Chasing the Winter Blues

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This has been a crazy week — working on taxes, worrying about Speck, Chad is leaving tomorrow, the beautiful white snow has turned into the horrible icky mess that we’re tired of seeing.

I know the winter blues are a serious issue for lots of folks but they don’t affect me.  My tax prep work is done and ready for the accountant as soon as all the other forms arrive by mail, Speck is doing much better, I’m always sad when Chad leaves but life slows down when he’s gone, this truck doesn’t wake me up when he leaves early in the morning or when he comes in late at night and best of all — he’ll be home on Friday;  the footprints in the snow are from the UPS man bringing fun packages so life is pretty good around here.

But . . it is the middle of January.  Half of the first month of 2011 is already gone and in order to brighten someone’s day, I’m going to give way a $50 gift certificate to The Village Mercantile!  All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment telling me how you chase away the winter blues.

Also, there’s an old church cemetery at the tiny little country church where my grandparents went.  They maintain the cemetery in immaculate condition.  Most of my family is buried there and I wanted to send them a donation but kept debating how much to send.  So, for every comment you leave, I’ll send them $1.

So, tell me how you chase away the winter blues and at the same time, it will help a cause that means a lot to me.

Since The Village Mercantile is closed on Sundays and Mondays, I will announce the winner on Tuesday.  Comments will be closed sometime this evening . . around dark.  Leave your comment today and check back on Tuesday to see if you’re the winner.

Disclaimer:  The gift certificate is paid for by me . . totally by me.


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    Depression is a terrible illness and is hard to pull out of sometimes. The weather doesn’t usually bother me but the holidays are terrible. I force and sometimes I really have to force myself to accomplish one thing each day. Sometimes it is sewing a block or just going for a walk. Judy, it is a very nice thing you are doing for the cemetery. I really enjoy your blog.

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    Linda says

    hmmm…at this point in the winter I am usually sick of snow (and it’s snowing again) so I close the drapes, put on the fire and snuggle into a quilt…or get some handquilting and snuggle under that quilt while I quilt.
    What a wonderful idea for your donation!

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    Judi says

    I try to chase away the blues in my studio, sewing, quilting, and dyeing but this year the blues got to me more then usual so I had my doctor up my zoloft now I enjoying being in my studio once again. vbg:)

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    Cindy Little says

    I try to do something I enjoy….like quilting (top on the list). If I don’t want to quilt (why wouldn’t I?), I find something for the kids and I to do (if they are home and don’t have plans of their own) like go to a movie or bowling (always feels good to knock something over!).

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    Winter blues…ick. Crank up the fireplace, throw a good read on the iPod and spend lots of time in the sewing studio!!! Since Ernie installed all the new lighting and with windows overlooking the back 40, it’s a happy place to be. I can quilt, watch birds and kitties (kitties get frisky in cold weather!) and the occassional armadillo.

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    I chase away my winter blues by going out for a walk in the COLD CRISP air, lol.

    Since I have to go out and feed animals twice a day, I get plenty of time outdoors and that keeps me from getting too blue.

    I really get more blue in the spring when everything starts melting and I have to do chores in ankle-deep mud! YUCK!

    he he he…Make a yellow quilt! That really helped me, lol.

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    Gwen says

    Sorry that you are to the messy, icky part of winter. Wet and pets and guys just seem to keep things in a mess. We have rain today so we still feel cold even though the thermometer says it’s warmer. I try to ward off the winter blues with working on bright colored cheerful projects. I love little country cemeteries! DH’s family is buried in one in East Texas.

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    Rebecca says

    I don’t get the Winter Blues, because I love Winter so much and don’t get nearly enough of it, living here in Virginia. However, I grew up in Iowa, where there is PLENTY of Winter. 😉

    My favorite way to chase the Winter Blues–which typically hit somewhere around the end of February, when all the snow was black and icy and slushy–was to curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa and reading a book or knitting something. It was even better if I had time to get into the kitchen and make some homemade soup with bread.

    When I was in college, without a fireplace, I would curl up with something in front of the window and just enjoy being warm while watching the wind blow. Frankly, just knowing that I was warm while it was cold outside was enough to make me feel warm and cozy. 🙂

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    I chase away the winter blues with a cup of hot tea, a needle and thread and a very good light – but only after surfing all of the wonderful blogs of so many talented ladies.

  10. 12


    I just have a mild case of the blues that manifests itself as not wanting to leave my house! This is not much of a problem for me because all my stuff is at my house! LOL! I love watching old black and white movies as I knit or piece or quilt. My husband benefits, too! I cook lots of savory stews and thick soups (what I call stoups) and homemade breads. Also…. All the garden catalogs are arriving! Yay! I’m planning what to plant in my 8 Square foot gardens. I love hibernating!

  11. 13


    The internet has turned into a great way to chase away my blues. A trip to Patchwork Times or one of the other blogs I follow for a little quilt sharing and I’m ready to go at it again. Whatever “it” may be. Oh, and maybe a little farming on Farmville. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to make you happy and motivated.

  12. 14

    pat says

    I go outside and walk even if it is snowing just to get some fresh air.

    Use a light in your home even if you don’t need it a natural light helps.

    I read your blog daily and I get a lot of chuckles out of it. You surely know how to write.

    I have my husband and my little Buster dog they make me laugh too.

    I feed the squirrels and birds and I watch them eat.

    Sewing, knitting and crocheting.

    Reading blogs and saving so many different patterns.

    I guess I rambled on enough.

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    We go south to the Texas coast. The first thing I notice is that the days are longer here (than in Minnesota), and that is a welcome change. I have a sewing machine here, and many winter friends (all living in the same building!) so my winter blues are chased away. We are coming out of a cold windy stretch of weather, into some rain this weekend, and sunny and 70 by Monday. Life is good. If I were home, I’d put on some good, lively music (maybe bluegrass), put on the coffee, and definitely be downstairs sewing.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    On a day like today in Arizona – it is supposed to be about 74 degrees with lots of sunshine – it is easy to chase the winter blues away. I love to piece sitting at my sewing machine looking out my beautiful bay window at the all the birds and blue sky. It is very peaceful and relaxing. However, when I lived in Boston, I would curl up with a good book and the heater on full blast! I really do enjoy living in Arizona – even the summer isn’t too bad!

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    Jen R. says

    I watch DVDs on my computer as I quilt. Just finished season 3 of Dexter (fabulous!) while I work on a couple flannel quilts for Project Linus.

  16. 18


    I have learned that I have to be busy. I don’t do well when I have nothing pressing to do. That is probably why I have so many projects to do. It doesn’t bother me that they are undone, either. I know that I can take my pick of artsy things to do–sewing, quilting, painting, reading, photography, knitting, crocheting, working with polymer clay, upholstery, scrapbooking, and the never ending lesson plans. Of course, if I’m really desperate, I can always clean.

  17. 19


    This winter, my blues were chased away by the announcement of the arrival of a new little grandbaby this summer. 🙂 Can’t make me much happier than that!

    And seed catalogs…..hopes of spring, and bright colors…..

  18. 21


    Ok – I can take the cold but I hate when the sun doesn’t shine and then I get blue — so to counteract that feeling I get together with friends and we talk about fun stuff – like quilting and knitting. And if I still feel down I make a little purchase of something sunny and yellow or polka dotty . Fabric and yarn always cheer me up!

  19. 22

    Tricia says

    Wow! What a nice surprise to wake up to! For me the trick to deal with winter is to keep BUSY. I am actually a person who likes winter better than summer (when the temperature rises, so does my temper!), but I live up in the mountains of Utah and we have snow up here for at least 9 months a year! (Last year the only month it didn’t snow was August!)
    So, if I know I am going to be snowed-in, I just make sure to keep the kitchen stocked with foods (especially treats!) and have lots of great books around and my Netflix all ready to go (and hope the power doesn’t go out!) and now, I am back in college, so LOTS of homework at the ready! I always have tons of quilt kits made up and ready to go, and there is always the Internet….so what more could a girl want? No lawn to mow or gardening to demand your attention…I love it!

