Eat, Sleep, Knit

Despite my effort to bust the yarn stash . . I’m making excuses to justify my behavior . . almost my entire stash is sock yarn.  I’m so loving making my Hollygrove Scarf, and I want to make a couple more for Christmas gifts.   There are also several other scarf type projects I’m wanting to make.  My thinking is . . even though I’m buying yarn, since it’s yarn for gifts for others, that’s not too bad, right?

The Hollygrove Scarf requires size 6 needles.  (Do you hear another excuse for my shopping?)  I have size 6 needles but they’re so long and with Speck constantly jumping up and down, I’m so afraid I’m going to poke him with those so I switched to size 6 circular needles but what my hands/wrists were begging for is a set of shorter size 6 needles.  The regular places I shop for yarn didn’t have the size 6 needles but I remembered that I had shopped previously at Eat, Sleep, Knit and went to their website.  Not only did they have the needles but they have a Yarn Marathon where you get “miles”, or in 2011, it will be inches for me.  I’ve added a button for Eat, Sleep, Knit over on my sidebar so, if anyone feels the need to add to the yarn stash . . you might want to check them out.

What did I order?  Size 6 needles and Madelinetosh Vintage yarn in Composition Book Gray to make another Hollygrove Scarf as a gift.

Back to my quilting . . I want to get Shared Memories quilted so I can knit while watching the Saints win the football game this afternoon.


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    Helen says

    I fell off the wagon on Thursday, but I finished another crochet project so that counts for something. Another bright note – I have been cleaning in my sewing room, two pieces of furniture have gone so there is more room to move around. Then I had my husband help rearrange one piece. Now I have to get everything back in place, but already it is a far more inviting place.
    You’re going to get a good early start on gifts!
    The knitting group I belong to make lots of items for various groups, and even had a sale of items made. All in all $1200 was raised for the library we meet in. Knitters and quilters are usually generous people. Thank you for all the ideas, free patterns, inspiration and your blog which often brings a smile to my face.

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    Judy, there are a lot of patterns on Ravelry for scarves that are made with sock yarn…that way I can justify having my sock yarn stash! Right now I’m making the Shelley scarf with a beautiful burgundy variegated. The Old Shale Scarf is pretty too!

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      I have a bunch of the one skein scarfs and shawlettes in my library but there are several I want to make that require either a worsted weight or more yarn than one skein.

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    I found ESK three weeks ago and waited until Jan. 1 to place an order so I could do the yarnathon at the start of the year. They have great prices too…at least on the Madelinetosh yarn.

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    quilterbee says


    What type of needles did you buy and what length? Were they the DPN’s or the single needles two in a pair with the little knob on top?

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    Denise says

    You are such an enabler. 🙂 You put that pretty button on your blog and I couldn’t help but click it. Now there is some “tart” colored sock yarn that will be appearing in the not too distant future. But I have been looking for some 4″ long sock needles to replace some I broke which I have had a hard time finding locally (there was a mishap with knitting falling on floor – ottoman rolling over it – it was not pretty) and they have metal ones that long so will give those a try.

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    Karen says

    Okay, first it was The Loopy Ewe, now it’s Eat, Sleep Knit – you keep getting me in shopping trouble! Seriously, thanks for the link.

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    Perry says

    Guess what, I think your watching the ballgame was a mistake. The Saints lost, and so did Indianapolis. But weren’t they great games, lol. Love the yarn you are using, would love to be doing some knitting. Had to give it up a long time ago because it plays havoc with my wrists for some reason. Good to see you taking a break and recharging those Energizer Bunny Batteries. 🙂

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    haha…you are an!!! we love you Judy!!! did you get the 9″ needles? I love them…anyway love the color you picked out for yarn too!