Pressure Cooker Repairs

I love my Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers and they’re always the first ones I use but I really like my Presto 100 Anniversary 6 quart cooker and this model is no longer being made.  It was their 100 anniversary model and I am so happy that I got this pot, without even knowing how good it is.  It’s stainless (my older pot is aluminum) and this one has the quick release feature.

A while back, I noticed that it wasn’t building pressure like it should.  I ordered a new gasket and changed that but it still wasn’t building pressure.  I could see steam leaking from one side near the handle.  I took the gasket off and cleaned everything and put it back on.  It still wouldn’t build pressure.  I inspected every section of the lid, handle, gasket and couldn’t find anything that appeared to be wrong.  I decided it must have something to do with the handle locking mechanism since the steam seemed to be escaping near the handle.  There are metal parts in there and our water is so bad . . it ruins everything . . so I ordered a new top and bottom handle.

There were screws and springs and washers and I knew I could change it but I enlisted the help of “Mr. Fix-It”.

I’m explaining to him that I really love this pot so please don’t mess it up!

He was taking his job very seriously.  He was probably thinking that if he didn’t get that pot fixed, he might not get dinner!  🙂

Mission accomplished!  The pot is no longer leaking steam and is building pressure just as it should.  Thanks, Vince, for fixing my pot!


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    🙂 Hi Vince, nice to see your green shirt & smile again!
    Judy, thanks for the Speck & chickens update too. I used to come here just for the quilting fix, lol.

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    pat says

    I have the presto 4 and 6 quart cooker I really like them.

    About a month ago I thought I seen your husband in Walmart In Pennsylvania. This person had on his color of shirt and the same crocs. He even smiled like your husband Vince. So it is true we have twins in ours lives.

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    Sandy says

    Good to see Vince again in his green workshirt. I think he can fix about anything. (Remember the tv?) You definately have a keeper, Judy.

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    What a lucky gal to have a fix it man right there. Mine fix things when the threat of no food is offered as well LOL –

    Have a great day!!

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    I’ve always told my daughter ” Be sure to marry a man that can fix things.”
    My husband is so great at fixing just about everything. He is worth his weight in gold.

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    I’m seriously thinking of investing in a pressure cooker. Then when it’s an hour till supper and I don’t know what to cook…!
    My DIL has one but I don’t think she’s used it yet.
    It’s too bad Vince is so camera shy!

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      I am sure that Judy and I agree that getting a pressure cooker will help relieve the pressure on you when it comes to making dinner. It’s pretty amazing what you can do in just 1 hour.

      I have been testing recipes for my upcoming pressure cooking cookbook and while I was doing it, I was actually wishing that it wasn’t so easy. In just a few hours, I could crank out way-too-much food for my 3 person family. I had to freeze and give away a lot of it.

      I always cook extra so that it’s there when I truly don’t want to cook at all.

      I hope that you step into the PC world.

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    Lillian C. says

    Love the first picture of your husband. Thanks for sharing your adventures in pressure cooking!

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    Rusty Miller says

    I too can fix about anything. My problem is I tell my wife I’ll have it fixed in 30 minutes, 2 hours later and 2 trips to Lowe’s and it still not fixed. She has come to expect this when I say ” it won’t take anytime to fix that dear” 🙂


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    Weed says

    Glad to see that Masters Degree in Engineering provides some practical application!!! Way to go V.D.!!!