Making Lemonade

Today is Chad’s last day with us before he goes back to school so I’m making homemade Butter Chicken.  Thanks Gwen for sending me a link to the recipe.  I had everything I needed except limes.  Chad was at work so I sent him a text and asked him to bring home two limes (I’m doubling the recipe so he can take some back to school).  He was working til 10 last night and I wanted to get it all marinating overnight.

They had no every day limes so he got a bag of Key Limes . . which I didn’t know they were part of the Eagle Brand lineup.   Do you know how much I love sweetened condensed milk?  As soon as I saw Elsie, I couldn’t stop thinking of a Key Lime Pie so I used the juice from 4 of the Key Limes for the chicken and juiced the rest of them for a Key Lime Pie.

Now folks . . that is even better than making lemonade from lemons!  I’m so lucky that Wal-Mart had no limes!  🙂


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    I love making pies with limes (or lemons) and eagle brand cond. milk! Glad it worked out for you! Hope you show the butter chicken and pies!

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    Doreen, Houston, MN says

    Key limes….yum! Brings back memories of our vacations on Key West, where there are more food items made with those than I ever imagined!!!! Will have to try the chicken recipe, also.

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    I LOVE Key lime pie. In fact I’ve been on a lime kick for about a year. Made Lime ice cream, cookies, and pie. (recipes on my blog) I’m dieting for 12 days and I think my reward will be lime bars…so good. Enjoy.

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    Demi says

    Hi Judy,
    I always have trouble getting an e-mail that goes through. Hope this one works.

    It’s that time of year again when we are all drying out. I thought I would try the hand cream recipe you posted last March. Just wanted to double check before mixing. The picture shows only one jar of vitamin E cream. The one I found is only 4 oz. and not 8 oz. Should I use two jars?

    Thanks, Demi


    I live in Ohio and am tired of shoveling snow. I know we won’t thaw out until May or June.

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    Richelle in Texas says

    MmmMmm, key lime pie sounds yummy! My family just loves that recipe of Butter Chicken. Even my pickiest eater will have some.

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    Gwen says

    I hope the chicken is good! I had just read your post about Chad buying the sauce. I would hope making it is less expensive. Key Lime Pie sounds marvelous! I love it and anything else made with Eagle Brand Milk. The lemon pie recipe on the label is my favorite lemon thing in the whole world.

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    Judy, America’s Test Kitchen has done taste tests on key lime versus lime and the tasters could tell no difference…so the recipes and limes are interchangable. (OF course the lime testers were northern Yankees and are not lime experts, but neither am I.)

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    Mary Beth says

    I will be there in time for dessert!!! My mouth is watering just thinking of Key Lime pie! Yum!!!

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    hey, judy, you made me smile when you said you saw ‘elsie’. i’m assuming you meant elsie the cow on borden’s label and that got me to thinking about her husband. do you know who he is? every school kid does – he’s elmer on the elmer’s glue bottle! weird the trivia a person retains… 🙂

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    You are so funny. I love condensed milk, too. When I was in college, I kept a can in the fridge and just ate a spoonful now and then. While I’d love it just as much now, I can’t get away with that any more! Where’s the link to your key lime pie recipe?