Tracking Grocery Prices

The more spreadsheets I have, the more balanced my life seems!  This will seem very anal to some but that’s ok . . it’s even ok if you tell me that it’s very anal.

I cannot remember grocery prices.  There are some things I love that I will buy no matter the cost.  There are other things I love that I will buy only if they’re on sale (Asian Pears!).  Often when we’re shopping, Vince will ask me if something is a good price.  I don’t know!  I save my grocery receipts only because I stick them in a drawer and when the drawer gets full, I dump them.  Last night I went back and dug out the receipts for this year and created a spreadsheet.  I feel better already!

This week our grocery store has a dozen or so items that if you buy the brand name, you get the store brand free.  Why did I buy canned tomatoes when I have a basement full of them?  Sometimes Chad wants to take groceries from home to a friend’s house to cook and I’m tired of saying “bring back my jars” so when he does this, I’ll give him a storebought can of tomatoes.

This is a Google spreadsheet so when I’m shopping, if I want to access it to figure out what I’ve paid for something already, I can do it from my phone.  Do I care if I forget to enter something?  No!  It’s kinda just for fun, just for reference and it’s not a record of how much I spend during the year . . if I buy more than one of something, I still only write one down or if I buy something and it’s the same price as it was the last time I bought it, I won’t write that down either because it’s just the price I want to know and then towards the end of the year, I can see if certain items have gone up (or down) in price.  Should be interesting to watch.


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    Jane says

    Judy, Are you familiar with the Southern Savers website? The wonderful woman who runs the site has a list of good “buy” prices for most items. Each week she identifies the best deals at various grocery stores as well as any coupons that apply. I’ve been following her and super couponing for over a year now and I’ve saved lots of money and tried foods I never would have considered before. Seems like prices sure are going up though, aren’t they?

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    If my Assistant didn’t take grocery receipts to doodle on, I’ve often thought this is a good idea… maybe I just don’t want to know!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Every week I take all the grocery flyers and sit down with them and circle the items we need and see who has the best prices. Then I do almost all my shopping at that store. I have a memory for numbers so I remember what is a good price and what isn’t. Last week I shopped at Safeway, I spent $111 and saved $98. They had really good bottom round roast beef for $1.79/lb. However, Safeway has different flyers for different stores and not all stores have the same prices on some items. I want to go back and get another roast before the flyer expires.

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    Oh, gosh, you need to come give me lessons in shopping. I ran into the market yesterday with one of those little carry baskets, filled it with ready to pop in the oven stuff and left. Maybe when I retire and have more time to comparison shop, I’ll take a different approach.

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    Looks like a great idea. I know a lot of couponing (is that even a word) people keep track this way. May I suggest taking the meat to a ‘per pound’ price. (unless you always buy 1.28 lbs 🙂 ha ha ha You never know, you may encourage more spreadsheet usage!

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    I got bone-in chicken breasts yesterday for $1.48 a pound. Not a bad deal for around my neck of the woods. Last week our brand of bread shot up to $2.97 a loaf. Not good considering we go through three loaves a week. Thankfully this week it went back down in price.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Well I do not expect the prices to go down…but it will be interesting as to how much the prices go up!

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    Wow great spreadsheet! I also went on! Awesome! I wish there was something like that for us here in NH!

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    Judy are you willing to share your Google spreadsheet? I’ve looked at their templates but didn’t see one like yours and I have no clue how to make one on there. I’ll investigate it a little further but I thought I’d ask before I reinvent the wheel! blessings, marlene

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    Fitzy says

    There’s an app my husband uses where he can scan a barcode and it will come back and tell him where, in the area, he can get the best price. Now he’s UPC crazy…and he loves the challenge. Thank goodness he does the shopping!