  20. 23

    sus says

    I have a happylight which I sit in front of for an hour a day, very early in the morning. Then I walk, if not outside because of the weather, then at the local mall. Then I sit down to sew, quilt, dabble, create, have fun.

  21. 24


    Getting together with quilting friends for a sew day is a great way to forget about our long winters at least for a little while!

  22. 26


    I quilt, read, and listen to music and news. I don’t like to go out of the home when I don’t have to on a good day, but sometimes in the winter I can feel a little shut-in, so the radio helps me remember the world has gone on as it always has. Then I hold my sleeping baby and remember that God has me here for a reason. Then I feel better.

  23. 27


    I try to get out of the house as much as I can, I have the worst cabin fever in the winter. When the roads aren’t too gross I go to a local park & hike in the woods, I love it there with snow on the ground. If I can’t get out I stay busy with multiple sewing & knitting projects.

  24. 28


    I suffered for years with SAD…by February I’d be depressed. Back in 1990 something happened in February that chased the blues away…I gave birth to my daughter Ellen. Since then, it’s never been as bad! When I start to get blue, I grab some stitching and sit by the fire and relax. Sometimes I’ll put on an upbeat movie, like “You’ve Got Mail”. That chases the blues away!

  25. 29

    DebrafromMD says

    I spend as much time as I an in my studio during the winter months. It’s located in the basement of our house and doesn’t get much natural light anyway so I’m unaware of what the the weather is doing. And when you are surrounded by fabric and quilts, who cares what is going on outside anyway. Our guild also hosts an annual Cabin Fever bus trip to the quilt stores in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That’s always a great pick me up.

  26. 30

    Suzanne Smith says

    I love the fresh cold Canadian air-today it’s snowing and blowing-the kids wish this snowday was on a schoolday not sat.! but they have all day to play! That means I have all day to play too… hehehe!
    Sunshine and exercise that’s what chases away my winter blues!

  27. 31

    ida says

    I have several ways to chase the winter blues.

    1) Flowers — I love looking at flowers. I often will just buy a cheap bunch to perk me up.

    2) Shopping — just looking works, tho, often I come away with purchases

    3) Sewing — often just cutting or planning … playing/petting with fabric

  28. 32


    I don’t get the winter blues. Because of my allergies I absolutely love every minutes of winter! It’s the only time of year that I can go on a long walk or be outside for any length of time. I love seeing the bare bones of the trees and watching the birds at the feeder. I’m 50 now so I even love the cold!

  29. 33


    I am not as affected by the winter blues – for 70 years I have my birthday on January 16th to look forward to. This year the kids from Colorado arrived last night and the ones in NC are on their way. I would love, love to win a present for my birthday. Awesome giveaway. DWH and I just picked up my cake, Chocolate Fudge Truffle cake, which means it has raspberry filling in between the layers. That is my kind of cake. Next week I will be in my “slow down” period and in “my room” sewing. I think I need to rest – staying up late with the kids and I am not getting younger. Lol Judy C

  30. 34

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Thank you Judy for donating to your family cemetery. That alone should be another inspiration to all of us: to remember to give to others. Studies have shown that the very act of doing good deeds causes our brains to release chemicals that make us more happy and cheerful.

    Thank you for offering a great give away to us. No wonder you are so energetic and happy!

    I don’t get the winter blues. Once again, we need to do things for others. I love to cook and deliver meals to someone who might be sick, elderly, poor, or
    just in need of a little company. I think those kinds of things keep all of us thinking about others instead of concentrating on our own woes. I also make and give quilts to others, not as often as I give food, but it does happen! I just wish that I had the strength to do more than what I do.

  31. 35


    I don’t get the winter blues – it’s wonderful in Arizona in the winter months. I get the summer blues – when it is hotter than Hades and you can’t do anything outdoors, except go from one air condition spot to the next. I get a lot more sewing done in the summer than I do in the winter!!!!

  32. 36


    I don’t usually have much problem with the winter blues, mabye because winter is typically pretty short here. Plus, I don’t get to slow down much, kiddo has a birthday in January, so we’re busy prepping for that. By February, we are usually having a few nice days tossed in with the colder ones.

  33. 37

    candace says

    To keep those blues away I will try to find something that makes me laugh either on the internet or TV or radio. Sometimes, it helps to plan the improvements I’d like to make to my home when the weather permits open windows for airing out. Here’s where I might be sort of weird….I clean out spaces…get rid of that stuff that just piles up and try to simplify my spaces. I think it’s just the energy of accomplishing something!

  34. 38

    Christy Lou says

    I curl up with my babies and read them a story. Who can be blue reading “Is Your Mama a Lama?), “Bread and Jam for Francis” or “Little Chimp’s Big Day”? The kids are happy; I am happy and the house is nice and warm.

  35. 39


    I turn on all the overhead lights and lift the blinds to let in as much sun as possible. Then I turn up the tunes to something fun with a beat to it. And if that doesn’t work there’s always a long hot bath with lavendar oil to remind me of the scent of the garden. Finally if nothing else works, I curl up in bed with my Nook and call it a “rest” day.

  36. 41


    As I write this it is -10 at my house this morning. My main way to beat the winter blues is to keep a consistent schedule…I Jazzercise 6 days a week. I think exercise is absolutely the best thing I can do for my mental health! I also make myself go outside for a little while everyday…I walk my 80+ pound dogs. And of course…I spend as much time as possible in my sewing room which is very brightly lit.

  37. 42

    Toni in TN says

    I am not affected much by winter blues, just get bored being stuck in the house. I really dislike cold weather. I just curl up with a good murder mystery or some needlework, sip a cup of flavored tea and hunker down until the temps moderate.

  38. 43


    Winter in Minnesota is just getting in full swing. I love this time of year to quilt, go to grandsons basketball games, eat, read, blog, and sit by the fireplace (not necessarily in that order!) This month I am actually working on Anniversary gifts for each of our kids. (usually i just think about doing it later.) In a couple of weeks we’ll start making lefsa for our church’s lutefisk supper and I won’t have time to even think!!

  39. 44


    I don’t get winter blues. Unless it’s being sad that it doesn’t snow here. 🙂 I do get summer blues! It’s sunny like 300 days of the year here.

  40. 45

    deb worley says

    I have never really had the winter blues. I am in Florida and we are generally quite toasty. However, we have already been colder this year than we are during the entire winter season. I beat the blues by doing something fun and that always involves quilting…usually means shopping or finishing a project up.

  41. 46


    I’m from upstate NY where winter ALWAYS sticks around for a long time. I’ve always found that buying a bulb-type plant or fresh flowers every once in a while really helps to make me think that spring is coming. I also peruse the flower catalogs that frequent our mailbox and I plan out what new flowers or vegetables I want to plant come spring.

  42. 47


    I don’t get the winter blues. In fact, I like winter much more than summer–too much outside work, snakes, and mosquitoes in the summer, not too mention a busy baseball schedule. Having 4 boys in the family, there have literally been years spent at the ball fields. Happily and sadly, this will be our last baseball season as the youngest is now a senior in high school. Anyway, I love winter as I get to do more of the quilting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, and cooking that I enyoy. My “real job” is an at-home position that I have been doing for 12 years, so I only get out to go to church, twice-a-month grocery shopping, and sporting events. I don’t even have a vehicle and that doesn’t bother me at all. I am a true homebody. I enjoy reading blogs and making and doing things for other people, and my husband is an excellent delivery person, so life is great. Please excuse this disjointed reply. I should clean it up for you, but I have to get to my cross-stitching while the sun is out and these tired eyes can see!!! Hope you get lots of comments.

