UFO Progress

How’s everyone doing with the UFO #6?  If you’ve completed yours, feel free to blog about it any time.  I’ll do the link box when I draw the number for the February UFO and you can then add a link to your blog post.  You don’t have to wait til the end of the month to do your blog post.  Even if you aren’t finished yet, you might want to make a blog post about your progress.

Anyone have sewing plans for the weekend?  I’m hoping to get lots of quilting done this weekend.  Speck’s injury and all the sitting I did with him helped me with my knitting goals but didn’t do much for my quilting goals this week.  I got new glasses this morning so I may sew through my fingers while I get used to these.  Why are new glasses so hard to adjust to?   My eyes are too close together and it’s really hard for me to get glasses that work and living in such a small place, most of the eye glass shops have few choices.  But, I’ll adjust and I’ll watch my fingers while sewing til I get used to them.

Speck’s meds are working and he’s feeling great . . too great.

Despite my fabric barrier, he went sailing right over the top of the fabric bolts this morning to get to his favorite chair.  Chad and I just stood there dumbfounded!  I’m glad Chad saw it because I’m not sure I would have believed my own eyes if I had been the only one to see it.  We’ll have to come up with Plan B for keeping him from jumping.  Simply telling him NO would be nice but you know what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks.  I’m downstairs sewing this afternoon so I brought him down with me and stacked boxes on the only furniture down here . . a recliner.  He knows we’re treating him differently and he’s suspicious so he’s staying right on my heels and if I don’t watch him, I’ll step on him.   Actually, sitting on the floor and knitting is the easiest thing for me but I have quilting that must be done!


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    Hey Judy, if memory serves me correctly, I think you could put pieces of tin foil on the furniture to discourage Speck’s jumping. I’ve never had to use it myself, since both Bogart & now Casey were never allowed on the furniture unless I had them in my lap.

    Good luck with “superdog”. . . . glad to hear that he is feeling better!

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    Gwen says

    I am so very glad Speck if more like himself! Good luck with teaching an old dog new tricks, especially a stubborn Doxie! We have discover that we only thought we had broken some of Heidi’s bad habit in just the last 2 days. It does feel good to know they feel that well, but…….. I though of you this morning when Al Roker did a piece on walking the cables on the George Washington bridge! He actually did it! With a maintaince crew. It’s hard to believe there are people who really do things like that! His producer went along even though she is deathly afraid of heights.

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    lw says

    Seems like you could cover one of the bolts with a towel and let him use it as a ramp.

    If you really want to keep him out of the chair, you could try double-sided tape on the leather. It sticks to the hairs between his pads and might discourage a return visit. But I like the ramp idea better, and the thought of Speck in his favorite chair.

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    shirley bruner says

    I am finished with my #6 also and have it on my blog.

    when we want our dog off the chairs or couch we put things ON the couch rather than in front…piles of pillows, etc. perhaps that will work for you.

    glad to hear Speck is better….i was thinking of him this morning. give him a smooch for me.

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    Progress is being made, slowly. I hope to get the top together over this long weekend. If I don’t I’m afraid I’ve got to set it aside to work on one of my time sensitive projects. But, it will easier to get this one back out now that I know what I’m doing with it and all but the borders are cut.

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    Linda in NE says

    So glad to to hear that Speck is feeling good enough to foil your barricades. I know you probably hate the thought, but what about a crate? Maybe even one upstairs & one downstairs? He probably wouldn’t be wild about the idea either but keeping him confined might give his back a chance to heal completely.

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    Glad to hear Speck is better. I had a sit down talk with my Lily regarding her jumping on furniture. She is only 2 and still to much puppy energy to keep her from jumping. I have a ramp for her to use to get on our bed but then I have lots of big dog beds on the floor that she seems to use. I have 2 on top of each other that she burrows herself down into. Its the craziest thing. We call it the “weiner dog pit.”

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    Glad to hear Speck is feeling better.
    #6 is under the needle right now, about halfway quilted. Should be done by the end of the month.
    Thanks for the challenge Judy.

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    Toni in TN says

    We had to confine our doxie to a kennel until he had time to heal. The steroid shot made him feel too good, too soon. You could set the kennel beside you when you are knitting. #6 is at the quilting stage so I conside it done. My quilts never stay at that stage for long. It’s just getting them started or restarting!

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    Glad to hear Speck’s feeling better. My plans are to work on a PIF I’m doing for some FB friends and finish a comfort quilt for a co-workers daughter. Have fun quilting!

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    Yippee Skippee! Glad Speck if feeling better!!!

    I need to load my #6 on the machine…maybe this weekend. I’m so afraid to try…what if I can’t??? ARGH! Guess I can get Ernie to load the top on the machine, lol.

  12. 14


    As usual I’m breaking the rules. I’m not working on number 6, but number 1. I have only a small portion of the border completed. The *&^&%$ machine broke on me YET again.

  13. 15


    I’m so glad little Mr. Speck is feeling better. You might want to make him a super dog cape!
    My weekend plan is to quilt UFO #6. Or knit. I want to do both.

  14. 16

    pdudgeon says

    i’ll be ready to tackle my #6 next week. with 2 1/2 weeks left in the month, I should be able to get it quilted.
    I’ve been busy in January, and am working on my 3rd twin sized quilt this month. i’m not letting the grass grow under my feet, and not just because it’s Winter, LOL.

