Cold Feet

Every winter there’s an ongoing battle at our house about turning off the ceiling fan.  I like to leave it on 24/7 year round but . . not this year.  For some reason, I have been colder than usual this year.  We keep our thermostat on 62 at night and up until this winter, that’s been fine.   My feet have been freezing and sometimes I do sleep in socks but most of the time, I think I don’t need the socks when I get in bed and then I wake up during the night cold and don’t want to get up and get the socks.  Don’t you wish everyone’s problems were so small and easily fixed?   🙂

Even though I’ve had two friends who have had fires caused by electric blankets, I was desperate enough to think of getting one.  When I was a kid, we always had electric blankets and didn’t take very good care of them and they were fine but with Speck in bed and constantly licking his feet, I was kinda scared to get an electric blanket.  I asked on Facebook if my friends thought they were safe and, as with most everything else, about half of the comments were definitely yes and about half of the comments were definitely no.

Suggestions did include flannel sheets and a down comforter.  So . . I was so tired of being cold all night that I ordered flannel sheets and they arrived yesterday.  Because I do not like to fold sheets and I only like sheets that are fresh off the line, or this time of the year —  out of the dryer (not having been stored in a cabinet), I only have one set of sheets for each bed.  I wash them and then put them back on the beds.  No folding, no funny smells.  But now . . for our bed, we have two sets of sheets because we have new flannel sheets.

I put a quilt on top and then the down comforter.  I can’t remember the last time I had anything on a bed other than a homemade quilt!

And because I couldn’t bear to look at that storebought comforter, I put the quilt on top of it.  And, I added the third quilt at the foot of the bed.  I’ve been using that one too but shouldn’t have to use it with the flannel sheets and the down comforter.

And, if all that doesn’t work . .

I finished my sleep socks.  They’re called “Heelless Sleep Socks” and they’re basically just tube socks.  The yarn is Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite.  It’s 60% alpaca, 20% merino wool and 20% nylon – super soft and super warm!  Too bad they look like green snakes!

If the combination of flannel sheets, down comforter and alpaca socks doesn’t work, I’m afraid I’ll have to crank that thermostat up a little.


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    Your bed looks so comfy!!!

    My hubby hates “weight” in bed. We sleep (year round) with just a sheet and a light weight blanket. I have quilts to fit the bed, but he says, “It’s too heavy!”. Silly man!

    Have a wonderful day!

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      How funny, hubby and I are just the opposite. We love additional weight on the bed. It’s that sensory stuff, ya know? Deep pressure (extra weight) helps a lot of people sleep better.

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    Patricia L. says

    You are probably cold because you lost weight. I lost about 30 lbs. last year and have been colder than usual this year – but I still get too warm about halfway through the night to stay under the covers. My husband has a quilt on his side of the bed and wears socks on cold nights. This winter is the first time in years I’ve needed more than a sheet.

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    pdudgeon says

    well, i always wear socks to bed to keep my feet warm, and we keep the house at about 68 degrees at night.
    I also sleep under a quilt and a cotton blanket as well as using regular cotton sheets. But in Winter when it’s really cold, i switch to a double-sided flannel quilt, add a wool blanket (or two) to the mix, and an afghan at the foot of the bed.

    I also use a heftier weight batting with an R rating of 3.5 for my Winter quilts, and a lighter weight batting for my Summer ones.

    Layering everything with different 100% natural fibers that breathe is the key to keeping warm without being too hot.

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    bev/mo says

    I feel your pain! We use flannel sheets, a down comforter, and a heated mattress pad…. Finally, Im warm!

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    Carol says

    Does Dr. Pepper contain caffeine? I’ve found that the more caffeine I drink during the day, the warmer I am in general, especially at night. Could be another reason why your not as warm at night.

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    Karen says

    I have to say I’m sweating just reading about all the quilts/covers on your bed! But, on the other hand, when my feet get cold I can’t seem to warm up. We keep our house at 65 or lower at night too. You might want to take a look at electric mattress covers – I used one at a friend’s house and it was wonderful. It’s over the mattress and under the bottom sheet so I don’t think you’d have an issue with Speck. Turn it on 30 min. or so before you go to bed and you’re bed will be toasty warm when you crawl into it.