  43. 48


    I mostly dont get the winter blues. I get the traveling blues, as I love to do road trips, and when I can’t, that seems to make the winter longer. Right now, it is beautifully white, with a bright sun, and the sky is SO blue. It is hard to be dreary. Although, as we all know, it is not like that in MN. in the winter all the time! But, I am not really affected by the greyness of winter, which I am happy for, since I am a Minnesotan through and through. I was just thinking about going to buy new ski boots and hitting the lake. I havent been skiing in at least 3 years, and it used to be my favorite thing to do. What happens to us? Oh yea, I think that is called “life”. Thanks Judy, you are really generous, and a great thing you are doing for the cemetary, when everyone is struggling, we forget some of those things.

  44. 49


    WoW what a nice gift! I am affected a little by winter. I put on a lot of lights So it is not always cozy in my house, but really brightly lit. It works for me. also I like to bury myself in quiltwork (even more than in other times of year). Picking up some new things (auch for the UFO’s) in januari is a good way to start the year for me!
    thank you for the chance and the donation that you do!

  45. 50

    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    What a worthy cause, Judy!! Plus a generous give away!!

    Winter and I get along great as long as I don’t have to go out in the weather much. I order fabric online to be delivered to my door, scour the Internet for free patterns that look tempting, and stitch away while the wind howls outside. I can be lured out to guild meetings if we have a good trunk show and speaker. My favorite thing to do is have quilting friends over for some show and tell, coffee and home made treats.

    As much as I really dislike the cold weather, I always look forward to winter for the quilting opportunities it brings.

  46. 51

    Alicia says

    Today, I am chasing away the winter blues because the STEELERS are playing in the Playoffs late this afternoon. The Steelers make me forget it is winter. so
    GO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess you can tell I live in western PA.

  47. 52


    i stay too busy to get too blue but when i just feel blah….a nap always helps. so try a nap to chase those blues away. works for me.

  48. 53


    I listen to Motown, wander around my yard and dream of spring, and stay away from the TV (it really saps me of energy and I feel better if I get something accomplished.)

  49. 54

    Audrey says

    I chase the blues by quilting. I didn’t know it was snowing today because i was down in my quilt cave doing some art quilt club homework. I checked my email after a couple of hours and saw a message from a friend saying “winter is here”. I had to open the shutters and look out. There’s nothing like bright fabric and thread to keep you thinking it’s summer.

  50. 55

    Robin says

    I try to do whatever it takes to make me happy and that might vary depending on the day- quilting, reading, exercising, just hanging out or eating!!

  51. 56

    Kathryn says

    Our winters in Southern California are so mild they hardly count. But I like to learn something new. I just began a docent training program at the Music Center.

  52. 57

    Elaine says

    Working on my projects, bringing in wood for the fireplace, reading a good book on my nook, finding new websites to look over, going to a quilt show in a town near us, I don’t mind winter, just don’t like it when it freezes and makes the roads terrible to travel on.

  53. 58

    DebbiB says

    Take advantage of the cold! Snowshoeing, or snow-tubing are fun. Working on some Spring-themed projects in the sewing room helps too!

  54. 59


    I think working on a bright cheery colored quilt can chase the winter blues. Also trying to get outside in the sun helps. Thank you for donating to the Cemetary I’m a weirdo who enjoys cemeteries. I enjoy taking pictures of very old headstones and I think it’s tragic that many of them get vandalized or damaged.

  55. 60


    When I lived where it was winter a few years ago, I would fake-n-bake (what I call tanning booths) twice a week. It would get dark around 4:30 in the afternoons and I needed the vitamins the sun provided to lift my spirits. That is why I think Hawaii is good for me, I haven’t been as depressed in the winter time because it is sunny and warm all year round (most of the time anyway). Now I know not everyone can move to Hawaii to cure their winter blues, and in a few years, I won’t be here any longer since my hubby will retire from the military. I will go back to fake-n-bake because it is a heck of a lot cheaper than visiting Hawaii.

  56. 61


    I am not affected by the winter blues because, I really like winter and fall and the shorter days, means I have more time to quilt and sew. But I get the summer blues, I absolutely hate summer, and get easily depressed by it. To help me cope, I work a lot (I love my job) and I tend to quilt a lot in the summer. Hand quilting relaxes me, so that’s that I do, and I read winter themed books, to remind me that winter is only a few months away.

    I like the cold because it refreshes me, I hate the heat because it stifles me!

  57. 62


    I find when I’m down that if I clean for 20 minutes – even if I don’t feel like it – that my mood improves. After that 20 minutes I can look around and see that I’ve accomplished something as small as it is.

  58. 63


    I cook, not to much but enough, I like to try a new recipe at least once a week.
    I have a quilting and crochet project going.
    I love to watch television especially a good miniseries or series I haven’t seen. I loved Doc Martin recently.
    I declutter, a little at a time.
    Have a good winter. I love reading your blog. I’m glad your little dog is feeling better.

  59. 64

    Michelle F. says

    Besides buying,playing with and sewing fabric, I love to play tennis indoors in the winter. Really fun and you don’t have to wear sunscreen when you play!

  60. 65


    The winter crazies can be tough here in Maine but I try taking extra vitamins and do some piecing and quilting for myself, nt just work. And it helps that the days are getting longer- the sun doesn’t set until almost 4:30 now!
    Glad Speck is feelig better.

  61. 66

    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    These things help me keep from feeling blue anytime…not just in winter:
    reading blogs of talented ladies like Judy L. for laughs and inspiration
    having the grands for a sleepover
    working in my sewing room
    trying a new recipe
    reading a good book
    playing the piano
    looking at seed catalogs
    going for a week-end getaway where there is an indoor pool
    some deep cleaning and organizing…just keeping busy!
    Spring will soon come.

  62. 67

    Mary Beth says

    I pull out my favorite quilt books such as 9 Patch Extravaganza or tune into some of my favorite blogs to find some great inspiration. Then I dig out some of my stash and find my next project. It always works to get my mind off the icky, tracked up snow. And gives me something to look forward to. It also keeps me out of the kitchen and away from snacks.

  63. 68

    June Piper-Brandon says

    I really do suffer with the winter blues. I’ve been taking vitamin D3 which is supposed to be the sunshine vitamin. I take it at night with dinner and it helps a little. But, what has been helping best is if I get up in the morning and after Liam goes to school head down to the gym and do circuit training and then jump in the hot tub for a bit. Then, I seem to be ready to face the day and be happy about it. If I need a little boost lunch at my favorite restaurant helps during the day too.

  64. 69

    Rita says

    Starting a new project helps me chase the winter blues. Also, taking a quilting class also helps.

  65. 70

    Elsie from KS says

    I like to sit by the fire, read a book on my kindle, watch DVD’s, put together puzzles and work on some sewing project. When I get bored with one thing I go do something else. I teach middle school and enjoyed two snow days this week doing whatever I wanted.

  66. 71

    Stephanie says

    To chase away the winter blues I like to put on a pot of soup, listen to some good music, and sew. I kinda like the “winter blues” , it makes me feel warm and cozy.

  67. 72

    Glenda in Florida says

    I don’t think I ever get the blues. The blahs’s, maybe just a little. I know that I don’t even understand the concept of boredom. My little brain can entertain itself endlessly. When I want something “new” to do, I read a good mystery, or work on a bright quilt.

  68. 73

    Spare Arts Studio says

    I plan little treats for myself that I can look forward to. Today’s (after errands and chores) is to work on a new art project. I have started decluttering and am suprised at how much it lifts my spirits.