  15. 17

    Jen AK says

    Glad Speck is feeling better. If that chair is “HIS,” favorite why don’t you try turning it around and tipping it upside down with his blankie for easier access….after all wasn’t it you that said you’d never win any Home and Garden contests. LOL

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I am having an open house tomorrow, so I’ll take my knitting. But, Sunday maybe I’ll work on my UFO’s. Monday is a bank holiday and school’s are closed but I’m taking a 2 day class so no quilting will get done then. I have to get some quilts done for our quilt show in March, the rush is one. I have 4 quilts I want to enter, one needs quilting, 3 are in various stages of being quilted and bound.
    I’m glad Speck is feeling better, I know how hard it is when our beloved pets are not feeling well.

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    Cindy in NC says

    Good news about Speck! I am not officially in the challenge (no blog), but am playing along anyway. I am nearly done with my first UFO. Thanks for the motivation.

  18. 22

    BlondiKnits says

    My #6 quilt is “Texas Hill Country Spring,” fabric purchased when I visited the hill country with my sisters in 2009. I’m so pleased you provided the impetus to get this WIP completed. Thanks!

  19. 23

    Mary Johnson says

    That’s next on the longarm! Really, as soon as Keith leaves next week. This weekend I think it will be football and binding. I need to check to wee when the games are on!

  20. 24


    First off, I have yet to find the outhouse blocks. I am still looking though. I set my dust allergy off looking through piles of stuff I obviously have not “cleaned” in a while.

    I have finished the two tops that were the mystery quilt. I have to do a “secret” block for the Volume 3 – 100 Quilt Blocks first and foremost, then I will consider what quilting will be done on the tops.

    At the showing off of the 2010 Snowball Mystery Quilt at the Guild last week, a number of them had the quilting done as snowflakes, no doubt. So I was thinking of that also. The ones who won were all quilted and finished, of course, but there were a few tops, like mine, that were there as placeholders.

    My bud, JoPaula won an honorable mention. I was really glad she won, she really has a sense of color and design even though she is a newer quilter. I love her work.

    Check out the quilts at the meeting and the different ways to make the snowball quilts. It was interesting to see all the different quilts, yet the same pattern. The very first two quilts are my two in the picture rotation!


  21. 25

    Sarah B says

    #6 was doing good but then I got sidetracked with another UFO that has a deadline…. okay, so thanks to your reminder I will get back on track! 🙂

  22. 26


    I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made on my #6. I put on the borders and have it pinned! Pinning is the step I hate because I only have the floor to pin on and I hurt for days afterward. I’ll have it done by the end of the month–YAY!

    Give Speck an extra bit of love for me. . .

  23. 27


    My ufo #6 is done and it’s a good thing because I have so much more to do this month. And next monday I start on the taxes – ugh! plus I have the end of the year report to do for the group I am treasurer for – double ugh!

  24. 29


    I’ve hit a snag of lack of time… cranky kids and uncooperative computers… Hopefully tomorrow I can get most of the blocks ready, and maybe the quilt top finished by the end of the weekend (now that is dreaming)

  25. 30

    Marky says

    I got as far on my #6 UFO as I’d planned (cut all the pieces); now it’s tucked away as a project for our next Retreat. I just hope to make progress on each of my UFO’s, not necessarily finish them all.

    Glad Speck is feeling better. When I wanted to keep our Dalmation off the furniture, I just tipped the couch or recliner cushions up at a 45 degree angle. With no horizontal surface to jump on, problem solved.

  26. 31

    Karla says

    UFO is going very slowly, found some of the blocks not sure where the others are, found some of the material needed and plan on working on it this afternoon. Glad Speck is feeling better. I hate it when one on my babies are not feeling well.

  27. 32

    laceflower says

    I’m with the others, tip the chair over. Glad Speck is back to feeling his oats though.
    Do I ever hear you about getting new glasses; I was at my glasses fitting yesterday and said to the woman, ‘ I’d rather have dental surgery than get new glasses’. She thought I was crazy of course. It takes me about a year to get frames I can stand being on my face AND looking decent, getting the glasses adjusted so I can see out of them correctly (many appointments later) then getting used to the new perscription. Dental surgery is over in 1 day; who wouldn’t prefer it, I ask you? hahaha

  28. 34


    On Flickr I found a UFO Challenge 2011 group! Is that us? That might be easier and quicker to see everyone’s project than clicking on all of their links!

    I’m loving this challenge and am off to work on mine. I think I can finish this weekend! (Yes, my glass is half full!) LOL

  29. 35


    I’m plugging along! I got all the pieces cut out and ready to finish assembling (it’s partially assembled from when I started it). I got bogged down because I wanted to have the yellow quilt cut out for my leaders & enders quilt! I guess I should skip that and just get the UFO quilt done! Hah!

    I’d like to know about the Flickr group, too!


  30. 36


    I finished up #6 UFO on January 5 and mailed it off to Alycia.
    I’m afraid that #6A will remain a ufo as I don’t feel like working on it. It’s a BOM from Joann’s from probably 2000. I’m not sure how I acquired it, probably at our guild auction or a yard sale. I did finish up the blocks but need to think about putting it together and adding a couple of borders. It’s not sounding like very much fun to me.