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    I’ll second the electric mattress cover. I have used one for years, along with flannel sheets, a quilt and a comforter. I sometimes have to wear socks to bed. I also have a very narrow quilt that I put on my side of the bed because hubby is a lot warmer than I. Since I am allergic to feathers, I do not use down. The thermostat in our house here in Colorado is set for 59 at night.

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    Skip the electric blanket thoughts and go right to the heated mattress pad!!!! Flannel sheets are fine to begin with but found that they don’t feel the same after a few washings and the feel of a good quality cotton sheet is what I’m after. Now those are just my thoughts. I just turn the mattress pad on so I have a warm bed to crawl into and then I shut it off. I don’t like alot of weight on me while sleeping so the sheet and one quilt is all I use and we have a spare quilt that hubby uses over him since he needs more. It’s interesting to me that people get cold feet because mine are always warm and sticking them out in the cool air feels so good.

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    CindyC says

    Yes it is a fight to stay warm. We would not be able to sleep with all that weight. We broke down this year and got an electric blanket. How wonderful to get in the bed at night and it is not freezing. I used to just get the sheets warm and then turn off the blanket. Then one night, it was warmer in the day so the quilt came off and we just had the electric blanket on. It got cool and I turned on the blanket. I slept so good that night. No weight on me and I was warm. I only set my blanket on the lowest setting. Now I sleep with it on all night and if I get hot, I turn it off. Best purchase we made in a long time.

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    Liz says

    I agree with the heated matress pad and using it to warm up the bed. Mom loved hers but could only use the lowest temp, since it does get very toasty. There are some that turn off after a period of time as well as two controls so you can have it at one temp and Vince can set his at a different temp.

    You may want to get a polar fleece blanket to try in the mix. During the winter I use flannel sheets, a polar fleece blanket and then a quilt on top.

    I also avoid the weight issue by getting using a polar fleece blanket that is a size smaller so it is not draping over the edges. Easier to stick out an arm or a leg to cool off.

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    Sarah B says

    We use an electric blanket to get the bed warm and then “typically” turn it off. We use cotton sheets and a polyester comforter (I’m allergic to feathers) during the winter (quilt and sheets during the summer). Lately, however, I have taken to leaving the electric blanket on OR adding another comforter! I second the idea that losing weight makes you colder because I have been losing weight and I just can’t stay warm. The temp in the house is 68 at night and 73 during the day.. it’s perfect, normally.

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    Ronda says

    Go for the heated mattress pad! Loved mine until this winter…can you say menopause? Wow! I never knew I could be so hot. I’ve always been cold-blooded. I have also purchased a heated throw and put it at my feet only. Cold feet – warm heart!

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    okay, so i’m a throwback to the 70’s….we still have a heated waterbed! i would get a regular bed in a minute, but dear hubby absolutely loves this bed. he’s tall and it’s the only bed he’s ever slept in where his feet don’t hang over the edge. he thinks it has helped with his circulation in his legs and feet too (diabetic). anyway, that being said, my bed stays pretty toasty because it’s heated to begin with but then you factor in a couple labradors and it’s plenty warm! i have layers of quilts on the top, last count was 5 i think.

    about the electric blanket… i have one in the front room that we use while watching t.v. it is so toasty and warm, it just warms you all the way through! absolutely love it. we have used it for years, washed it just fine, and have not had any problems with it… knock on wood!

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    Debbie says

    I will say that the heated mattress pad is the answer, I turn it on about 30 minutes before I go to bed, and turn it off when I get in. The warmth is so calming and wonderful. We do use flannel sheets and one velux blanket I fold the quilt at the bottom of the bed. Occasionally when it is very cold I may turn the heat on during the night, but usually not. And with the dual controls it is just fantasic.

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    I’ve had electric blankets since I was 8 years old, with no problems. Just make sure you get dual controls!
    My feet have been cold recently, and my cardiologist has ordered an ultrasound. The pulses in my feet are nice and strong, but he said sometimes there’s an issue with the little arteries, and I’d just have to live with it. That’s fine, as long as I know everything is OK>
    My daughter has an electric blanket and has 2 mini dachshunds that sleep with her all the time. Whiskey licks his feet constantly, except when he’s licking Toast, and it’s never been a problem. The problem is getting Whiskey out of bed in the morning!
    Stay warm!