  69. 74


    To beat the winter blues, (which I don’t usually suffer from), I spend time either in the studio or the kitchen. It’s difficult to be blue when stitching or cooking up some comfort foods. One of the nice things living in the Southern Hemishere… is we have lots of summer and not a lot of the winter. After winters in Chicago and Nebraska… extra summer is nice! Glad to hear Speck is doing much better. Have you considered cutting the pain meds back a bit… remind him that something still hurts. It will help keep him from jumping.

  70. 75

    Bev in NC says

    1. Pretty spring flowers – either real or of fabric.
    2. A glass of wine, a soaking bath, a good book and good music – that pretty much cures anything!

  71. 76

    Dj says

    I visit with friends. Today we’re going to Warrensburg to visit with friends who have recently moved to Missouri with the Air Force.

  72. 77

    Lynne says

    Excersise outside usually helps, even though it is freezing here, we still get days with bright blue skies.

    The sight of a red cardinal sitting on snow! And today I went to my very first quilt guild


  73. 78


    Foggy days are the worst for me. We don’t get snow and I like the rain, but when I wake up and can’t see across the street it puts me in a blue mood. This morning was such a day. I have to get going and get something done! Today I’m trying to clean in the garage! YUCK. I’m dealing with mouse droppings which isn’t a fun job. They have moved in and found lots of warm hiding places, one of which is a bucket of yarn I didn’t put a lid on. Into the trash went the whole bucket of yarn. What a waste, but I learned a valuable lesson and won’t leave an uncovered yarn bucket in the garage again! I also love to sew on a gloomy day. I know that the quilts I make will really brighten someone else’s day and that also makes me happy! I hope whoever wins the giveaway has a super great day!

  74. 79

    Kathleen says

    Getting together with friends is a great mood lifter. I don’t do this nearly enough. I do have a group of quilting friends that gets together one Sat a month and it is wonderful. (We named ourselves “Sassy Sewing Sisters” – we do other things together too.)

    Being in my sewing room always helps my mood!! I’m going to spend as much time as I can in there this 3-day weekend.

  75. 81


    Winter here lasts a long time.

    The internet is great for chasing the blues away, there is always something new to learn. Music and sewing is good. Watching old movies at night, especially comedies, laughter is good medicine. Walking on a treadmill helps too, makes up for being stuck in the house.

  76. 82

    Clare says

    I chase the winter blues away by staying in my AZ house instead of my Chicago house during these snowy months. I also check what you have to say several times a day which inspires me to try new things I never thought of or tried, especially your recipes. I’m planning on signing up for a class to learn how to knit socks. Keeping myself busy and distracted is how i keep my sanity.

  77. 83

    Rose says

    I grew up in WI and have spent much of my adult life in MN; I am not bothered with Winter Blues. Getting out every day in the winter is best way to avoid the blues; running an errand or just sweeping the porch and sidewalk. This winter has been more snowy than past years, but certainly nothing like the east coast is enduring. Our city has plenty of snow removal equipment as do most homeowners. What I don’t like is drivers that operate their car as if it is summertime, i.e., speeding; a cause of fenderbenders/accidents; major annoyance when it was snowing like it was yesterday afternoon. I actually like cooler weather better than hot, humid weather. We lived 2 years in the tropics so I do know I want no part of living in southern US year around.

  78. 84


    The funny thing is I don’t really get the winter blues. I love snow and am excited all through winter for snow to come. BUT I do spend a lot of time in the winter watching DVDs and crocheting (and now picking back up on quilting and sewing).

  79. 85


    We’re lucky to have pretty mild winters in Central Texas, but if the winter blues threaten to get me down, I like to settle in with an audio book and my sewing machine to lift my spirits.

  80. 86


    I usually start a brand new quilt project after Christmas and am excited to see it progress but this year I am just wistfully looking at my machine because of shoulder surgery last week. I have found I can knit (I only know how to do squares and rectangles) so am knitting some of the dish clothes I love and love to give as gifts.

    I also buy a new amaryllis bulb after Christmas when they are on sale and get them started right away. Nothing like watching a plant grow and bloom while the snow flies to raise your spirits.


  81. 88

    Jackie says

    I chase away the winter blues by sledding and playing in the snow with the grandkids…they love it, and it gives me great exercise without it being boring…when we come in, we have hot cocoa with mini marshmellows…we love winter around here.

  82. 89


    Our Snow all melted away this week and there is a warm breeze coming and going. I can’t get too comfortable though. I chase away the blues today by CELBRATING my Birthday. It’s been fun to get all the phone calls and greetings on Facebook and my E-mail. My house is quiet since there is only Dh and I here now and that’s how I like it! No Blues in my house! A Bit of Pink on my Design Walll though… Thanks for your offer to help make one us increase our STASH. Hope it’s Me and you are almost up to $80 towards your charity too.

  83. 90

    Lisa says

    I found I feel better if I get anything accomplished. It could be big or small, just as long as I do something. Some times getting a small nap helps to reduce my stress if I’m feeling overwhelmed too.

  84. 91


    Quilting and Friends. I try to work on a project every day and I make more lunch dates with friends. And the biggest boost is when my quilting friends come over every Friday for charity quilting.

  85. 92

    Tricia says

    Send the kids to school and go shopping! We have had snow on the ground for 6 days. I’m in middle Tennessee. We are all about to go crazy. Thankfully school was in yesterday…. and I went shopping.

  86. 93


    We have so many birthdays and anniversarys in January that it is hard to be blue when you are always celebrating something.

    In fact my Birthday is Monday but I can wait till Tuesday to win my Village Mercantile Certificate!

    Hubby often gets blue during the winter when the sky is cloudy so we takethe dogs on a walk around the Nature Preserve, get on our bikes and ride the Mississippi River Levee or join friends like we did last night and LAUGH!

    My family is buried in a tiny cemetary in Kiln/Logtown MS, neither of which exist any more. But that is where I want to be buried! My dad hated the thought of having cows walk all over you, but I kinda like the idea!


  87. 94

    LindaC says

    We live in Minnesota during the summer and spend the winter in Arizona! Vowed before retirement to get out and away from the ice and cold–and we did! Miss our family and friends but not the weather!

  88. 95


    Reading blogs and looking for new recipes helps to keep your mind off the cold, unpleasant weather. I plan to make some new pot holders too – the simple kind that are practical but not a ton of work! I’m sure I have some attractive fabric that would look nice in a potholder.

  89. 96

    Cindy in NC says

    Starting a new project, even though I have lots of UFOs, always makes me happy. I feel like a kid getting away with something naughty.

  90. 97


    I chase away the winter blues by turning on all the lights then getting out my brightest fabrics and making a new quilt (or at least starting it). A cup of hot tea gives me energy to rock and roll to good music or a good movie. Shirley

  91. 98


    I am number 89, so it looks like you are up to $89!

    I try to come up with different things to do for our family. The occasional trip to the Y to swim, movie night, game night, plan for our garden, and of course quilting! Judy, you would be so proud of me! Now with my sewing room open to my kitchen, I am getting so many things done in the last few months. I don’t feel so shut off from my family anymore! I love it!

    One thing I try to do on the week-ends is go ahead and fix my hair and make-up, even if we don’t plan on going anywhere. I know it sounds odd, but it makes me feel a little more perkier than just schleping around in pajamas or sweats.

  92. 99

    Crystal says

    I bundle my 3 little kiddos up and we all go outside. Watching them play leaves only happiness and smiles.

    And while they play, I plan my garden.

  93. 100


    What a great idea! If I start getting down, I force myself to get with friends – for a movie, or dinner, or maybe even some sewing time. Watching a funny movie with the kids is also a good way to cheer myself up. Who can be sad listening to their belly laughs!

