Design Wall Monday – January 17, 2011

Since last Monday, I’ve quilted three tops, bound two, added 6 borders to a top, knitting 1-1/2 socks, spent hours sitting with Speck, cooked, cleaned, got new glasses and made a few more yellow star blocks.

This is all the star blocks I’m going to make.  I’m not going to have enough yellow background to make the larger version; not to mention I decided to make one more quilt for the book so I need to get that pieced and quilted.   So, my yellow quilt goes from being about 80″ x 100″ to being about 60″ x 80″ and I’ll have a better chance of getting it done by the end of the month.

What’s on your design wall?


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    You’ve gotten an awful lot done since last Monday ! How’s Speck feeling these days? Still managing to keep him off the stairs, or has he moved the Amazon blockade !

  2. 4

    Doreen, Houston, MN says

    The yellow star is definitely a cheerful bright spot on a dreary, snowy Monday morning in SE MN!

  3. 9


    Love your yellow stars!! I am so enjoying Monday Morning Design Wall and I am combining it with the UFO Challenge, therefore I am getting twice as much done!

  4. 10

    Susan Torrens says

    Love the variety in the yellow stars. How is Speck feeling? It is hard to keep a daschund from doing anything it wants…..

  5. 14


    You did an enormous amount of work last week, it almost makes me tired even reading about it. Good for you!
    I really have to get myself a designwall instead of just laying stuff out in the floor, so I can participate.

  6. 15


    Just reading what you got done wore me out! I barely finished one applique block, but I am having machine issues…. that’s not really an excuse though. Send some energy my way Judy, I need it!

  7. 22


    Thanks for hosting, Judy. I am probably boring everyone to death with my little 9 patches, but the Monday posting have kept me motivated to trudge on. Posting makes it a little more fun to track my progress…slow as it is…there is progress!!

  8. 24

    mary says

    Like the yellow quilt Mine is still in the head stage Know what I want to do – not enough time or motivation to do it.

  9. 25


    I’m going to make a mini quilt for January yellows. Right now on my design wall is Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt “Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll”. I hope to finish it sometime this month.