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    Linda says

    I am always cold…so I have 2 quilts on the bed, along with the flannel sheets and a blanket, and then one quilt folded over the end of the bed that can be easily folded up during the night. Some nights I feel weighed down by those quilts…but oh so toasty, some days it is hard to get out of bed…I don’t make socks but I have cosy ones…also on standby just in case!

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    Diann Smith says

    Judy check out MATRESS WARMERS. They fit over the mattress and you have the heat under you and not the weight/heat on top. We just have a sheet and quilt on the top. Some have dual controls if you and hubby don’t think the same as to how warm it needs to be when sleeping.
    I’ve slept under an electric blanket or a mattress warmer for over 40 years and never had the first problem. I think problems may come from users not following the directions on how to care for/clean electric blankets.
    No ceiling fans for us in winter even though they can move warm air.
    I hate being cold. I spend most of the summer out on my deck reading because husband wants it super cold in the house and I keep catching colds. So out I go by 11 a.m. or so and don’t come in till near five most days. And I wear long sleeves and sweaters when inside. Can’t wait for summer to come..It’s ONE degree in my city today and I’m feeling it.

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    Bless your heart….uhhhh, I mean feet! My daughter-in-law can’t sleep with cold feet, so she has a heating pad under her feet at night. There are heated socks out there, too. I looked at them for Christmas, but can’t remember what kind of batteries they use. Have you googled it?

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    Doe in Mi says

    What you need is a pair of those new fangled pajamas that are ever so fuzzy and soft inside and outside. I’m one of those “brrrrrr” kinda people and those new p.j.’s are just keeping me so cozy. Almost to warm in bed. Love them. And they are on sale now – getting rid of the winter stuff already!

  20. 20

    Marilyn Smith says

    I am really cold all the time, especially after losing a good amount of weight. (Still more to go). We live in the So CA desert and boy do I have night sweats in the hotter weather, even with the AC on. Now, we keep the house at about 70, I am wearing jeans, a sweater and a fleece jacket in the house all the time. Wear socks with my tennies or crocs. We turn the heat off at night. We have an electric blanket – dual control – that we love. I set mine higher than dh. Love the bed being warm when we climb in. Just a sheet and a very light weight blanket over the electric blanket.

    Hawaii is going to feel so good! Our temps have been great the last 10 days of so but I still can’t get warm. DH is back in shorts and a t-shirt!

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I think you are going to find yourself “very” warm. I like to sleep in a cold room, my ceiling fan is going. I have the fan on to circulate air. I just cannot sleep in a stagnate room. I like to pile on the blankets (or whatever). The problem is they can get heavy. Living in the north for so many years, and from my experience, I think you will find your flannel sheets and your comforter will help alot. I have a feeling you will be peeling some of those covers off. Oh it is 27 degrees this morning, where is our tropical weather???? Stay toasty…………..

  22. 22

    Freda Henderson says

    Judy we run a fan year round, though it is on low in the winter. We use an electric blanket and it is 15 years old. Hope you satyed warm last night.

  23. 23


    We have a mattress warming pad. We preheat the bed before we get in, and turn it down to low or off while we are sleeping. We have cotton sheets, two woven cotton blankets and a lightweight fiber/down comforter on the bed. Our house is cool to cold at night. My husband has poor circulation in his feet and wears socks to bed. They help a lot. Your socks look perfect for what you are experiencing with cold feet. It has been a “cold year” even here in No. Calif. Do whatever you need to get comfortable. I hope your flannel sheets help too.

  24. 24

    CathiHarry says

    Love my flannel sheets! I also sleep with two cats so they help keep me warm. One snuggles up close to me & the other at the foot of the bed. Perfect.