  94. 101

    Suzanne G says

    I will put on happy music and work on a project w/ bright colors! That usually does the trick. Or I will try and do a random act of kindness for someone. Great idea about the donation to the cemetery!!

  95. 102

    Kathy R in FL says

    I chase away the winter blues (or any blues, for that matter!) by working on a quilt. And if the one I’m currently working on doesn’t chase the blues away for some reason, then I start a new one!

  96. 103

    Sandy K says

    I find my self on the computer more on the gray days of winter. We bring home extra books from the library in case we do not feel like leaving the house. Try to working on my quilting using happy colors during the winter. We bake more also in the winter to bring in a little bit of extra heat and enjoy the goodies. Then on the days the sun is shinning even thought it is cold open all the curtains and let the sun pour in.

  97. 105


    Always glad to help out little churches since I know how they struggle (our church is a little church also).

    As for winter blues I chase them by drinking hot chocolate & either reading or working on a craft project.

    Like you, I hate to go shopping (although the book store is the one exception, as is, of course, quilt shops) so retail therapy is of no use for me.

    Have a wonderful day!

  98. 106

    Denniele says

    What a generous thing to do on both fronts….to chase away the winter blues…I find myself in the studio with the music up loud, snuggled up with a good book and a warm drink, or cuddling with my precious granddaughter. I never seem to notice the gray days when I am engaged in activity.

  99. 108

    Cher says

    While I don’t really suffer the blues as some folks do, I have a fairly stressful job and during snow days it gets a little worse. I drive a city transit bus. I always have some hand applique going and when I get home love to sit and stitch for awhile.

    Cher in BC

  100. 109

    pdudgeon says

    What chases away my mid-Winter blues? why the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, of course!

    you should come, Judy! Nothing beats standing in the lobby with hundreds of other women, counting down from 10 to one when the doors open the first day.
    I’ve been going for years, and i’ve already checked to see if my favorite vendors will be there again this year–yep, they will be there!

    and if all the fabric, notions, machines, books, and quilts aren’t enough, they also have yarn vendors there! See? two stash fixes for the price of one, and the single admission is good for the entire show.

  101. 110

    Nita Mazerac says

    To keep away the winter blues I start a totally frivolous book on my kindle, light the fireplace and have a chocolate bar and Diet Coke.

  102. 111

    Joan B. says

    I chase away the winter blues by cuddling up by a nice warm fire! You can’t do that in August!

  103. 112

    judy says

    Fabric shopping with a quilt friend. I had to run up to Paducah, Ky and pickup and deliver some quilts and I use Hancock’s of Paducah to meet my longarm customers. You can always chase away the blues when you combine business and pleasure. We managed a little business, a little shopping (just a few sales pieces) and lunch at Olive Garden. I had a smile on my face!!!!


  104. 113

    Elaine Heller says

    Winter blues are not a problem for me. I love the quiet times now, to re-organize, quilt and hopefully do some snowshoeing with my DH. Since we both still have full-time jobs, there just aren’t enough hours to do everything! Judy, this is the first time I have commented on your blog, and I want you to know how much I love it! Thanks for sharing with us.

  105. 114


    I make myself get off the computer and do something constructive! This is the first year we are true empty nest parents -both daughters live in different states. Plus our 12 year old choc lab died in July. I’m trying to stay busy. Quilt UFOs have been a big distraction!! Just got back from snowshoeing. A little exercise in 20 degree temps keep you moving 😉

  106. 115

    Ray says

    You are always so generous. Thank you so much!! When I get the blues (in winter or not – I live in CA), I usually read – first spending time with my blogs and friends I’ve never met. Then with a really good book – or one of those mind candy books – usually a fast paced mystery. Then there is always a book on my ipod with handwork – knitting or sewing. Heck, I like spending time doing those things even when I’m not blue. 🙂

  107. 116


    I chase the blues away by snuggling under one of my favorite quilts and taking a nap. What a slug I am! But I’m all toasty and comfy!

  108. 117


    The snow doesn’t give me the blues. We get snow so rarely here in GA that it is a big excitement when it snows. When it turns to ice like this week its not so good – the kids lost an entire week of school and I’m ready for them to go back so I can sew in peace. When I do get the blues, a fire, a good book, a quilt and a cat in my lap do wonders.
    The church is going to love that you are so popular!

  109. 118

    Zel says

    Winter blues are difficult for me…but now I’m retired and am the daycare for our grandkids. After we get the older 2 off to school, it’s time to focus on the 4 yr. old….what that little guy has done for my “blues” is amazing! How can I feel down when playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, doing little puzzles of “John Deere”, reading children’s storybooks or just getting lots of hugs?!

  110. 120


    Chasing away the winter blues? I love to read, so I always have a stack of good books at the ready. Fabric shopping on sunny winter days. Even looking through my fabric stash brings joy when needed. :o)

  111. 121

    quilterbee says


    I’m sick of the snow too and I’m ready for Spring. It’s cold but the sun is shinning brightly and I’ve been keeping myself busy by knitting and thinking about the three quilts that are at the quilt shop waiting for me to put borders on next weekend. I am content at home when it is cold outside but once in awhile I just have to get out for groceries and maybe a movie. I also like reading mysteries and reading my quilt books and magazines. I surf the net and check out the quilt blogs and the few online quilt groups I belong too. I really hate hot weather more than I do the cold weather but I dislike the snow more and more each year.

    It is wonderful the charities you give too.

    Thank you for the give away too.

  112. 122


    You are so generous! WHen I’m blue in winter or any other time, Iget out the bright colors and do a Yellow Brick Road (pattern by Terri Actkinson) for Project Linus. Makes me feel good! Hot chocolate and the computer, reading blogs is good, too. I like your blog and stop by every day!

  113. 123


    Grew up in Erie, PA and now live outside Detroit – winter has always been part of my life. I get tired of slogging through the snow, getting kids into and out of snow gear – but I remind myself I’d much rather deal with the known entity of snow than the uncertainty of living in tornado/hurricane/mudslide/earthquake-prone areas! When I need a little pick-me-up, though, I like to light a brightly colored, summery scented candle!

  114. 124


    Exercise and fresh air. I try to get out and walk just a little during daylight hours and that makes a big difference. Even if it’s bitter cold.

  115. 125


    I live in sunny Colorado, so even when it’s cold it’s mostly sunny. I don’t get the winter blues often, but when I do it’s always nice to start a fire in the fireplace, bake something that smells wonderful and read.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. 126


    I don’t usually suffer from winter blues, but I do start to feel a Spring itch right around Lent, during the run up to Spring.

    I usually scratch the itch by planning my summer garden – ordering seed catalogs and drawing up different planting schemes, etc. and in late March, I start my seeds indoors. ~ksp

  117. 127


    I had truly horrible SAD for years. Back then I’d go sit in the car when the sun was shining and do handwork–I thought the sunshine helped, although it didn’t help all that much. Now I know I was seriously Vitamin D deficient–which affected a lot of things for me, both mentally and emotionally. Now I check to make sure I have enough Vitamin D (a lot more than most people realize they may need), and I do something creative, usually quiltmaking even if I can squeeze in only a few minutes at a time!

  118. 128


    Luckily I don’t get the winter blues. I actually look forward to winter as a time to stay in my sewing room and work on projects. As long as we have a good fire in the woodstove and it is cozy warm, I’m happy.

  119. 129

    Diann Smith says

    Reading is my OTHER addiction. So on depressing dark and cold days I put on my minkie socks, get one of those HUGE Hershey bars w/ almonds and read the day away with my cats as sidekicks. They lay on my feet and keep me warm. And the big Hershey bar…just break off one column of five from it…keep the rest for ANOTHER icy cold day. I’m so thankful for being retired from teaching and not having to get out and drive to work in the ice/snow.

