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    HM, aren’t there 7 on the picture? I do love your design for the Yellow project. Sorry I am not joining in the fun, but I should have joined the UFO challenge. Couldn’t bring myself to dig in the pile and select 12. So I will work on the UFO’s just not in your challenge!
    Keep up the blogging fun!

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    The yellow stars are so bright and cheerful – a good project to work on during the cold winter. I’m curious to hear how the heated water bowl worked …

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    I have to get up pretty early to get my DSM post linked in this week. Thanks for the encouragement you give. I have an original design that I hope to submit to a magazine this year on my wall today. I’m still in the process of calculating the borders. Mary C in WA

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    Susan Torrens says

    Keep plodding along – they’ll be done before you know it! Love all the yellow – wish I had my stash handy so I could join in.

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    Thank you for hosting this. I am doing a schelule on a calendar that I keep on my computer, and it helps me with my motivation. I’ve been a list maker for a long time, but I never thought of separating it from everything else I do. Great idea Judy!

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    Sunny stars! I keep changing my mind on what to do with the yellow. Leaving it for now and seeing if I can decide by the end of the month. Lots of other quilts to keep me occupied:)

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    beautiful stars! I didn’t think I would be fan of yellow; but, you make me want to try to play with yellow.

    At this moment, I have nothing on my design wall. I have been sick ALL week! I am finally on the upswing and hope to start feeling like doing stuff including sewing and quilting. 🙂

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    I put up some of my doodling from my short arm; after almost 2 years of owning it my DH & I have finally put it up and started playing with it.

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    I love your yellow star blocks. I really wanted to do the color challenge but I don’t really have a stash and have made a pact not to buy very much this year and focus on finishing projects. Not enough UFO’s to participate in your monthly challenge. So I’m choosing an UFO a month and working until I have them all completed.

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    Such happy stars! I am very partial to the colour yellow, but have too much else going on to do the monochromatic challenge. But it sure is fun watching them appear on other design walls. I can’t believe I’m #71. You’ve got a lot of people participating in this section this year. Thanks for hosting this, so that we can get to know more people in “blogland”

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    The benefits of a design wall…My link today shows blue/green blocks. Only after seeing it on the design wall did I realize that I had pieced some blocks incorrectly. I have not unsewn them, turned where necessary and am about ready to go back in and resew. I’m glad I saw the problem on the wall before sewing into rows!

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    Judy, I am finally going to make a bowtie quilt with my husband’s ties. Any advice on beginning this project? He has so many beautiful ties. I want to use them. Thanks so much.

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    I’m a touch late with my DWM, but at least I have it up

    am SO proud of the progress I have made on this quilt!!

    am loving how your stars are coming out, they are looking very vibrant!!

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    Eileen Keane says

    I’ve posted the beginning of a new quilt that I’ve started. It’ll be the appliqued center of a mostly pieced quilt.

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    Wish I could show my design wall… my son has found my blog (and flickr account) and I’m sewing his birthday present…