Knitting Socks

Last night as I was knitting, I kept thinking how many of you had said you wish you knew how to knit, or you wish you knew how to knit socks.  I’m not trying to be preachy or tell you what to do but if you want to learn to knit, or learn to knit socks, why aren’t you doing it?  In this day, you can watch videos on the computer and learn how to do most anything you want to do.  You can teach yourself to knit if you don’t have a friend who can teach you or a shop nearby where you can take classes.  Please don’t go through life wanting to do something and never doing it!  If you really want to knit socks . . make a commitment to yourself to do it . . this year!  If you’ve tried before and failed, forget that . . forget everything you knew because it must’ve been wrong.  Start fresh!  You can do it!

If you have some physical limitations and you seriously cannot knit, that’s different but unless you’re physically unable to do it, if you want to do it . . stop talking about it and do it!

These are socks I finished last night.  I started these while in Louisiana over a month ago.  I started at least four pairs while I was there so I could get them all to different steps to show my knitting students.  This is yarn I got from Hobby Lobby.  I’m not sure how it will hold up and I can’t find the wrapper to even know the full content but I’m sure it’s mostly wool and some nylon.  Because the yarn is thicker, the socks are very warm and I love them!  I’m wearing them today!  I think I realized I was going to like this yarn and stopped at the Hobby Lobby in Paris, TX on my way home and bought some more of this yarn in a different color but I can’t remember and haven’t even looked for it yet.


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    Absolutely agree, Judy! I hadn’t done any knitting since college when I started on a sock two years ago. I did go to a knitting shop and got advice about yarn, needles and purchased a directions FOLDER, not even a pamphlet. I walked myself through, just doing one instruction at a time. The first sock looked a little strange, and the second one seemed to be a completely different SIZE following the same instructions. Those two were put away in a drawer and really never worn.

    But since then all has gone smoothly. My gauge, the tightness of my knitting, has settled down, and I have made about ten pairs. It is a good “handwork” project to do while watching football games, or riding in the car on trips, or even at my quilting bee! And friends love them as gifts in cold Michigan.

    Now I am working on two-at-a-time on circular needles. They are a bit irritating with the yarns getting tangled, but I’m learning how to handle that. And the REALLY good thing is that both socks get done at the same time! Now I have gotten instruction for starting from the toe instead of the cuff. That will mean I can just knit until the yarn is all gone, making taller socks with out worry of running out.

    Thanks to you I joined the Year of Stash Socks and hope to make a pair [or more] each month.


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    Great post Judy! If I can teach myself to knit, anyone can! I learned to knit so I could make socks……and it’s because of you that I did. And I thank you for that! 4+ years later I still love to knit socks more than anything else. (Although my current love is hats……but just for a short time.) 🙂
    Love your new socks!

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    You are such a great motivator. Knitting…… in particular, knitting SOCKS has been on my “want to learn” list for years.
    2011 WILL be the year. Thanks for that push!

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      Judy Laquidara says

      Start soon so you’re not learning to knit socks while celebrating Christmas! 🙂

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    Quiltinggranna says

    That’s right! If you really want to do it, no time like the present to get started–I procrastinated for 2 winters. I am watching online videos as well as online instructions with detailed photos and so far am still going strong. I am on the first sock, stopped when I got to the heel and researched online for photos/videos before I tackled it yesterday. I have the heel flap done and now am about the start the heel turn part. I’m using the pattern you recommended as I told you in my email last week. I didn’t understand exactly this turn part, but after watching a video a couple of times, it makes more sense. I’m determined this time to get one sock done and hopefully the next one will be easier….and this will be the start of many pairs to come! The yarns are all just too gorgeous.

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    The determination is still there Judy L and now that I have the wireless computer I can take my “turning the heel tutorial” with me to my knitting chair. I will finish those socks. Judy C in NC

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    I love this latest pair of socks, Judy. I have been using the methods you suggested for learning to knit socks. My first sock was recognizably a sock and that’s about all you could say about it. My second one was considerably better, but I am having to learn how to correct for some flaws. My third sock (in the same yarn as the first two) has been cast on. These are all made of the cheapest washable yarn the shop had available. I just ordered my first pretty sock yarn yesterday. I never would have attempted any of this without your posts encouraging us to try.

