Tax Frustration

Tax time is coming.  I dislike it terribly because of my disorganization.  From December 31 until about mid-February, I stew about getting my paperwork together.  Towards the end of February, Vince asks me if I have my paperwork together.  He asks me daily til about mid-March, at which time I get tired of dodging the question and I dig up all my paperwork and spend days trying to get it all ready for Vince.  Then he goes through it in disbelief because he just doesn’t understand!  He doesn’t understand my accounting system (can’t blame him there) but he also cannot understand why I do things the way I do.  Why do I spend the money I spend on fabric, batting and thread and then I give the quilts away.  Why don’t you sell them?  Why do you keep the longarm if you’re not going to quilt for others? Why this?  Are you sure about that?

This year is going to be different.  I know . . I say that every year.  But, really!  Sunday afternoon I brought all my paperwork upstairs.

This past year I have done a better job getting and keeping all my documents together.  Sunday night and all day yesterday I was busy getting it all together for the accountant.   And, on this 11th day of January, for the first time ever in my life, my tax stuff is ready!  1099 forms still have to come in but my expenses and sales are all documented.  My sales tax and consumer use tax forms are ready to send in to the State of Missouri.  It’s a good feeling!

Last night when I told Vince that my taxes were all ready and I handed him a big manilla envelope with all the receipts and then a smaller packet for the accountant, he stared at me for the longest time and then he said “WHY?”  Now he doesn’t understand why I did it all so early.  He just doesn’t understand me at all!  🙂

I can tell you that it feels good to not have the little voice in my head and the bigger voice from the man in the recliner telling me I should be getting my taxes done.  Now I can quilt and sew and cook without even thinking about taxes.

When will you start working on your taxes?


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    Paula says

    I started my taxes yesterday. I have them ready except for the quilt shop information. I used to do my taxes on Jan 1 each year but now we have a club sewing day…..what could be better than that?

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    Pam says

    Judy – I am so impressed. Congratulations. I am so far behind with my personal paper work and tax forms, etc at work. I would much rather be sitting at my sewing machine than at the desk or the computer producing W-2’s, W-3’s, 1099″s, etc.

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    Ha! I don’t. The hubs gets this job 100% for now. Actually, this year, it goes to an accountant but our “organization” is a two folder front. All my stuff in one folder, all his in another. I hand him (accountant) the folder when asked for it then I get to ask, are the taxes done? What’s the word? Where we at? lol

    Usually, they are worked on and completed sometime in Feb.

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      Ours goes to the accountant too but I have to make some sense out of all my own business paperwork. Vince’s is pretty much straight W-2s and 1099s but mine . . lots of receipts, paypal reports, etc.

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    Very soon. We have our taxes done as well and it has been my responsibility to gather the necessary documents. I have a folder that I keep everything in so it is fairly easy. I hope to have it off to the accountant by mid February. 🙂

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    Diann Smith says

    Hubby would bury himself before he died if he could figure out a way. Our taxes go in the day after W2s arrive and if they come early in the day then on the day of…………I’d almost like to be late for something sometimes. He’s that way about EVERYTHING. You can tell his side of the closet from mine…immaculate and alpha by color. I rebel and try to live more normally. So we’re looking out the window for the mail person any day………39 yrs. of that

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    I have been thinking about them, does that count? I need to get my sales tax forms done before the 20th, but other then that I must wait on others to send me 1099’s. I also need to print off information from the computer where I keep the books. Most of my tax receipts are filed, but the computer information will confirm that everything is where it belongs.

    I am not as worried about getting things done early, because the US goverment has put the IRS behind and can not process itemized taxes at this point.

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      I think I heard that the IRS was asking those who itemize to not even file before mid-February. It’s usually that time before 1099s all arrive here anyway.

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    Bravo, Judy! Way to make a positive change! I’ll bet that does feel good.

    As for me, I have a hubby who does all the paperwork. I’m REALLY blessed!

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    Cindy in NC says

    I’m with Vince on this one (ouch … it kinda hurt to say that). I keep our paperwork organized all year, but it is The Professor’s job to complete the forms. I wait until the W2s arrive and then begin 8 – 10 weeks of begging, pleading, reminding, etc. And what does The Professor teach for a living? Finance! Around here the cobbler’s children do indeed go barefoot.

  9. 11


    I bet it feels good to have the tax monkey off your back. I’m just about ready, the main business is already at the tax accountant and just a couple of hours for business #2 and 3…….I still have my geeky accountant knowledge from my previous life that keeps me organized all year long. Now on the day Vince decides to do the rest of the stuff, you can just sit and knit and watch him be miserable scrambling to get his stuff together……

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    I could and should go ahead and tally up my deductions and such, but I know from previous experience that all my forms won’t be here until at least late Feb, and I usually get an ammended form in mid March, so I wait. I’ll probably be using Turbo Tax again this year.

