Winter Can End Now

We’ve had our first snow.  We’ve had a bit of ice.  I’m ready for spring.  The snow is so pretty when it first falls and everything is white and clean and crisp but almost immediately, our vehicles go from looking like this:

to looking like this:

The garage becomes full of paraphernalia for tending chickens because everything freezes solid within minutes of being put outside.  The hammer is for break ice or cracking coconuts!  🙂

I’m ready for this spot to have herbs and onions and peppers and cherry tomatoes.

The chickens aren’t happy.  They told me so.

I don’t spend nearly as much time with them as I do during the spring and summer.  I’m tired of traipsing through snow and then tracking it into the garage.

But, most of all . . I’m ready for Vince to give me back my four wheel drive little Honda CRV and go back to driving his own two wheel drive pickup that he refuses to drive when there’s snow and ice on the roads.

And here’s his story!  He takes the keys to the S10 with him when he goes to work because his office keys are on that key ring.  The S10 is parked behind the Highlander which guarantees that I will not drive the Highlander in the snow, which is also four wheel drive and except that he doesn’t want it to get dirty, there’s no problem with driving it.  The real problem is . . that means there are two vehicles sitting at home but I can’t drive either one of them when he takes my car to work.  It’s surely not that I have anywhere I need to go but I don’t like being home without a vehicle I can use.  Next week Chad will be gone, Vince’s S10 will be in the garage and IF I need to go somewhere, I can take the Highlander but my guess is that Vince won’t dare let that happen so whether we have snow or ice or whatever . . he’ll be driving the S10 so I have no reason to drive the Highlander.


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    Marsha says

    I agree completely. Spring can’t come too soon. I have to walk my dog at least twice a day as we don’t have a fenced in yard. I want to go play at the park with my two year old granddaughterl

  2. 2


    I’m ready for spring myself…..gonna be awhile. About the vehicle… vehicle is mine, no one is aloud to drive it, I might let my DH drive me to church with it….its mine…the title says so.

  3. 3


    I think I would get a second set of keys to the S10. Many days I don’t go any where , but I like knowing the vehicle is available, just in case. I hope Speck keeps improving, it’s hard to watch them suffer. I was worried about him yesterday.

  4. 4


    Hubby has a truck and a van. I have my little car. He always has an excuse why we can’t use his vehicles. He hasn’t winterized them, forgot to get gas or it’s too costly to run in the city, too much salt on the streets. You get the idea. It makes me crazy.
    As for spring…bring in on!

  5. 5


    Around here, I feel like winter is just getting underway! Long time till spring. Off to run errands in the fresh snow we got yesterday!

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    Karen says

    I’d be getting a key for the S10 so I could move it to get to the Highlander. I can’t stand the idea of not being able to leave if I need to go somewhere – I usually don’t have to go anywhere – just the idea that I can if needed.
    I’m with you on enough winter – I’m so ready for spring – heck, at this point I’d settle for anything over 32 degrees!

  7. 7


    Ugh, I hear you. I have bf’s car in the driveway but with the hill & the amount of ‘walked all over, can’t shovel it up’ snow that’s behind it I can’t get it out! I have to go to the store soon to get dinner supplies…which means I’m walking the 1/2 mile or so and it’s 23.3 degrees out, brrr! I hope Speck is improving!

  8. 8


    You should get another set of keys to the S10…I wouldn’t want to left at home without a vehicle in case of emergency… We keep our extra sets of keys on hooks in the laundry room…which has a door to the garage…

  9. 9


    I agree with other comments here. You need extra sets of keys to all the vehicles just in case they need to be moved or driven away from the house for whatever reason. We each have sets of duplicate car keys on our key chains. Also, since I started reading your blog several years ago, I’ve never fully understood what was special about Vince’s Highlander that sits in the garage that I’ve heard about. Is it a special edition car, special paint job or show car of some type? Of course if it’s special in some way I probably wouldn’t drive in the snow and salted roads, but it seems like it’s hardly ever used. Just curious as to vintage and occasional use.

  10. 10

    Mary D says

    We just went through a snowstorm on Monday in SC. This weekend the temps are to be in the 50’s.

  11. 11


    WRONG! I refuse to be without wheels…whether I need to go anywhere or not. We don’t have the snow/ice stuff yet, but it’s plenty damp and cold. I’m carrying water out for kitties as their water freezes fast. That gets old real quick!

  12. 12


    yes I agree duplicate keys!!! sneak out with his keys and get them made…without him knowing…then he will think he is in charge anyway!! Men need to be in charge somehow!

  13. 13


    I heartily concur — winter can end NOW! We’ve already had a ton of snow (ok maybe not a ton but waaaay more than average) and it has been cold forever – I want spring and I want it NOW- yeah, like that little tantrum is going to get me anywhere — oh well —

    Judy – check your email later I sent you a lovely little poem about winter that someone sent me and I have to say it brighten my day –

  14. 14


    Steal his key and make a copy. You should have a set of wheels if you should need them for an emergency. Either that or just back the Highlander into the S-10 to get it out of the way. 😉

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    You just have to have another set of keys made because when you are home alone…you are in charge! Think of the keys as part of your preparedness plan. What if you needed to get you and Speck out quickly? It is not about driving all over the place. Vince should know by now that you prefer being at home. Then there is always the possibility that he could lose his keys and you wouldn’t be able to bring another set to him. It is unfair and unsafe to keep you ‘trapped’ so get on your sweety’s case and get some keys made!

  16. 16

    Linda in NE says

    I’m with you in being ready for winter to be over.

    Don’t you have a spare key for the S10? Very handy thing to have.

  17. 17


    Judy. Did you know that there is a heater that you can put under those metal waterers? That keeps the water from freezing. In North Dakota, we can’t live without them. Just ask at your local stockman’s supply place or whereever you bought those waterers.

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    Debbie in Puyallup WA says

    I’m ready for Spring too but can’t complain when I look at the reports of flash floods in Australia and all the harsh weather in other parts of our world.
    Sounds like you need extra sets of car keys so everyone can get to ‘working wheels’ no matter who is at home or away ~ it’s a safety issue too! I keep a key rack by our back door (inside a cabinet door) and there should always be at least one set of keys for every need on or around our place.
    Thanks for all the blog/quilting work that you share.
    Blessings for Speck and his family

  19. 19


    Spring doesn’t come here until May. No point in wishing for it now. We’re just settling in for our long winter’s nap.

  20. 20


    Maybe there’s a valet key somewhere about?

    The valet key for my vehicles has saved some frustration, since my husband tends to see my regular keys sitting out and mistake them for his (and joining the car keys with the rest of my key ring makes too awkward a handful).

    A lock for my desk drawer (even if the key that opens it is sitting on top of the desk) seems to help “spare” items stay put. If my husband was actually searching for something there, he would call me, and I would tell him how to get in.

  21. 21

    Mary Johnson says

    Most of the time I don’t mind not having the car…Keith isn’t walking nearly as much as he did when we first moved here…but there are days that NOT having the option to go somewhere is a pain. Luckily if I just want to get out versus needing to go somewhere specific I can walk.

  22. 22


    Is that a bottle of homemade red I see in the chicken paraphenilia page? Hmmmm, is that why Ruby is so social? Or is it the wine that helps keep the water from freezing solid ! If you add more wine to their water, does that change the color of the eggs…….