep track of the Dow on a daily basis, meetings, trips, things on tv I might want to see (I rarely watch tv so would forget it if I didn’t write it down). I am now writing “No Fabric” and highlighting it each day. It is sort of an atta boy thing. It is so easy to order fabric on line and of coarse you can get some good deals if you look and I also try to support the local shop (I don’t want them to go out of business), but I have promised myself that I am cutting way back on purchases this year, so I thought the highlight, patting myself on the back might help with that little problem. I keep the planner next to my keyboard so it is always handy. There are lots of ways to stay organized, what ever works to keep us sane.

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    I don’t have a monthly list, but with all the challenges I decided to do and the goals I set, I did draw up a master plan and timeline.

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    My suggestion is for any task that doesn’t get done that day, it moves to the next day as the first task(s).

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    Linda in MI says

    Great ideas gals….i have always made lists….a list for this…a list for that…things to do…things I want…things I would like to get done in the house(long list seen as I seem to be the only one doing them) Anyways I like the idea of using a planner( which I have a couple) and get myself better organized…

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    I love the idea of a calendar for my quilt room! But I’ll probably do more of a list of things I want to accomplish rather then a particular day to do them. Since my husband retired we tend to be quite spontaneous about going places and some days when I thought I’d be quilting, I ended up in San Francisco or Tahoe!
    One organized thing I do is keep a sheet next to my sewing machine so I know how long a project/quilt takes to make. I note the time I start sewing, a description of the project and the time I stop sewing. It’s interesting to know how long a quilt takes to make.

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    I have monthly lists that I break down into smaller chunks…..and keep firmly on the wall in front of my sewing machine so that I can see what I would need to do in order to accomplish what I’d like to……helps me not to get too side tracked when I can have the satisfaction of ticking off the next item on the list!

    Good luck with the current planner plan!

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    I have to have a list, with everything I hope to do today. If I don’t it is too easy to drift. I break the jobs into smaller tasks so it doesn’t get overwhelming. I also put the fun stuff or rewards on the list so it isn’t all bad. As others have noted there is great pleasure in crossing things off. I don’t tackle the list in any particular order probably because it is disordered as I write it, but I do find that just looking at it suggests a logical progression, I mean you can’t hang out clothes before you have washed them.

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    I used to have written lists for my quilting but it put a lot of pressure on me…probably had too much on the list and once it was written down I felt like I had to finish. Now I keep a mental list and decide each morning what to do.

    Of course, my memory is bad so I have to keep lists of everything else I need to do.

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    Oh very organized! I should do that… but will probably stick to a list… unfortunately its currently all in my brain — off to put something on paper before I forget!

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    I like the idea of separate quilting/sewing to do calender. I have quilting to do lists, but I think think I will “assign” completion dates for the things on the list.

  18. 18


    I have a to do list too – I easily go off chasing squirrels, so lists keep me back on track. Yesterday I noticed my son added “get oldest son donuts” Ha – little does he know!

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    Love this idea – lists really help me stay on track rather than floundering when I am in my sewing room. Speaking of lists, I should probably get off the computer to work on today’s projects – some coasters and quilting a top for my mom – hope you get all done that you want today!

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    Oh, I am a list maker, too. In fact, just a couple of days ago I wrote out two lists, one for the house and one for the studio. Last year I didn’t keep a list and felt like I was floundering so I decided to get back on the list bandwagon and get back to “work.”

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    I like lists, but I make them after I’ve done a bunch. I used to write thigns on the calendar and that became our Journal of the year. I used it when I scrapbooked to keep the picture “events” in chronological order. You do get a lot done being home by yourself so much. My UFO list is enough of a LIST for me right now!