Like Mother, Like Son

Chad goes back to school next week. Last year he decided that eating mom’s food was a whole lot better than eating school food so he bought the smallest meal plan available (it is required that they buy a meal plan).  I save leftovers for him but he likes to cook too.  This morning he decided he could cook three different Thai recipes and end up with 12 meals.

Off he went to the grocery store for chicken and a few other items he needed.  I had one can of coconut milk but he needed three cans and the store had no coconut milk.  Not to be deterred, he bought three coconuts and got out the drill.

I was not so sure about doing this in my kitchen but . . . I wouldn’t mind new countertop so . . go for it!

The coconuts were drained.  He looked at the one can of coconut that we had and decided the liquid from the coconuts would work just fine if he added a little xanthum gum, which we had in the cabinet.

According to Chad, this is green chicken curry.

This one is red chicken curry.

And this one is some kind of garam marsala curry and it’s my favorite.  I’ve begged and whined and he has agreed to make this one for dinner for us one night before he leaves.

Yum!  Not only do they all taste good but my whole house smells great!


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    Smart boy–he was taught well by you. And no blood running with the use of the drill. He probably learned a great deal building his boat.

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    Good Job Judy! Any guy who can cook is Aces in MY book! I hate it. My cook is gone, and I have to fend for myself for 2 weeks. Had spaghetti tonight, hamburgers tomorrow, I think maybe some cabbage rolls (which can be frozen for future meals) and maybe I will try my hand at meat pies. No home made crusts tho. My mom used to make them, and they were great, but I couldn’t compete with her crust (dont recall if I have EVER made a pie crust…), and haven’t had them in maybe-10 years? I think it is about time I tried them and maybe brought back the tradition…
    Keep up the good work. There should always be ONE cook in the family! Of course when HE has a family!

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    You certainly raised him right ! My question is – what did he do with the meat from the coconut ???

    I let my son use a drill at the kitchen table once …. actually, my husband was showing him how to use the drill … because my son was maybe 5 at the time?

    I guess maybe he was showing him what NOT to do …

    I posted some pics on my blog if you get the chance 🙂

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    Keryn says

    Here’s a link to a site showing how to make coconut milk from raw coconuts; hope Chad didn’t throw away all the meat inside…..

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    Are they real hot? I had Thai food here once, and I had steam coming out of my ears! Lordy, that stuff was seasoned so hot! Love the concentration on his face and he’s drilling!

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    Cindy from CA says

    Did Chad use the coconut “meat” also?? In addition to what you can “pour” out of the coconut, you can get more (better??) milk from the meat. Depending on the age and maturity of the coconut, all the the milk may have been absorbed into the meat.

    Basically, you shredd the coconut meat and squeeze it to release “milk”. Then you soak it in water or milk to release more “milk”. See the link below for more info:

    From three coconuts, he should have had enough coconut milk for more than three recipes!

    But you got to love a son that cooks!! Proof positive that his “mama” was a good cook!


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    Cindy from CA says

    Oh, I also wanted to know how he was going to transport that to school. Is he going to freeze them all and then take one or two back to school each week? Inquiring minds want to know these things!


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    This shows you have set a great example. My own two sons (ages 12 and almost 11) also prefer the stuff I make myself instead of store bought. I hope they will take up cooking to when they are older (I let them help now).

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    ruth anne shorter says

    Wow, I am impressed with his ingenuity, skills, problem-solving abilities and he is a real man!!!!!! Mighty proud of him.