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    I’m so glad I decided to learn how to knit. I just finished the body of my current sweater project and only have the sleeves and i-cord left. No way would I have thought I’d be knitting this two years ago. The only bad part is that my quilting has become second fiddle. :0(

    P.S. Did you check your car for the missing yarn?

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    Jane says

    Judy, I think this is Patons Kroy Sock yarn, and I’ve knitted a pair exactly like them. My hubby is wearing them to keep warm right now!

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    You are soooo right Judy! Whenever people tell me they want to knit socks but can’t I always try to persuade them otherwise. I only learned to knit about 2 years ago and my dear friend told me – “you can do it” and I did! I love love love knitting socks. In the last 2 years I have done tons of socks – I figure over 50 pairs – and I have no intentions of stopping. I love the almost instant gratifcation of socks and the portability of socks. I take my knitting everywhere and have no qualms and whipping out my socks and knitting while I wait for my dinner at a restaurant or wait for an appointment. And I’ve found that sock knitting is a great conversation starter too!

    That yarn looks like Patons Kroy FX and it washes and wears beautifully. I have knitted 3 different colors ways of the FX and I love them all – warm and soft and you can throw them in the washer and dryer — easy peasy!

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    Our local Community College offers all sorts of Adult Education classes, including knitting. Which I am taking in April. Check out your local Adult Education classes. Lots of communities have them!

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    Judy in Michigan says

    How high do these socks come up above your heel? They don’t look very “high”. If you wanted them higher, do you just knit them longer?? (I am itching to try socks but I don’t like “short” socks – not knee socks but longer than short). Thanks Judy.

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    Karen says

    Love the socks. The best sock tutorial I found was Silver’s Sock Class at
    Bob gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby for Christmas – I think I’ll go look for that yarn tomorrow. Heaven knows I NEED more sock yarn! It can join the 3 skeins I ordered yesterday.

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    Cindy B says

    I give up trying to learn to knit. I’ve bought the DVDs, taken classes and had one on one instruction. It’s so frustrating because I am an expert crocheter and I crochet with thread using the small steel needles so you’d think knitting would be easy for me. I have been looking for a crochet sock pattern but can’t find one that I like. I bought a knitting machine an can whip out a scarf in few minutes. LOL.

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    I am just impressed by how many socks you knit. I love knitting but socks just don’t fit into my need for instant gratification I made one pair and that was enough. Perhaps as I mature in my knitting I will come to appreciate it more. Meanwhile I’ll just oooh and ahhh over yours. 🙂 Hopefully you don’t mind.

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    The internet has been a wonderful learning source – especially since I did not have a good grasp of the knitting lingo when I started 2 years ago. And since I knit off and on it’s nice to have a go to refresher available at any time of day or night.

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    I couldn’t agree more Judy. Up until about 2 years ago I was terrified by socks – and sure I couldn’t possibly knit them, that you had to be a rocket scientist…. and it’s so not true. Once I started I just couldn’t stop – such great yarn and such fun!

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    Omajean says

    I have tried so hard to knit socks. I wanted to do the two at a time method but after about 20 starts I have put them aside for a while. I looked on-line for videos and found nothing that addressed the problems that I was having. Right now I am taking a class with my daughter where we will knit a sweater. Maybe after that I will try again. I have bought quite a bit of sock yarn and am determined that I am going to use it!!

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    I taught myself to knit by buying a book called “1-2-3 Knit” at Walmart three years ago, and watching demos on the internet. I’ve made lots of hats and scarfs, a baby sweater, a purse, a sweater for myself. I would really like to learn to knit socks and I decided this is going to be the year. I found a tutorial on line with pictures, and I decided to try it yesterday. I’ve started over about 6 times so far. Somehow, I keep picking up extra stitches on the first couple of rounds on the cuff, and then that throws everything else off. I just ripped out my latest attempt, but I’m going to keep on trying until I get it right. Even if that means counting my stitches after each round!! Our community ed class is offering a class in knitting socks, but they want $60.00 for four sessions, and that seems kind of steep to me. If I don’t have success soon, I’ll check local yarn shops to see if they offer any classes that are more reasonable. One way or another, I’m going to knit socks this year!!!