  120. 130

    Diane says

    I chase away the winter blues by dreaming of what I will plant in my garden in the Spring………….it always works for me.

  121. 131

    Jane says

    Ways to chase away the winter blues? Get out in it and take a walk. Exercise always improves your mood. Plan your spring garden. Buy some flowers. Quilt. Paint watercolor flowers. Thanks for having the giveaway, Judy!

  122. 132

    Ann says

    Buying a little bit of fabric and a couple of new patterns and making a new quilt is the best way to chase the blues away. I have been in a funk for a couple of months because the holidays this year were the first without my mom. I finally made a throw quilt a couple of weeks ago and that has gotten me going again!!

    Judy, like you I still need to get binding on my mystery quilt. Good for you that you have now done so!

  123. 133


    My remedy for the winter blahs is my crafts, my laptop and the occasional bake in a tanning bed. Ahhhhhhhhhh. 😀
    *yes I’m aware if the risks.

  124. 134


    Usually spending the day sewing and quilting and listening to music does it for me but lately, I NAP. A nap just feels like luxury to me for some reason. I can’t wait for the sun to start shining again!

  125. 135


    Did you notice how much blue there is in your photo. Nice..

    I keep myself busy with sewing projects, and hand quilting. And there’s not enough in the day. Tooo busy to get the blues.

    Thanks for the give-away. It’s fun.

  126. 136


    I’ve been chasing the winter blues away by working on small projects. It seems that if I can finish up a project it keeps me motivated to keep thinking of the next one. Lucky for you your winter will be up soon – I have to keep myself motivated well to the end of March and most years into April. Any sugestions of more small projects???

  127. 137


    Hmm…how do I chase away the winter blues??? I really like snuggling in and reading, sewing, cooking yummy things and eating yummy things. I guess I don’t get the winter blues! I do love finding a warm spot in the house where the sun is shining in and just standing there with the warmth on my face!

  128. 139

    ewellette says

    That is so nice of you to do on both accounts. I am trying to get some quilts layered and ready for quilting, and the one in the hand frame finished.

  129. 140

    Debbie says

    I chase away winter blues by being as busy as I can. I always have sewing quilting and reading to do. Friends to visit with…… I remind myself of how much I really do like the quieter pace of winter compared to the rush of summer.

  130. 141


    The more time I spend outside the happier I am. This is particularly hard right now when it is so cold and we only see the sun for a couple of hours, but I force myself to go out. I am loving snoeshowing right now.

  131. 142


    I chase away the winter blues in my sewing room. Its so foggy here in SW Idaho which makes it even worse. I look out my window and can’t even see my neighbors home across the street. If the sun would shine, it would not be too bad, but no luck. At least my sewing keeps me busy. Thanks Judy for your blog!!

  132. 143

    Sharlene says

    It’s a beautiful sunny, cold, snowy day in Minnesota. Gotta love it.
    I hope to be doing lots of quilting to chase the blues. Curl up with a book sometime this weekend too. Wonder which will win out.

  133. 144

    Marky says

    To keep the Winter Blues at bay, I head for my sewing room which a friend has nicknamed my Sanctuary. There I fondle fabric, work on quilts, browse through my many quilt books and magazines, work on a wrap project (coiled cotton clothesline wrapped with strips of fabric), or work on a variety of crafts. There’s also knitting and surfing quilt websites on the Internet to keep me busy if I’m not shoveling…we’re doing alot of that this Winter in NW Wisconsin!

  134. 145

    Sibyl says

    I guess I am lucky, never even thought of winter and the blues. I just put on happy music when I am feeling low. So glad that Speck is feeling better. I know you were scared over him. Take care.

  135. 146

    brenda says

    Well here in Canada the winter blues can last a long time but I find the best thing to do is get out in the snow, bundle up for a good walk. If the sun is shining it’s a peaceful walk and things always look better after.

  136. 147


    Go shopping. Nothing like walking into a store when the snow is blowing to see bikinis! But I know you hate shopping. I also like to get sewing and crank up the tunes. Something noisy and fast that makes me want to break out into dance always does the trick. Snuggling under a quilt with a book and an assortment of kitties (I have 5 and the longer I sit, the more I accumulate) works too, but then I feel a little guilty at sitting still for too long!

  137. 148

    Linda in NE says

    Talk about winter blues…..we’re having another gloomy day with some snowflakes coming down. Hope it doesn’t get too carried away. If I was at home I’d fix a nice big cup of chai in my very favorite mug with the snowmen on it and read a good book while I drink it. Maybe read some of my favorite blogs. Then maybe sew a little. Whatever makes me forget the weather

  138. 150


    Winter and all it entails has lots of good activities to keep the blues away ! I watch the radar for Iowa with fond memories ~ snow angels, big icecicles off the back of the shop used for home made ice cream, hibernating with rugs in front of the door You know youll have no company ! start of big projects ‘cuz you have the timw for them, Soups and fresh bread, cleaning closets, garden catalogs before a big storm. red noses, shoveling ‘cuz it get the blood moving , taing a walk and admiring the finer details of snow, frost, ice in a winter wonderland, Jammy days, Time to sit snuggle with a book, & tea.

  139. 151


    To chase away the winter blues it’s nice to build a warm cheery fire and curl up with a good book. Lazy days chase away any blues.

  140. 152

    Gloria Y says

    I try to make sure that I have lots of lights turned on and I enjoy working in my sewing room or reading a good book. I must have some project to work on, to keep my mind off the gloomy weather.

    Thank you for offering the give away!

  141. 153

    Susan Disharoon says

    What a generous offer! Chasing the winter blues usually starts by opening the window blinds to let in what sunshine is there. Then I change all the sheets on the beds (it makes the bedrooms smell fresh and clean). All the while, I have music playing that makes me think of good times, friends, family. It seems silly when I see it written out but it really does work for me.

  142. 154

    Kathie L. says

    I do a quilt project or two with spring fabric. Huge flowers or something like that. Especially during snow storms. Last year I made Winter Roses quilt and this year so far Winter Garden. Using all the spring fabrics makes it seem not so cold and yucky outside.

  143. 156

    SusanC says

    Laughter is the best medicine so I will watch a comedy, read amusing stories (your blog is a favorite source!) or get together with friends. I also find it helps to do something creative. Winter especially is a good time for me to try something new. Concentrating on learning a new technique, combining new colors, or just trying a new pattern is uplifting, and then the sense of satisfaction of accomplishing something usually helps chase away the blues for me.

  144. 157

    Sharon Brown says

    I chase the winter blues with cup of coffee and reading all the great blogs people write.
    Wish I enjoyed cooking like you .
    Sunny and a little warmer in my part of Ky.

  145. 159

    Kathy says

    I like to do spend a lot of time doing handwork with my Ott Lites. I really think the daylight-type bulb helps a lot during the winter. This time of year when it’s dark before 5 p.m. they really help me a lot. I’m with some of the other posters – when it’s this cold and snowy, I only leave the house for things I have to do!

  146. 160


    I open the curtains EVERY chance I get when the sun is shining! And on days when there is the dreadful snow outside it reflex even brighter inside. I also love to eat ice cream during the winter. Just snuggle up under a nice quilt and turn the tv on and eat away! And there is always a new quilt just lurking in any shadows just ready to be started. I think I start more quilts during this time.

    I need to see if you have shared your key lime recipe. I have been wanting to make one, but wanted to be sure I had a great recipe first. Seeing the kiddos leave is sad, but when you know they are coming back soon it helps alot!! This is a fine idea for the donation to the church. I hope there are many more comments.

