Footprints Tell the Whole Story

Lots of fresh snow!

It’s so pretty and so white and so clean!  But, dang it – it’s cold out there!

I wish the snow could stay perfect and white.  It cannot stay perfect –  we must go out and tend to the chickens and leave big, ugly bootprints in the snow.  First, I go out and put food and fresh water in the run and I check the food and water in the coop and I open up the coop so they can go out if they want.  Later, once the sun is up and it’s warmer, I go back out and turn the heater down and gather eggs.

A couple of hours later I go back out to check for eggs again because I don’t want them to freeze.  Then I notice something! I’m the only one who’s leaving the comfort of home and going out into the snow.

Do you see any chicken prints where they walk?  No!  They’re inside.

They have no intention of leaving the warm coop and going out into the snow.  They think I’m nuts for even suggesting they go out.  I heard Ruby saying to the others — Be nice to her!  It’s really cold out there but somebody has to get out in it and take care of us!

Does it seem right to you that I’m the one making multiple trips out in the snow to take care of them and they have no intention of going out in the snow?  It’s alright . . they can stay inside and lay eggs and as long as they’re not aggravating each other, I don’t care if they stay in or out.  But you can bet that if I didn’t go out and open the door, they’d be chomping at the bit to get outside.


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    Yes, I love to see the fresh snow with no tracks or anything. But, it doesn’t stay that way very long. There’s always something we have to do.

  2. 2

    shirley bruner says

    i’m with ya, Judy…i’m the only one to leave my house, too. i made tracks for 1/10th of a mile to go to the studio across the road. and i went out when i got up and threw more wood in the woodstove. it was nice….it was pretty….now it can all go away. LOL

  3. 3

    Barbara says

    I’ve been out in the snow too…I filled several buckets with it and brought it in the house to do some snow dyeing….I love snow dyed fabric!!


  4. 4

    Donna in KS says

    You are too funny, Judy! You gotta’ know Ruby and her followers love you too…they must be laying a few eggs for you to keep checking.

  5. 5


    That’s about the only time I like the snow…when there are no tracks in it. Unfortunately, as soon as it’s over it’s time to start plowing everything out.
    I do have a really neat picture of the tracks our dog made after a pretty big snow. It almost looks like a little kid out there wandering around. He goes to the creek, across it…back again…up through the field, back to the house…to the creek again. I always wonder what he was after that day! Probably just following his nose!

  6. 6

    Diane in CA says

    I would be moving that coop right next to the house for the winter.. and putting a doggie door or a little garage door opener that I can push the button from the couch. Those chickens are so lucky to have you. And all of you in the snow have my sympathy! Brrrrrr!

  7. 10

    Doe in Mi says

    Thanks for the laugh this mornin’. Cracked me right up. Sounds like a love -hate relationship to me.