2011 #1 Pair of Socks

Finished my January stash socks last night and I love them!

I had avoided using this yarn for the longest time because stripes just don’t thrill me but these do thrill me.  I kept wondering what they reminded me of . . not fruit salad (because what’s blue in a fruit salad?  Blueberries I suppose!  Don’t you love it when I answer my own question?).

They remind me of a snow cone!  There’s a mixed flavor that I get from our local snow cone stand that has green, blue and orange.  I cannot remember what they call it but now I’m going to want a snow cone every time I see these socks.


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    I love the bright colors! You finished so early you have time to make another pair.Lol I just finished a pair with the same yarn in blues, greens, and browns on 1/15/2010. I love this yarn, it wears really nice and if they accidently end up in the dryer they don’t felt!

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    Becky I. says

    I LOVE these socks! They make me want to learn to knit. A friend of mine told me a few days ago that she would teach me to knit. We’ll see if I can do it or not. She said I can’t start with socks though. : ( Why not? I always start with the hard stuff first.

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    Karen says

    Judy, love the socks, but how do you get the stripes to line up perfectly? I’m not having much luck with mine.

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    Linda (Petey) says

    Karen, right above, asked my question! They are so identical…how do you do that? LOVE the socks. Wish I could find my book so I could start a pair :(.

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    pdudgeon says

    i think that’s the best pair of socks i’ve seen here yet!
    you ought to enter those in the county fair.

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    Sandy says

    LOVE your socks, Judy. It is amazing how the toes and heels are matching (gorgeous shade of blue!) and the stripes all line up to match too. I need to get mine out again and see if I can finish. I am at the heel turning part….ugh!

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    Sibyl says

    I love those socks. Those colors are so pretty. You said sno-cones. To me it looks like Indian Corn. Still very pretty. Wish I knew how to knit.

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    Wonderful socks! I LOVE the self-striping yarns. I have a couple of pairs and they are my favorites to wear.

    I am almost done with my January socks (working on the cuff now) and then I can try out the new no-heel-turn technique of Cat Bordhi. I have been drooling over that book since it came in last week, but won’t let myself cast on a new pair until I get this solid-black-and-boring pair off the needles. PLUS, I don’t have an extra set of needles this size. That helps keep me in check.

    Happy knitting!
    Kat in Tamale Land

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      bcinindy says

      I began sock knitting around Memorial Day and have made about a dozen pair. I made a pair for my 94 year old father-in-law for Christmas and found out this weekend that he loves those socks so much that he wears them constantly. So much so that getting them laundered is an issue. He has health issues with his feet and legs and the hand-knit socks are the only pair he has that he finds comfortable. I am planning a new pair for him and found that keeping notes about my knitting really helped me here. I don’t need to make another swatch because I bought the same yarn in another colorway and I know which pattern I used on the first pair because I kept notes as I knitted.

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    Linda in NE says

    Just love the colors in those socks. They remind me of bright summer days when all we’re having is gloomy, gray, cold ones.

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    Great striping and good for you getting them done…are you starting on something new so Speck will have his knitting buddy nearby?

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    Darlene S says

    Beautiful socks — and the length oft he top is so nice. I prefer my upper portion a bit taller than most patterns show. Well I can’t brag about my socks (still at 1″ on needle), but I did finish my January quilt and am working on Feburary one. if my knitting turned out as well as my quilting, I’d have my socks done! Right! 🙂 Dar in MO