  147. 161

    Pam says

    I love the winters here in northern Michigan. I can quilt to my hearts content and not feel guilty about not cutting grass or working in the garden or flower beds. My tough time is the after Christmas let down. It was rougher than usual this year as we dealt with too much sickness. Tonight (January 15th) one of our 3 kids is coming over with his family for Christmas dinner and exchanging gifts. I am excited to have them here. We celebrated Christmas with our daughter and her family on New Year’s Day, now one family to go as soon as they get healthy again. Between our 7 grandchildren, their parents, Papa and I we dealty with whooping cough, lingering colds and stomach flu. Hope it ends real, real soon.

  148. 162

    Jackie Warren says

    On a cold winter day with snow flying the best place to be in to my recliner, cover up with a quilt, drinking a cup of cappuccino and read a good book.

  149. 163

    Kynomi says

    I love being home, so I don’t really get the winter blues, but if I do, I just read your blog! Works every time.

  150. 164

    Helen says

    For me the 21st December is the watershed, after that the days get longer again in the northern hemisphere. The mornings still get darker for a few days after that, with the extra time going to the evenings. Now the mornings are noticeably lighter, it makes the cold days so much easier to take. Spring is on the way!

  151. 165

    Becky I. says

    Winter blues…hum…how do I get rid of them? I’m not sure I completely do but piecing a quilt, and/or listening to some good music sure does make a difference most of the time. Gift certificates to quilting shopps make a huge difference! Have a great day!!

  152. 166

    Sandy says

    I love to make a pot of soup or chili for supper. It gets dark so early, I start thinking about having that for supper as soon as the sun goes down. I think about it all day while doing my chores and hopefully, I have time to work on some of my quilting.

  153. 167


    I think that normally I chase away the blues with books and reading. I am starting to pick back up on my normal 6 books a month. And ice cream. Ice cream always makes things look better! 🙂

  154. 168


    I have been somewhat sick last two weeks which means I haven’t wanted to get out or do much of anything. So, Winter was passing by for without me caring. LOL. 🙂

    I get out when I can (and when I’m not sick). Even though it may be cold, I like to get out and about and take pictures whenever I can. This weekend is a huge bummer for me because it is not only cold, it is also rainy. So, I’m having a big time combating the winter blues. I decided to surf the web and the blogs and here I am. Soon, I will go into the guest/sewing room and cut up yet more fabrics to complete an UFO goal.

    I guess keeping busy keeps away the blues for me. Most of the time anyway. 🙂

  155. 169


    I get cozy with something crafty or a good book. Also, there’s nothing like a spring magazine with gardens to realize warm weather is coming. Oh yeah, I read cookbooks and cook. 🙂 Actually, I’m writing so you can through another dollar into the cemetery fund.

  156. 170

    liz says

    Go outside and do something in the garden, even if it is just walking around. Then, come inside, open a bootle of champagne and read.

  157. 172


    We don’t get a lot of messy winter weather here. We do get many dreary cloudy days which get old really quick. I cook when I get the cloudy day blues. I like to make comfort foods on those days.

  158. 173


    I really battle the winter blues. I am doing okay so far this year,but dreading February. I try to keep several lights on in my den/sewing room and try to get outside for awhile if the sun is shining.

  159. 175

    Kathy S. says

    I found that the one thing that helped me in sunny Syracuse NY(not) is to put the daylight light bulbs in as many lamps as I can. It helps to brighten my mood. The other things that help are to quilt or knit(I crochet) and listen to quilt shows or upbeat music. It helps too when the grand baby(6 months old) is here, as she sits in her high chair and giggles at her toys. She just brings sunshine with her, where ever she goes. Reading blogs and quilt books also seems to get me out of a funk.

  160. 176


    What a generous giveaway! One thing that brightened my day recently and put a smile on my face was looking out my window and seeing cute little birds on the feeder in our yard. It was everything was freezing and covered in snow, so I neglected to keep it filled for quite a few weeks. I promptly went out to fill it up and before long the birdies were back enjoying their feast. Such a simple thing, but we all were happy. 🙂 So nice of you to donate to a wothy cause too!

  161. 177

    Barb in KS says

    I knit, crochet, and quilt. I have one or more projects going in these 3 areas. I also read. It is nice to be creative in my nice warm home.

  162. 178

    Judy W says

    We are very late in taking down our Christmas decorations — we have so many and it’s so sad to see them go for one whole year! But to cheer myself up tomorrow I’m taking a quilting class — a beginner class on EQ7 as you have recommended. I am really looking forward to it! Judy

  163. 179


    My Hubby is a farmer…He is not very busy in the winter so we do a more. We visit friends, have people over for supper, go to the movies, visit family, watch TV even. Being he farms and I garden, there isn’t as much time in the summer so winter can really be nice for “normal” life. Of course, I quilt as much as I can because I know gardening is just around the corner and then quilting slows.

  164. 180


    I always look forward to Dec. 21, then I know the days are going to get longer. In Wisconsin it is cold from late Oct thru March, so we just put on more clothes and go for it. I love to curl up in my favorite chair in front of the fireplace with a book or a good movie. That’s heaven to me.

  165. 181

    greenduckie13 says

    I work on spring and summer projects. A nice spring quilt always brightens my day.

  166. 182

    Shelley C says

    Buy a fresh bouquet for the table…before you know it, there will be flowers up in the garden!

  167. 183

    Karen S says

    This week I went to a UFO day at my LQS, it was lovely quilting away as the snow fell. Shopping before coming home didn’t hurt either!

  168. 184


    SOUP, I cook soup. Lot’s of soup. I have Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Tortilla soup simmering now, at the same time I am boiling some chicken to make gumbo for tomorrow. That is, if the smoked andouille survives nibbling in the refrigerator.
    And then I quilt ~ ~ ~ ~

  169. 185


    I wasn’t going to post as it is almost dark here and I’m not exactly sure where you are! But the comment about the donation sealed the deal!
    I love to have a good book to read, some good food to eat and my daily glass of green tea(with sugar!)…oh, and a nice quiet peaceful clean house to enjoy while I’m at it. Right now the tv is blaring, DH is snoring, DS#4 is on the computer and the house is a mess. I can dream can’t I!!!

  170. 186


    I quilt. I get more quilting done in January, February and March than any time of year. Whole days to just plan and make all the projects I just dream about finding time for the rest of the year. Two weeks into the new year I have sent one twin size off to be machine quilted, finished two baby quilts on my UFO list and made another baby quilt from scratch for my new grandson. And I have two quilts on my board just waiting for my attention. Nothing better to do on a snowy day–and we have snowy days!

  171. 187


    I open my blinds and let the sun shine in. I put on my music and relax. Recently, I’ve started exercising, and that seems to be helping as well. I don’t want to take medicine unless I have to, so I’m doing everything I can to avoid it.

  172. 188

    Betsy says

    Make a point to go out with friends at least once a week. Lately we have been playing darts at the local watering hole. Lots of laughs help chase those blues away!

  173. 189


    Every single snow storm, no matter how big or small – I get outside with the kids and we build on to our snow family. Last year – with our huge storms (for NJ anyway) we had a snow family, a pet snow camel, and snow tunnels to sneak back and forth in (yes, big enough for mom to slide through) When it got too windy to play, we’d get inside the tunnels, I’d fill the thermos up with hot chocolate, and we’d spend some time just laughing end enjoying eachothers company.

  174. 190


    To chase away the winter blues I either knit or sew with the brightest colors I have in my stash. Cooking something really yummy in the crockpot until the whole house smells good, makes every ache go away when I come back into the house after shoveling.

  175. 191

    Lynn Wingard says

    Here in sunny Southern CA it’s bright and warm today. But we have more cold and wet winter weather ahead. On those darker days I quilt, read, or play on the computer more than usual. Call and visit with my daughters and my mom. Remembering past fun times is always spirit lifting. I think your donation to the cemetery is a wonderful idea. I hope we don’t bankrupt you. And thank you for offering the gift certificate.

