Does This Look Like Bread?

You know that my husband cannot pass up anything on sale.  If it has a markdown sticker, he gets it.  Pens, pencils, clothes, electronics, food, band-aids, tooth brushes . . after Halloween or Valentine’s when candy is marked down . .  oh, I wish he would stop that!

Bread is one of those things that he cannot pass up.  Yesterday when he was home at lunch, he said he was going to Wal-Mart after work.  Do you need anything? I told him no but . . please do not buy bread! I was going to make bread.  When Vince buys bread, he knows it aggravates me because I make all our bread so he makes sure that he eats the bread he buys so I don’t complain about it going bad and then . . the bread I’ve made goes bad because he was eating the storebought bread and not my homemade bread.  (We don’t have much to argue about around here, do we?)  🙂

So, he promised me he would not buy bread at Wal-Mart.  I ground the wheat and made bread.

Vince loves the crusty bread from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book so I was making that for dinner.

And then . . Vince walks in with this!

This is what he cannot pass up!

He cannot pass up that “Reduced” sticker!  He said “I didn’t buy bread!  This is Ciabatia Rolls! I don’t get it!  Either he wants homemade bread or he wants marked down, fixing to expire, bread from Wal-Mart.

What am I going to do with him?  The chickens don’t get yeast bread or I’d go feed some of it to them.  All I have to say is . . he’d better not ask for biscuits for breakfast this weekend.  It’s going to be toast . . and sandwiches . . till it’s all gone!  🙂


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    I hear you. I live with a garage sale/thrift shop junkie and you cannot imagine what he brings home.

    So, cut up the rolls into cubes and dry them, and then you can freeze them for stuffing.


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    Elaine says

    I’ll send you some labels so you can send your fresh baked bread to me. We’ll eat it and never buy from Walmart again….promise.

    Darn Vince, has fresh homemade bread we would all die for, and he buys Walmart reduced….. where is his head??

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    I wouldn’t make anymore bread on a regular basis for awhile—and let Vince eat Walmart sale bread/rolls. He obviously likes “sale bread”. I will say those Ciabatta rolls are good. I’m sure it has something to do with his Italian heritage, the name Ciabatta and that they were on sale! :o)

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    hide your homemade bread….it’s just for YOU. serve him his walmart bread. the man has a serious problem. i’m surprised you still keep him. LOL

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    trina says

    Aren’t men interesting? The quote “Opposite attracts” seems to fit here. If wife say no, that means “Yes” to the husband. That is the only explanation I have come up with when it comes to the male unit. LOL.


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    I agree with several of the others. Don’t make homemade bread for a bit. Make him ask where it is. Tell him there’s no need to make homemade when he buys store bought. Don’t want to be wasteful, right?! Maybe you can wean him. I know it will be harder on you. Homemade is so much better!

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      None of us like bread that has been frozen. It’s ok for bread pudding ir dressing but not for sandwiches or toast.

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    That kind of thing drives me nuts too…only I’m probably the one who would do it! Why don’t you give the chickens yeast bread? I don’t give my chickens much bread but I have occasionally given them some ends when they are stale etc. The chickens love bread! So if it hurts them I’d like to know.

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    My DH will not eat homemade bread. He likes the white mooshy stuff. I love to bake and think there is nothing better than homemade bread. But take him to a local restaurant and he’ll order their homemade bread anytime. Go figure…..

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    But they’re ciabatia rolls — you can’t pass those up on clearance! They’re absolutely not the same thing as regular bread, even home baked wheat bread.

    Am I not supposed to be feeding my chickens yeast bread? Oops!

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    My family likes to sneak store bread into the house when I’m not looking. I went so ballistic last time it happened, though, that it’s been quite awhile.

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    Cindy in NC says

    Would you like me to pass along my favorite bread pudding recipe? It’s from my Levee Lagnaippe II cookbook, only I add coconut to make it even better. My husband and kids, who’ve inherited some of The Professor’s strange Yankee tastes, don’t care for it so I usually only make it when my Louisiana relatives visit. Better yet, you could come here, Judy. I’ll make bread pudding and you can help me with some of my UFO’s. Don’t forget to bring Speck and Ruby!

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    Chris says

    My husband like homemade while still warm. Other than that he won’t eat home made. I prefer a homemade bread and I just have given up and buy the store stuff. Now he can’t eat and I think I am going back to homemade. I don’t have a bread machine. I have a neighbor that likes homemade so make a deal with her to use the extra loaf. Chris

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    We got a bunch of ‘old’ bread from a farmer we sell hay to who gets it from Walmart to feed to his cows (my in-laws used to get reject candy from Hershey’s to use the same way!-Milking cows was never so enjoyable!)Anyway, he gave us a bunch and I used some of the bread to make my stuffing at Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was the best we ever had.
    But I understand your frustration! If we had to choose, we would take the homemade hands down!

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    Marge Davies says

    I also make the bread we are suppose to eat but my husband likes to buy a loaf of white bread every so often. I try not to take it tooooo personal.

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    If you don’t want him to buy anything….you need to lose the credit card, checkbook and cash from Vince’s wallet!!!!…..yes I have lost my husbands wallet on occasion……

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    Sharon says

    If he promised you he wouldn’t buy any bread, I don’t understand why he would have been near enough to the bread isle in WalMart to even see the “reduced” sticker on the package.

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    I think it is a man thing…. tell them don’t and they do. Since we sold the house and moved into the RV full time I have told Tom do not buy anything without checking with me first as we have multiples that we need to use and we don’t have any extra space in the rig. He has bought tooth brushes, peroxide, body lotion….. We have extra of all this stuff. I say why didn’t you ask me first. “I forgot”, he says every time. What can you do?

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    Doe in Mi says

    This is totally hilarious. I just hope the single gals aren’t getting to discouraged.