That Darned Mail Man

It’s not like Vince really cares if I get new yarn but I’m at the point where it’s probably best that he not see any more yarn coming in the mail.  Know what I mean?  I’m loving my Hollygrove scarf and I want to make one for my friend.  The pattern takes about 2-1/2 skeins of the Madelinetosh Vintage yarn but what am I going to do with the leftover half skein?  That was easy!  I’ll just order 5 skeins and make one for myself in gray because I don’t want to wear a red scarf every day!  It’s way more gray than it looks in this picture.  It’s very pretty and will make beautiful scarves . . one for my friend and one for myself!

I’m not real happy with my red Vintage yarn because the dye just doesn’t seem to be saturated through the yarn and I’m getting lots of undyed areas showing but I love the twist and feel of the yarn and it gives great definition to the cables so I thought I would give the Madelinetosh Vintage yarn another chance before giving up on it.  The gray seems to be dyed  much better than the red.  Maybe I just got a bad batch of red.

I figured if I ordered the yarn on a Sunday, it would be shipped priority mail on Monday and would be here Thursday or Friday at the latest.  That was til it snowed and the mail got shut down at the Eat, Sleep, Knit post office and my yarn didn’t go out til a day or so late so it came on Saturday.  And, you know who is home on Saturday.  He didn’t say anything but I was all ready if he did!  I’m making Christmas presents early for next year.  Who can fault me for that, right?

And . . Eat, Sleep, Knit sent me a lotto card.  I think you get one with each order.

Scratch ’em all off and see what you win!

I got $5 store credit.  Can’t beat that.  Now I’ll have to order something else.!  Darn it!  🙂


  1. 1

    pat says

    You was lucky too win.
    I love your socks.
    I come to your blog about 3 times daily to see and read I have learned so much here.

    Thank you.

  2. 2

    Sarah B says

    I totally agree with your logic! Absolutely reasonable… I will have to remember it for the next time I order something my husband doesn’t agree with! The more you post about yarn and knitting the more I want to take it up again. My husband says I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head… that’s so sweet, isn’t it?!?! Nothing like a personal challenge to get me going! 🙂

  3. 3


    Sounds like knitters reasoning to me. Very pretty yarn. Someone sent me some beautiful yarn in three colors, but I can’t get into knitting, so I’m trying to decide if it’s enough to crochet a little shawl or something.

  4. 4

    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Pretty gray shade. Dang – my lotto card scratching fun this morning was a bust!! It just taunted me with the first two spaces I scratched being $100 credits. 🙂

  5. 6

    Bev in NC says

    Hubby insists he doesn’t care what I spend as long as I don’t have to pay credit card interest on it (which I don’t). That is, until I actually buy something other than food. Men!! Gotta love em.

  6. 7


    What grey colorway is that? I’m using Tern (DK) for my cowl and it’s kind of a blue/grey. There are a few spots where the grey didn’t saturate very well, but it’s hardly noticeable.

    I got a $5 credit also on my first lottery ticket. I’m going to wait until I have a couple accumulated and then send them in. Guess I’ll need to place another order to get more, but it’ll have to wait until next month. I’ve already spent my allotted budget (and then some) for this month. I’m also waiting for them to restock some of the colorways.

    Enjoy your new yarn.