  25. 25

    WiAmy says

    Sometimes a very hot bath is what will warm me up! I can’t sleep if I’m over or under heated. I have to start out the night at a normal body temp or I can’t sleep. If the bed gets too warm or cold at night, I wake up and have to adjust the amount of covers. Also the weight of the blankets bother my feet so I have to have large lap quilts around and socks! If you don’t like flannel sheets (some of them pill and I don’t like that), try jersey knit sheets. They are soft and warm. For me, I prefer crisp regular sheets best with knit coming in second! I prefer cotton over poly, but some poly content does increase the warmth factor. The newer mattresses can also be very warm, but the problem is they are warm all year!

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      WiAmy says

      ***I forgot to mention, that you could always make a pieced cover for the comforter (duvet)!

  26. 26

    Marla says

    I am thinking about a heated mattress pad as well. My sister has one and swears by it. I think I could tolerate that with all my hot flashes better than an electric blanket. My DH could sleep under 15 quilts and still complain of being cold. He just drives me nuts with it. Looks like an eskimo under there!

  27. 27


    I have two afghans and two quilts. Hubby just has a sheet and a STORE bought blanket. For shame! I’m almost finished with his quilt 🙂 Then he will be happy too. We turn off the heat here in California at night. That’s why I have to have so many covers at night. My 6 year old only sleeps with an afghan with lots of holes in it. He says, he doesn’t need covers if he is wearing his pajamas! That boy is only 40 pounds and nothing but skin and bones. Takes all of his energy to keep him warm at night. I think I have found the perfect weight loss program!

  28. 28

    Mary Jo says

    Several years ago I ordered flannel sheets from Lands End and could not be happier with them. They still have the wonderful feel they had when we first got them and they keep us oh so toasty all night long. My other warmer is our little Morkey (part maltese and part yorkie). In fact last night I had to move her away from me because I got so hot! She was not impressed! Good luck with keeping warm!

  29. 29


    I keep some bed socks tucked in the side between the matrass and the boarding so I do’nt have to get out of bed to put them on.

    In Holland you can change a switch on the ceiling fan to reverse the direction. In the summer it blows, and in the winter it moves the warm air (that always goes up) back down.

    Maybe you can use that too?

    Enjoy your day,


  30. 30


    Flannel sheets, flannel nighty, woolly socks (that you can hide in the pillow case so that you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night and find them) down comforter in a flannel duvet. We are talking warm here. And my night time temp is also at 62.

    It also helps that I sleep with a human radiator. Why are men so warm all the time? It’s great in winter, but in summer, yech.

  31. 31


    Judy, we have an automatic thermostat and our house temperature goes down to 60 at night. Because I’m hypothyroid, I’m often cold during the winter–the upside is that I’m often grateful that I generate my own “power surges.” We us a flannel sheet on the bottom, percale as a top sheet (because then it doesn’t stick to our nightclothes), followed by a thermal blanket for the coldest nights, then a down comforter in a duvet, followed by a quilt. As long as my feet are warm when I go to bed, I’m okay.–Even with throwing off the covers several times a night during “power surges.”
    I’m sure other combinations work for other people, but this one works for us.

  32. 33

    Gwen says

    The heated mattress pad has worked well for us. After many, many years on a water bed that stayed warm it has been the best solution. I do have it under my regular mattress pad as the coil were noticeable to sleep on. My mother and MIL
    used them, both had older homes without central heat. My pups love our warm bed!

  33. 35

    Connie says

    I didn’t real all the replies but I suggest a corn pillow. LOVE MINE Get yourself some deer corn and make a pillow with it inside. Heat it up in the microwave and voila warm toasty feet! Of course you’ll smell pop corn all night and get hungry. Some people use rice instead of corn.

  34. 36


    I LOVE my flannel sheets in the winter! I usually have cold feet too, but they stay warm with the flannel. You might also try to make a rice bag – small pillow with fabric that you fill with rice. Put it in the microwave for ~2 mins and then shove it down where your feet go in bed and it is nice and toasty warm, as long as you don’t mind your room smelling faintly like rice!

  35. 37

    Toni in TN says

    My hubby’s feet are like ice even in the summer. What we are waiting to find again is a heating pad that is made to go across te bottom of the bed under the sheets. He saw it in one of his hunting catalogs. If Chad gets those catalogs have him keep a lookout for one. They came in different widths for all size beds.