  176. 192


    I stopped getting the winter blues when I started going to the gym regularly. It gets me out of the house and moving. Just spending a little time outdoors refilling the bird feeders or shoveling snow helps.
    A little fabric therapy never hurt either. Lol. Seriously though I used to suffer from the short, sunless grey days and despite wanting to make lots of quilts and quilt them every winter I just couldn’t get motivated. A little time on the treadmill and a few weight lifting sessions have saved me! I only go about three times a week but even two times a week is enough.

  177. 193


    For winter blues I have to work out as well. And if I can (at least on the weekend) I try to xc-ski or walk outside. Works for me – and then I can relax and sew…

  178. 194

    Mary Jo says

    I love watching the birds year ’round, but especially when it snows. They really flock to the feeders when finding natural food is difficult. And of course spending time enjoying your blog helps too!

  179. 195


    I’m one of those crazy people to like winter. When it starts to get me down a bit I sew something fun. I would love the gift certificate, because I know the Village Mercantile has lots of fabrics I would love to own.

    I am also commenting because I think it is important to honor our forefathers with a clean nice looking cemetary.

  180. 196

    Romonia says

    I’m usually too busy to have winter blues. Basketball is all time consuming right now, 3 kids playing. When they are home from school for extended snow days, I always make homemade yeast, glazed doughnuts for them. We are all happy then.

    I try to work on happy quilt projects during winter, bright helps. This year I am working on that purple sock. I should have made it gray because it just might fit DH instead of me.

  181. 197


    Judy, I am not bothered by the winter blues. I long for the warmth of summer, though. Any day spent in my sewing room is a good day indeed. I don’t even have to sew, just stay close to my sewing machine and all my fabrics and patterns. That always keeps my spirits up!

    Debbie in WV

  182. 198

    Melissa says

    I’ve never struggled with a serious case of the winter blues but I’m definitely less motivated and a bit lazier in the winter and for some reason feel restless. I live in California so we don’t have harsh winters but it can be cold, windy and rainy. I make sure that I go for a walk every day – no matter the weather. By the end of my walk I feel energetic and ready to take on the day.

  183. 199

    Carrie says

    Today, to chase away the winter blues, I invited 6 other young quilters to get together for a day of sewing. Some were brand new – didn’t even know how to use a rotary cutter – and others were more experienced! It was a great time, and we’re planning to meet again next month to keep working on our projects!

  184. 201

    Joan says

    On a cold day like today when its dreary and dark outdoors, I bake some bread, cookies or some other goodie, have some hot chocolate and then sit down at my machine and stitch the day away. (OK, I confess, had to do the laundry) No better way to brighten up a dreary day than to cut into some pretty bright fabric and start putting it together.
    AND today I had to round up stuff to use in a dyeing class. Our guild is having a workshop tomorrow afternoon and we will be dyeing 5 yards of fabric, I intend to make mine bright colors to brighten up the dark days we have been having. Hope everyone can stay warm as we are in for a week of below 0° nights and highs in the single digits or lower teens. Brrrrrr. but good sewing weather.

  185. 202

    Freda Henderson says

    I also fill up the birdfeeders extra full and spend most of the day watching them, reading a good book and bribe Lynn into taking me out to eat.

    Judy you are a very generous person to be doing this.

  186. 203


    Well, I certainly don’t need more fabric – that would just make my stash report more awful! But I wanted to leave a comment to raise by $1 your church donation! That’s a very unique way to do it, and I hope you get a million comments! 🙂 🙂 xoxo

  187. 204

    Richelle in Texas says

    Unfortunately for me I probably eat. Although I don’t think that I get the winter blues. I love winter. Being born and raised in Alaska, cold cloudy weather makes me happy!

  188. 205

    Jeanne Bancroft says

    I love to spend the day cruising the internet looking for warm weather vacation ideas!! That or on eBay shopping for GREAT bargains!! So, there you go… cha-ching!! $1 more!!! ;o)

  189. 206

    Tamara says

    I happen to love winter time. Then again I live in an area that does not get harsh winters. Plus I am happier in the cold weather rather than the heat. As someone who has had numerous surgeries, I actually feel better when it’s cold outside. I know it makes no sense but that’s me.

  190. 207

    Linda H says

    Living in semi-arid CA, I am always glad when the cooler weather and promise of showers brings an end to daily plant watering. When we get a long series of cloudy/gloomy days and cool temps discourage yard work, I find that daily exercise and lots of light are very important. The power bill goes up, but using the lights during the daytime helps keep my body in synch with the day/night cycle. Also, refusing to allow negative thoughts to capture my mind and filling my mind with positives… i.e, lists of blessings, beautiful music, lovely things to look at, good reading material, scripture, reaching out to cheer someone else, accomplishment (finishing a project), etc., goes a long way toward good mental health. I found all of this true when I lived in the long winters of snow country, too. It is interesting how some of us are weather oriented and others don’t even notice whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling. Each one of us is a unique treasure. Interesting question, Judy. How sweet to make the donation to the cemetery.

  191. 208

    Mariel says

    Well, I usually do a whole lot of quilting and blog reading. But this winter I am going to do a lot of my spring cleaning. I want all the walls in my kitchen, dining room, and living room washed and painted! I washed the kitchen down today and I am feeling it. I realized today that I’m just not as young as I used to be. 🙁 Guess I’ll get a good book and take it easy for a day or two.

  192. 209

    ida says

    Hey, Judy!!!

    Saw Weekend Quilts in the latest Quilter’s Newsletter (Feb/Mar 11) on page 52. 🙂

  193. 211


    I love to snuggle up in a nice warm quilt with a cup of hot spiced tea and work a crossword puzzle, then call a friend I haven’t talked to in a while.

  194. 213

    Darlene S says

    I see I’m too late for the drawing, but maybe my reply will add to the $ for your donation to the church. I usually don’t get to check the blogs until late in the day, so I guess I miss lots of good stuff. Maybe I should get up early with the chickens and do my checking BEFORE breakfast each day. 🙂 Dar

  195. 214


    I too missed the drawing as I live in England and the time difference means I am always behind or in front of you! Anyway I love your idea of a donation to the Church, and hope my 213 message will help.
    Cheer up tonic for winter days, nice music, hot white chocolate and a free day to sew.

  196. 215

    Mel Meister says

    Adding my reply for the donation. Living in Florida, we really don’t have any “winter blues”. But in general, to chase away the blues, I love to just look at my fabric. The bright colors are enough to make me smile.

  197. 216

    Karla says

    Judy, when I get depressed I will throw in a good movie one that makes me laugh and snuggle up to my four mini schnauzers and a cup of hot cocoa. This usually brings me out of the funk. I live in Texas so I don’t usually have to contend with snow although I do miss it at times but it has been raining and dreary here with bombing going on through the night and into the daytime. Yes I close to Ft Hood. So me and the pups are going to watch a good movie and enjoy the day I can knit while watching the show.

  198. 217


    I work out at a local gym do what I can limited a little… And spend time with grandchildren as well as am knitting socks thanks to you and my friend Yvonne!

  199. 218

    Kathy in GA says

    Hmmm, the winter blues? I try to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen over the holidays, as time then is pretty much taken up with my kids coming back into town. After that, lots of chocolate is involved…and a good book, and a new project!

  200. 219

    Eileen Keane says

    I get over the winter blues by connecting with friends and family if I can. Today, DH Mike and I are watching football. Go JETS!!!

  201. 220

    Pam K says

    Have a cup of coffee in the morning, maybe a cup of tea in the afternoon with my husband and smile at him. Makes me feel good.