  11. 13


    UGH! I am a procrastinator. My accountant always schedules me for early February. I am starting my scramble. The quilts you give away you can take off as donations…I do that all the time. Of course you just get to take off the cost of the fabric but that’s still good.

  12. 14


    Good for you Judy L – out-of-character behavior puts the quiet into them doesn’t it? Keep smiling and it will cause everyone to wonder what you are up to. I do believe all of us are taking more time to get organized in our lives – maybe due to the unrest in our world right now. Onward – gotta go sew. Judy C

  13. 15


    My head hurts thinking about taxes.

    Well, I do have the state sales tax returns filled out and the checks written, ready to mail, so that’s one positive… and I’ve been keeping better records this year. Every year that gets a little better. I’m way ahead of where I was a year ago at this time.

    Judy, did you hear that those of us who file the long form cannot actually file till at least mid February, because the IRS is still figuring out the last-minute changes in tax law from Congress? That is going to make filling out the FAFSA a heap o’ fun. Our high school counselor said to just fill it out using last year’s returns and this year’s W-2s, and then change it later. At least that way you get an early submission in. Even though it’s, you know, WRONG.

  14. 16

    Karen says

    I’ve been thinking about taxes – does that count? Most of our stuff in on a spreadsheet and in a file folder. Waiting on the paperwork that comes from others. This year I’ll be getting my Mom’s & Dad’s stuff together so things will probably get a little dicey before it’s all done. Once I collect the info it all goes to our tax guy. I’m hoping to have my part done by Feb 1. As for Bob – his ‘job’ (in his mind) is to start nagging about mid-February to get it all together and given to our tax guy.

  15. 17


    I’m all ready. As soon as I get the W-2s done at work, I can go to my tax guy and in an hour I’m done. Note to self: Don’t forget the IRS contribution!

  16. 18


    I don’t do the taxes. My husband doesn’t cook and he doesn’t clean, but he pays all of the bills and does all of the taxes! When we first got married we were going to split everything 50/50. I started out paying bills and keeping the budget. Everything got paid late or not at all. I was terrible at that job. After awhile, we stopped listening to other people and did what we were each good at and found a happy place for US! People still try to tell us that he needs to help more around the house, but I’m so happy not to have to think about things like bill paying or taxes that I’m happy to wash the dishes and cook the dinners. I say it is a fair trade off to know that the lights will go on when I flip a switch. I don’t tell you how to run your house and you shouldn’t judge how I run mine 🙂

  17. 19

    Julianne says

    My part is ready and waiting. I do my paper work monthly all year long so all I have to do at the E. O. Y. is check my numbers.

  18. 20

    pdudgeon says

    i must have the best of both worlds–i have no income and hubby’s income (aside from bank interest)is all tax free. so we don’t have to file because our taxible income is below the minimum level. that will change once i file for Social Security, so i’m not applying for it until i have to!

  19. 21


    I wait until all DH’s paperwork arrives at the house, and since that never arrives until January 31, I will do taxes the first week in February!

  20. 22

    DebrafromMD says

    It usually takes most of January for all of the forms we need to trickle in. Last year we did things early because my husband was scheduled for open heart surgery and we didn’t want this hanging over our heads during his recovery period. This year, who knows but I would rather do it sooner and get it out of the way. We also have two financial disclosure statements that we have to file with the government for my husband’s job so the fun doesn’t end when we file our taxes, sigh.

  21. 23

    Freda Henderson says

    I have been working on mine too and like just a little finishing up. Judy, Vince is going to watching you and see what other strange thing you are doing! It don’t hurt to keep our DH a little off guard!

  22. 24

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I have a great system. I created it in Excel. I save everything, all pieces of paper in a box marked Taxes. Then in the middle of February, I go into Excel, and start filling in the blanks. When I finish, I make a copy of it, and all 1099’s and etc are sent to my guy in California (I lived in California for 30 years so thus my tax man knows everything about me). He files electronically for me, so tells me what to do, I do it, and I am done for another year.

  23. 25


    Our taxes are complicated — have been since we lived overseas for ten years. So we have a speciality accountant who sends out a “book” each tax season which we fill out and return so they can do the returns: Federal Income Tax, State of Ohio Income Tax, State of Ohio School income Tax and State of California Non-resident Income Tax (we own and rent two homes there so we have to file). That book has yet to arrive and a lot of our 1099s as well.

    But, like you, for the first time in AGES, I have all my records up to date and on the computer (Quicken Essentials this year… I upgraded my software finally!), ready to print out reports per each itemized catagory! WOO HOO!

  24. 26


    Oh it does feel good to do them early doesn’t it? It’s a big job for our small business – taking several weekends. But this year we (my husband and I believe in suffereing together) did the majority of it in one day!! I’m getting the last of the info together today. 1099’s will be done tomorrow! What a wonderful feeling of relief!

