January Stash Socks

There’s a stashbusting yarn group on Ravelry and we’re supposed to knit at least one pair of socks from our yarn stash each month.  I chose an Opal self-striping yarn for my January stash socks.  As of last night, I had still not knitted a stitch.  Since Speck can’t jump, I’ve taken to sitting on the floor.  Want to know how comfortable that is?  Not very!

Speck is sleeping on a pillow next to me, under the blanket.   I used bolts of fabric to block the chairs and sofa so he can’t jump up there.  Poor Vince!  He said .. Are you going to have enough bolts or will you need to order more fabric? I think we have enough!

After dinner last night I started knitting the Opal yarn and it’s make such a cheerful pair of socks.

Isn’t that a pretty striping pattern?  The heel is turned and I’m hoping to be able to get the foot knitted tonight.


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    I see your hand lotion on the table there… save some money and get Vince to buy the generic from Wal-mart. It is exactly the same stuff…

    Poor speck..it’s nice to know that your stash is helping the cause..

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    oh, those are going to be SO cute!!! LOVE the stripes! I have only 2 pairs of hand-knitted socks myself – one’s that my grandmother made, but never ”sealed” the toes and finished. My mom finished them after grandma passed away, and gave them to me and I ADORE them. I wish I could knit so I could have ONLY knitted socks! I hate store bought socks and will go bare foot over wearing store bought socks! I go shoeless in the house, but I don’t want to wear my grandmother’s knitted socks in the house and wear them out walking on them. They are too cherished! I envy your ability to knit socks!

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    Diane says

    Those are going to really happy socks! Is Speck feeling any better? I wan tto learn to knit socks but I will need to find someone to teach me. I am a complete dunce when it comes to written directions. Once I see it done a time or two I can then read the instructions but not before.

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    Love that yarn. Am going to a yarn shop this weekend and will see if they have something similar. I enjoy bright and lively socks, especially with business attire. 😉

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    I’m in the ravelry group too.
    Have started Two Socks At Once from the TOES. It’s a little slow getting started, and as you have said, I do have to remember to flip the yarn to the back every time I get to the end of a “row”. I have just gotten to the heel, so every bit is a new experience. Hope to finish by the end of the month.

    Love my super wool hand knit socks in the winter!

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    Speck has the best, most caring Mommy in the World! Good thing you have lots of fabric to block his egress to the furniture…glad you won’t need to purchase additional bolts, lol. Hope his new meds and time will help his spinal problems. Poor Baby!

    Love those new sockies!

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    Wow, Judy L – they are beautiful socks. I picked up my “forever and ongoing” socks this week, worked on the hell turn, ripped out the heel turn twice, and ended up putting them back in the bag. I am just not getting it. Think I will find someone to do the heel so I can get on with finishing them. Sure am glad Speck is feeling okay. We sure do love our pets.

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    Those are going to be fabulous socks!
    You are braver than I am to sit on the floor. I’m afraid if I got down, I’d never get back up! I hope Mr. Speck is feeling better today. I hope his mom is too.

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    Karen says

    Judy, love the socks. Regarding sitting on the floor – have you seen The Gypsy Sit Upon? It’s this purple round thing that smoosches (I think I just made up a word) when you sit on it. I use it for sewing as well as sitting at the computer – any hard surface. It’s great for the back.

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    Henrietta says

    Poor Vince? I am thinking poor Judy!

    I am astounded by the speed at which you knit, ah-mazing.

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    Ray says

    Wow! You are knitting quickly. These will be great! Have you given up knitting 2 socks on 2 needles? You really are an inspiration!!

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    Oooo! Gorgeous socks! I may have to go and get that color. I started some wrist warmers (similar to socks) but I think I may rip out and go back to socks. After I retire, I won’t be freezing myself like they do to us here at the U!

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    Sandy says

    I LOVE the those bright socks! Good choice of yarn , Judy. Hope little Speck is feeling better. I think you had a very good excuse to buy more bolts of fabric. After all, it helps keep Speck safe, lol.

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    I do love the colors.
    How do you knit so fast??
    I finally finished a pair I started last year (have been taking them everywhere with me)–now I realize that since they are white, I won’t be wearing them in my winter shoes because a bit of the black interior rubs of on my socks. Usually washes out, but don’t want to risk it on white yarn!

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    I sympathize with you being down on the floor with Speck! When Nakia was so sick I spent the night sleeping with her on the floor. Now, I’m bracing myself and my son for the possibility that our oldest cat may be getting close to the end. It’s different with cats than it is with dogs, though. I’m not saying it’s less of a relationship with a cat, just different. And this cat, Cheetah, has been really quite a lover. He gets in bed with me and curls up in the same spot every night. Hopefully he will be around a while, but things haven’t been good for him lately. Anyway, I’m rambling… your socks look nice. I wish I could find some pretty crochet patterns for socks. Even if I could, my crochet days may be behind me as my wrists just are not what they used to be! Good luck with Speck! I think he really knows you love him.

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    Becky I. says

    Oh Judy! I love these socks. Can they be a prize giveaway on your site? Can I win the prize? Ok, Just kidding, but I do love them! If I could only knit. Mom tried to teach me several years ago and I dropped so many stitches that I got frustrated and told her to finish the sweater. I don’t think she ever did though. Oh well, at least I tried.

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    Mary Johnson says

    I do love that yarn. I want to knit…I’ve got a pair at the heel but I’m determined to get through a bunch of these donation tops and bindings this month so m staying focused…however, my #6 UFO is next on the longarm-I don’t want to wait too long because I need to get it bound too.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Any patterns for a women’s size 12 sock? I can’t find cute shoes…women’s store bought socks are not big enough.


  19. 24

    Mel Meister says

    For Marilyn: I have size 12 feet and very swollen ankles. I have found that any sock pattern that begins with 64 stitches (top down socks) will fit me. After all, you really only need to worry about the circumference as you can knit the feet as long as you need.

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    Thanks for sharing your socks. I like knitting with Opal yarn. My Bugga yarn arrived this week! It’s like Christmas – I’m knitting a pair of mauve colored socks with Schaefer yarn. I’m not thrilled with the color, but it will be OK when they are done. Glad Speck is doing better. Hugs, Julie

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    bcinindy says

    Love the Opal yarn. I find myself knitting more than quilting as of late. I have found it so relaxing to be able to knit just about anywhere. I even knitted at my guild meeting last night and found that it was a wonderful way to make others strike up a conversation. Best wishes to Speck. Having had a dashund I know they are delicate but they are tough too. He will pull through.

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    Romonia says

    Love the socks! I feel like such a sloth, I am learning to knit socks and started a sock from the toes up, I’,m almost to the heel and it’s been 3 days of knitting.

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    Love that self striping Opal Yarn!! Love that pattern..you knit so darn fast!! I am still knitting the first seven inches of the leg!! only been four weeks!! ripping and redoing…but am determined..

  24. 31


    While I was pregnant on my son last year I knit 8 pairs of socks!! I am socked out!! LOL However I am attempting a long grey cardigan for myself. I am fairly new to knitting so I am doing things slowly.

    I did check out that knitting site before Christmas and hope to get back to it again for some inspiration!

    Quiltingly Yours

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    Those socks certainly look like a cheery pair of socks. I hope to nit a pair some day, so far the only thing I’ve knitted has been a scarf. Hope Speck starts feeling better soon, so you can both get off the floor.