Red Beans & Sausage in Pressure Cooker

Last night I had two pressure cookers going at once.

Here’s a shot of the 3.5 liter next to the 5 liter Kuhn Rikon so you can kinda see the difference. You can probably also tell that the one on the left gets used a whole lot more than does the one on the right. The bigger one is still nice and shiny and clean!

For red beans, rinse 1 pound of kidney beans and then soak them in plain water for at least four hours.  Drain and place in the pressure cooker with enough water to cover them.  Bring the pressure to high, and cook for about 6 minutes.  Allow the pressure to release naturally.  Remove the lid and add 1 pound of sliced smoked sausage.  Add one chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped bell pepper, a bay leaf or two, 1/2 cup chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

Place the lid back on the pot, bring the pressure up to high, cook for another 6 minutes and allow the pressure to release naturally.

I usually cook dinner early in the day and by the time it’s been sitting for a while in the fridge and then I re-heat it, the juice thickens up.  If not, simmer on high til the liquid has cooked down or remove a few of the beans, mash with a fork and add back to the pot to thicken.

I wish I’d taken a picture of this before we ate it because this was some of my best beans and rice ever.

Serve over rice.


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    Diane says

    So what do you make in the larger pot if it gets used less? I am looking at buying a pressure cooker, but I am not sure about the size to buy. I like to make extra and freeze but knowing you can only fill it 2/3 full causes me to be unsure of the size. We are like you, the two of us all week and one extra on weekends and a few days here and there. I have the 3.75 qt in my cart at Amazon, I just haven’t clicked “buy” yet. 🙂

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    Yummy!! This is something I can do quickly when I get home from work. I purchased the largest pressure cooker I could find years ago to make stock, as you can only fill them 2/3 full. Don’t use it for too much else but I could soak while at work and make this in 30 minutes or less!! I am going to try it later this week. I need to feed 3 hungry boys, myself and my husband so I may make a lot.

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    I have been TOTALLY enjoying the pressure cooker recipes and posts. I ended up purchasing a cheaper one just because I wasn’t sure if I’d use it. I am using it a lot (thanks to your recipes) so I can foresee a nicer one in my future. Anything ideas for chicken in the pressure cooker?

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    I’m loving the pressure cooker recipes, and since you tempted me, and I purchased the 5 qt. Kuhn Rikon on Amazon. I used it to make chicken noodle soup Friday, and am going to do your pot roast recipe tonight. You mention that you have both pressure cookers going in this posting. Did you do the rice in the smaller one? I’m very tempted to buy the 3.5 as well. How does a pressure cooker do cooking rice? or do you think a rice cooker or just stovetop pan is better? Your beans and sausage sure look good. Yippee! another recipe!

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    ruth anne shorter says

    I am looking forward to the answers on this post from angie and Jo as I have the same questions. I have both sizes in my amazon cart, too. I like to cook extras and freeze but with the ease of pressure cooking, do I just cook in it as needed. I do hate to cook daily. I love this blog. I feel as if I am a better mom, wife as I am so inspired by Judy. Yesterday, I baked her Amish bread and hubby was so happy!!

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    Hi Judy, I have been trying to decide if I should get a pressure cooker for quite a while now (we have VERY limited space, so I don’t want to get something that I might not use much). I’ve been very intently reading your posts which have been very informative (thanks!!). I have a question – when you simmer and/or reheat the food that you’ve already cooked in the pressure cooker, do you transfer it to another pot first, or is it okay to do that right in the pressure cooker pot (without the lid)? In other words, is it okay to use the pot part as a regular cooking pot, or would that not be a good idea? Thanks for all of your posts – you’ve taught me a lot on all topics!!

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    I love my Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers, they are the best! I have both the 3.75 and the 7.4 quart models, and I use them both pretty equally.

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    Annette says

    Judy, You convinced me to buy a pressure cooker. I’ve had one in the past and quit using it for some reason. It came today and tonight I cooked a chicken recipe from the book. It was pretty good. Do you have a chicken recipe you use in the cooker? I printed the spaghetti sauce and pork recipe. Will try them soon.