So Far, So Good!

Lists and commitments really keep me on track.  All day yesterday I wanted to knit on my scarf.  I never stopped thinking about it!  Could be a bit of obsession with that scarf.  I was in Wal-Mart earlier this week and saw a black and white checkered coat . . big squares . . don’t know if you even call that checkered.  It would look so good with my red scarf but it wasn’t my size.  I was going to get it if it had come close to fitting.

On my To Do List yesterday and today:

1.  Make 3 Star Blocks.  I got 5 blocks made!

2. Load Shared Memories.  Done!  Bobbins are wound and I’m ready to start quilting as soon as Chad wakes up.  He has to be at work fairly early so I’ll be quilting sooner rather than later.

This is the panto I’m going to do:

3.  Trim Green/Purple top.  Done!

This means I should get in some good knitting time this afternoon.  🙂


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    Awesome! I have to sit down this weekend and work on my complete household schedule and I am going to include some quilting/sewing time on my schedule. Crochet in the evening will be my reward, like your knitting is for you 🙂

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    I will be packing up Christmas decorations today – getting ready for all the kids to come in next weekend for my “biggy” birthday. Think I will call a caterer – Lol – wish I could afford it – meanwhile I will start developing what to fix for their stay. Sew the first part of the week and clean and cook the second part.

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    Looks like you have a pretty good plan for the day. Love all your projects.
    Ohhh, what is the name of that panto? It looks like I may need to add that to my collection. 😉

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    I’m going to try your calender plan. Staying on track is quite an accomplishment. I love your scarf. I may have to put it on my someday list. I haven’t done cables so I’d better do a simple one first. I know that feeling of just wanting to knit, knit, knit but life happens in other places too — like the kitchen. I’d better get the dishes done before it’s time to cook again.

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    laceflower says

    I too love to make lists of things I need to do, it eliminates the need to keep going over and over it in my head AND you get to check it off as it is accomplished! Also helps with having the supplies ready when you go to do something.
    I was intregued by your post the other day with keeping bread dough in the fridge and taking out what you need meal by meal. I never have any luck with refrigerated dough, it does not like to rise again. I make all our bread, have been since 1996, and make a wide variety of bread types, successfully, except for any that are refrigerated. Do you have any tips or secrets that could help me?
    I confess, I am right now waiting for my over night refrigerated brioche dough to warm up and rise. With all that cold butter in it, it may never happen!

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    Connie says

    I need to start the list making thing, because everything in my life changed with going to work full time. I love my job though! But, mainly I came to comment to say, at least you can do everything with a smile today because LSU won last night! WOO HOO Now if the Saints can win this afternoon I’ll be a super happy girl!