Dumpster Diving

Vince was out this morning and saw a cord sticking out of a dumpster.  Don’t ask me why he was even glancing towards a dumpster.  I surely hope this is not going to become a habit!

He walked over to the dumpster and pulled on the cord and it was one of those heated dog water bowls.

He washed it and cleaned it up and he’s going to see if it will work for the chickens’ water bowl.  We have a heated water can in the coop but don’t have electricity in the run.  He’s going to run an extension cord to this bowl, since it has a long cord of its own and see if that will work so we don’t have to keep changing out the water in the run.  This coming week, we’re going to have several days when the temps don’t rise above freezing and the water freezes almost as quickly as I put it out there.

He’s so happy with his find.  Free is even better than on sale!

Thought you might be happy to see that even though he doesn’t have on a green shirt, he’s still wearing the purple crocs, along with a pair of sweat pants that seems to be ripped at the bottom of the left leg.  I’m guessing we will not see Vince in a men’s fashion magazine any time soon.  But, truth is . . Judy won’t be there either!  🙂


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    Karen says

    Judy, I don’t have water in my chicken coop but do use a heated bowl doggy bowl outside. Works perfect and no water mess in the coop to foul (excuse the pun) the bedding.

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    vince is a happy man. go, Vince. my sis and i go dumpster diving in the summer. it is such fun. we started going looking for boxes and bubble wrap to mail stuff. the backs of malls are terrific for this. my uncle put a hook on the end of a broomstick for me so we could snatch the things further down in the dumpster. we are such rednecks. LOL

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    Did he KNOW what was at the other end of that cord, or was it a total surprise to him when he pulled it out of the dumpster? If it works, I have to agree with him that it’s a pretty good find!

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    Toni in TN says

    Go Vince!! So much better than in the landfill. We are always amazed at the things people leave out at the curb on trash day. Someone else will find a use for that item.

  5. 7


    Vince can be happy without winning the lottery….nuthin’wrong with that. As for being in fashion magazines….highly over-rated….comfort’s where it’s at. I can say that because I’ll never be in one of those mags either.

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    It occurs to me that that would be a perfect way to “catch” a main. Just leave a cord hanging out of a dumpster. I don’t think many men could resist giving it a tug!

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    I have one just like that for my barn kitties. It works well inside the barn (that’s not heated and pretty drafty, but still out of direct nastiness), but couldn’t keep up with icy temperatures in the open air up here in Michigan. And it runs on a LONG extention cord! I hope it works!

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    Ray says

    That’s such a good picture of Vince. It’s great seeing him look so happy – but why not, he’s looking at you!!!

  9. 14


    Oh, I do hope that works! Vince seems to be color coordinated! That looks to be a dark purple sweatshirt he has on under his coat!! I love it! And I am here to tell you, I really need to be on What Not To Wear……they would have a field day with me!!! We dress for comfort and LIFE!! Nothing better!!!

  10. 15


    We like “free” here too! Please be watchful for the first few days….we had a house burn down locally…the cause…a heated doggie bowl.

    I’ve got a large kitty litter bucket filled with water in the green house room. Since we keep the heater out there set at 42°, the water doesn’t freeze and the kitties can drink anytime. And yep, the heater is on a long extension cord, lol. I watch it like a hawk…I’m such a worrier when it comes to things electrical.

    Tell Vince his type of fashion works for me.

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    Darlene S says

    I noticed that Vince doesn’t have on his green shirt, but the bowl he snagged is green. I too love his purple crocs. Vince would be proud of me — I still wear mine in the summer even though one of them was run over by a lawn mower! They are so easy to slide into. 🙂 Dar in MO

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    hubby is wanting to buy one of these for the 4 cats that we inherited when we bought a house… do they really work? Does the water get warm? or just not freeze?

    We have a pond…can’t they just get water there?

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    Elaine says

    I can’t even begin to list all the crap Barry’s drug home from a dumpster! He’s really bad about bringing home “used but not dead” office furniture. I have threatened his life if he comes draggin’ in another desk or shelving unit!

  14. 23


    I grew up stealing people’s trash from the front of their houses on trash night about midnight. Don’t ask me why we did this, we were NOT poor! LOL.

    But I still see things on the side of the road on trash day and think, my mother would love this!


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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I’ve never seen a heated dogs water bowl. We feed our critters in the yard and worry about the availability of water for them. We’ve been thinking about ways to put water out for them but can’t think of anything and everything we put out freezes quickly. What a great idea!!
    As for the fashion statement – built for comfort comes to mind!!

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    Gwen says

    We have read that a small amount of plain glycerin added to water keeps if from freezing. Haven’t tried it. Might check that out. It is not harmful to animals as far as we’ve read.

  17. 26


    Great find. Very environmentally friendly. It’s amazing what people throw away, we got our entire garden furniture (a hardwood table and four hardwood chairs) from the trash.

  18. 28


    Put ice in it and see if it melts.

    We got a light blanket of snow this morning, but the streets are wet. We need the moisture SO bad!

    Stay warm.

  19. 29

    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Heated doggy bowls are great for watering outside. I’d just keep an eye on it – sometimes things in the dumpster really are trash. 😉 I did have one that shorted out so if someone had gone dumpster diving for that it could have had very bad consequences.