  36. 38


    We too, have a heated mattress pad. We LOVE it. We got ours at Costco, and I use it on #2 for about 30 minutes and it is perfect. It has 2 thermostats, which is nice. Sometimes when I read in bed, I forget to turn it off, and get WAY too hot in the middle of the night. I believe it shuts off after 10 hours. We also have flannel sheets. They are just so comforting on a cold winters night-(like lately with our
    -30s..) I highly recommend them, especially if you only use it to warm it up for when you first get into bed…I also made rice bags, and if it gets really bad, I use those. Mostly for when we are not using the pad and we are “in between” seasons. On occasion I have worn socks to bed (when the hub is gone…) but I dont like the way they feel. My feet have always liked to be “free”, and I have a hard time wearing them with shoes, since I was told to wear shoes with insoles even to get up and go to the bathroom at night. yea, right…
    Good luck, you will find what is “right” for you…

  37. 39


    We use flannel sheets AND an electric blanket in our house. Every winter I bless my man for getting me the later.
    Hopefully you are warm now.

  38. 40


    I bought a set of fleece sheets this year, and we love them–better than the flannel sheets that I used last year. At night our thermostat is set at 58–Our bed has the fleece sheets, a down blanket, and bedspread. It is very comfortable.

  39. 41


    I noticed in the nursing home where my mother now resides that they are now using a fleece throw on each bed. They are not overly large and light weight. If it is only your feet that get cold a piece of fleece under your quilt at your feet might help.

    I have trouble at night getting too warm during the middle of the night. I have not decided if it is just me or if it is actually warmer in the house because no one is going outside every few hours. I was awake last night between 3:30 and 4:30. Sleepy now!

  40. 42


    I cannot sleep if my feet are cold so I always wear socks to bed, even if I think I am fine when I first get in. I can always take them off if I get too hot, but being kept out of a sound sleep from cold feet but too sleepy to get up and put socks on is just not restful!!! My husband runs very warm and definitely would roast if we had either flannel sheets or an electric blanket, so both of those are out. But this year I bought a quilted velveteen bedspread and that thing works great, along with a nice cotton blanket (we do live in sunny SoCalif, after all!). Someday I’ll make a quilt to fit our CalKing bed, but not yet…

  41. 43

    Keryn says

    The down comforter will work better without the quilt underneath it. It works by trapping body heat, so the closer it is to you the better it works. Definitely need a quilt or cover on top though.

  42. 44


    Bed Bath and Beyond has micro plush sheets that are like sleeping in sheets made out of polar fleece. If the flannel doesn’t work out for you, check them out!

  43. 45

    Dianah says

    OH you make me laugh!!! I am in Central California, no snow here. On my bed right now is an electric mattress pad, flannel sheets, electric blanket, a down conforter AND a quilt. If that isn’t enough my ceiling fan also has a heater in it, it is remote control so I don’t have to get out of bed to turn it on.

    I HATE being cold.

  44. 46


    You need fleece pajamas – before buying some this year I’d have 4 – 6 layers on me every night (flannel sheets, quilt, knit blanket, comforter, throw, and maybe another blanket of some sort). This year, I get away with just the sheets, quilt, and knit blanket :-). Even then, it’s sometimes too warm.

  45. 47

    Linda in NE says

    I was always cold this winter so cranked the heat up to 69 during the day and 65 at night. The new furnace we got a year ago saves enough money on gas that we can actually be fairly warm now. Plus flannel sheets on the bed and two quilts, with a third handy for when the temps get low and the wind blows hard from the NW. Any quilts for my bed are quilted with poly batting so they aren’t so heavy. If my feet get pressure on them I have problems with ingrown toenails and being borderline diabetic I try to not let that happen.

  46. 48

    Margie says

    I go to bed with a rice bag every night when it is cold. About three cups of rice in a bag warmed in the microwave is my solution. Once I get warm I am OK and our house is about 58 degrees.

  47. 49


    About the time I get settled in bed each night my first hot flash sets in……. After spending all day trying to get warm I spend each night trying to cool off..

    Looks like you have your problem solved………….