  25. 27


    We don’t start until March, sometimes April. And to make tax time our most favourite time of year, we are Canadians living in the U.S. so we have to file taxes with both countries. At least Canada gives us until April 30th.

  26. 28


    I keep Excel spreadsheets of expenses and deductible mileage. On the last day of the year, I email them to DH – it’s his now. I still have to do a statement on a house I own in Michigan that a nephew is buying from me. It’s a private loan type “thing” – I inherited from my Mom. Once that’s done it goes in the mail and a copy is e’d to my DH for the records. My part is over – and he will put off the taxes until the last minute. Hasn’t changed in 20 years, and I doubt it will change this year. Before we were married, my taxes were done the same day my W-2 came in. Life changed with DH – he procrastinates and I don’t. Oh well, opposites attract – at least that’s what is said. He doesn’t fuss about my fabric spending or yarn purchasing. Life is good!

  27. 29

    Terri says

    Blech I’ve been working on mine since the first of December. But we’ve got 3 companies and 8 employees so takes forever. Now I’m putting off doing W-2s! Double blech!! 🙂 Should be done and have to the accountant by 2nd week in Feb…… I hope!

  28. 30


    I got all mine together the first week of January and picked up my tax packet from the accountant. Now I just have to wait for all the final numbers from the mortgage companies.

  29. 31

    June Piper-Brandon says

    congratulations!! I started putting mine together in December, they are not done but it’s a start.

  30. 32


    Mine will be done on January 24th when our w2 is scheduled to be ready. They will be done and filed that day. I am already chomping at the bit to get them done, but have to wait for the w2 to be ready. It is just hubby’s since I am a stay-at-home-mom.

  31. 33


    Congratulations, Judy!
    So far this is not my year to shine (yet) – maybe next year is my annual resolution.
    I am curious how you got a picture of my tax table (and tidied it up a bit, too)?

  32. 34


    Good job, Judy! Now if Vince doesn’t misplace it. I know my hubby. He came to me this morning looking for the checkbook. Nope, I didn’t have it. He left it in his pickup. I was planning on getting my sales tax done this afternoon.

  33. 35

    Linda in NE says

    Oh, wouldn’t the world be a much happier place if taxes just went away?? I know that would be too simple because there are things that HAVE to be paid for, but a person can dream can’t she?

  34. 36


    I just finished my Excel sheet to give to the accountant for our 1099. Most of my stuff is in Quicken so I just have to plug in the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet. My husband keeps all his fuel receipts and supplies in quarterly envelopes that I will add up and add to the spreadsheet.
    We always owe, so some years I have just dreaded getting our taxes done but this year I have really tried to pay them enough so I hope the bill will be a lot smaller.Some times I really wish he worked for a company and had his taxes taken out of his pay. Then I could act like most people I know who happy dance and blab on and on about everything they plan to buy with their refund. Sorry, little pity party there for a moment. LOL

  35. 37


    My husband does our taxes. Spends 3 months on them and complains the whole time. Doesn’t trust tax preparers–he’s too honest. Says he doesn’t want one penny too little unpaid or one penny too much paid. I lecture and teach quilting and make more than I spend so he’s cool with my fabric expenses. You, Judy, need to tell your DH that what you do is instrumental in the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands of quilters–those who read your blog, those who receive your quilts and those who are inspired to be as generous a person as you are. Seriously, I would PAY to subscribe to your blog (but let’s not give Vince any ideas. . . .)

  36. 38

    pat says

    I started mine in December .
    My husband used to get it ready for the tax person but since he lost his sight I have to. I would give anything he could do it again he actually enjoyed doing it and going to them with all his papers and records.

    It just started to snow here in Pennsylvania by Lake Erie.

  37. 39


    We’re self employed … so lots of paperwork. I started mine last month, but it’ll be closer to Feb 15th before I’m ready. VBS – just another thing to take away from my quilting time !

    It’s snowing here at the Jersey shore !

  38. 41

    Judi says

    got all mine done and handed them to Marc to add to his. That is such a good feeling now I can quilt, sew and dye without that hanging over me.

  39. 42

    Mary Johnson says

    I put it off as long as possible…I’ll collect all the forms as they come in the mail and then go thru the the tax packet that the accountant gives us some time in February or the beginning of March. remember me saying I was thinking about getting a filing cabinet and putting it in the kitchen??? Going to do that tomorrow! I’m tired of my paperwork being a mess!

  40. 43


    Thank goodness I no longer have to do business taxes! Definitely don’t miss them at all!

    Our taxes are easy-peasy. One W2 from Mike’s job and one from mine. I used the final pay stub of the year to plug in the numbers, just waiting for the W2’s to confirm they are correct then hit the efile button for our refund!

  41. 44

    Eileen Keane says

    DH Mike took the finances away from me when we joined our checking accounts. That was in 1981; he didn’t like the way I rounded off. lol

    He has Quicken Home & Business so I hand everything to him, and he updates the info.