  48. 50

    barbara says

    YES! i’ve been sleeping in a turtleneck (and of course bottoms) and socks and a top sheet and a blanket and a quilt and i put the heat up from 60* to 62* and i still wake up during the night cold. maybe you’re right. maybe flannel sheets is the next step, even though i get twisted when i turn over.

    during the day we keep the thermostat at 68*, and my feet get cold even in wool socks and good quality “athletic shoes” with thick rubber soles.

    there’s a new item on the market called a bed runner, that only covers your cold feet, although it’s not meant for that purpose. it’s meant to be used as a decorative runner at the foot of a bed. huh? my dd uses one for warm feet and swears it works.

  49. 51

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I hear you. We too have a fan over our bed and my DH wants to have it run all year. I am the cold one and the fan seems to be real drafty. I like lots of heavy covers, so it’s not unusual for me to have 3 or 4 quilts on MY side of the bed under my sheet and he will have nothing on his side when he first goes to bed, but during the night I guess he gets cold and puts 1 “store bought” quilt over him. He does wear socks to bed because of being diabetic. Our house is usually cooler than most. I dress accordingly all year long.

    I think your flannel sheets and down comforter should do the trick. Down is SOOO warm in anything. Good luck. Dar

  50. 52

    carol c says

    my friend suggested electric heating pad for my feet so I can sit at the computer or sew ………….and they work for the feet. I guess if you had one in bed for your feet that would work too.

    I got my DH an electric mattress pad for his bed, he says it works great. He use to have an electric blanket but it quit working. He has flannel sheets on his bed as well. Best of luck

  51. 56


    Here’s how I warm my feet without fear of a fire: I have a small heating pad (14 X 17?) on an extension cord tucked into the bottom of my bed between the sheets, where my feet will be when I get in bed. I also have one of those little timers you can set to make anything plugged into them go off at a certain time. Before I get dressed for bed, I go in and turn on the heating pad and set the timer for 1 hour. When I get in bed, not only is the feet area warm but my feet are toasty for an hour before the heating pad automatically goes off. By then, I’m already asleep. The rest of the night, my body keeps everything warm.

  52. 57


    LOL – I always wear socks to bed in the winter (I know, I know, – you gals don’t think winter ever comes to So Cal). That way, Judy, if my feet get hot I can just reach down and take them off and that way I don’t have to get out of bed.

    We use a flannel sheet a down comforter and sometimes a quilt on top if the night low is going to be in the 30s.

  53. 58


    When losing weight you will often be cold. Last winter and even part of the summer I was always cold… this winter I am not as cold… thankfully!

  54. 59


    I too have experienced cold feet and waking up cold in the night. Flannet sheets were not the answer as we always got caught up in them. Then I read on a blog about taking a wool blanket and putting it under your bottom sheet – on top of the mattress pad. Also I remembered I had bought a wool blanket at an antique shop a few years ago and had not really got it out and looked at it. It was the answer to my cold nights. It is an “Orr Holland wool felt Blanket” tulip design. It was just like new and after airing it out on a very cold day, is now on our bed. It is WONDERFUL!. So warm and cozy. I use a heavier cotton top and bottom sheet, the Orr Felt Blanket and a quilt on the bed. Socks (of course) on my feet and if really cold – a heated rice bag to warm my feet. But since using the Orr Blanket I have not had to use the rice bag. I am new to knitting socks and while I am slow I do get them done. Have such a sense of accomplishment when done make a pair.

  55. 60


    Just so you know, you are not the only one that seems to be colder this year. I feel like I’m FREEZING. I may have to get flannel sheets next year.

  56. 61

    Jessie Comeaux says

    I don’t know if anyone has said this but I bought a electric mattress pad. it has dual control and that way your puppy won’t be on it unless he sleeps under the covers. I got mine at walmart a few years back but I’m sure you can find them on line also.

  57. 62

    Gina says

    Judy, you are too funny! I bet you could not move once you got in bed with all of those covers. I live in Wisconsin and last week the temp got down to -23 degrees with the wind chill and I had fannel sheets, a quilt and a comforter on my bed also. I live in a house that was buildt in 1905 and it never seems to completely warm up. I hate sleeping with socks but a couple of nights I have resorted to it.