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    Denise says

    Gorgeous socks! Love the color. Socks are such a great take along project and once you make it thorugh the first pair, they are a pretty instant gratification kind of project. I usually have at least two pairs onn needles – one a quickie favorite plain pattern I don’t have to think hard about making, and another with a pattern to it when I want to something a bit more adventurous.

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    Mary Johnson says

    It’s really not that hard if I can teach myself. I haven’t touched my socks this month because I’m focused on my quilting/binding marathon but I’ve got a pair in progress that i’ll get back to next week.

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    roccagal says

    Hello Judy-luv the socks and I LUV YOUR BLOG-it is funny, interesting and i learn something new from it every day! i was wondering how you wash your hand knit socks? hand or machine??

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    I have been watching your sock progress for sometime now and agree that we just have to jump in. Luckily I have had a few people holding my hand along the way. I just finished my first sock, which I started in October. I had to rip it out so many times. It’s mate is coming along nicely though. While reading your comments I noticed several gals refering to a pattern that you recommended. Could you post that again or give me an idea of how to find it on your blog. Thanks so much. You and Mary from Marys Stash are both so inspiring.

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    Donna S (in MI) says

    I agree! I am fortunate enough to have a couple of local yarn classes that I have taken some beginner classes at. And you can find loads of how-to videos on the internet. I have one bookmarked that I use whenever I do the kitchner stitch. I am confident enough after about 5 pairs of socks that I am going to start on a pair of mittens. Are there mistakes on my socks??? Some, but they are only socks.

    What I am trying very hard to do is to NOT have a yarn stash to rival my material stash.

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    Quiltinggranna says

    well….my attempt at the heel turning this afternoon wasn’t so great. watched a video several times at but it doesn’t make sense to me……will keep trying, tho! and looking for videos online, and checking back here for recommendations for tutorials.

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    Linda Kay says

    I have been crocheting for about 40 years……I would love to learn to knit so I can make socks. There is not a yarn shop in Lubbock and the people at Hobby Lobby were no help. SO…. I guess I’m gonna have to google it and teach myself.

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    I WILL learn to knit socks this year 🙂 I’m on such a roll now with my quilting and crochet, I now KNOW I will do it 🙂

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    Darlene S says

    I’m in love with the colors of your new socks. Those are MY personal colors (as anyone who knows me will attest to). I haven’t given up on my learning to knit socks, but right now I’m trying to keep up with the UFO challenge and that takes up more space in my sewing room. After a few finished UFO’s, I’ll attempt my socks again. Thanks for the kick in the b— to get me moving tho.

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    Well I took the plunge and last week bought wool and needles and have started( at least 2 times) knitting socks.
    I am enjoying the process and hope this will be lots of fun:)

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    Mel Meister says

    I hadn’t knit anything since my early 20’s (now in my too late 50’s) I saw you doing socks and was also reading another knitting blog and decided I wanted to learn. I found what I needed on the internet (videos/patterns) and then took a class last year. I now knit socks! And I made a cowl for my husband for Christmas.

    I did a toe-up KAL and learned how to do magic loop and toe-up at the same time. It’s really all available on the internet anymore.

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    I taught myself to knit 40+ years ago using books and pictures as a guide. None of the women I was around knitted so books/photos was how I learned. My technique is awkward and is “not correct” but it feels right to me and though it looks strange, I’m able to knit with the best of them. I’ve tried to change to “the european” or “continental” method and it was very frustrating to me. Guess it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. So I went back to my weird technique that works for me.

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    I agree! Great post! I pulled mine out again Judy! Dropped down to a size 1 needle instead of 3; using needles from knitpicks so that change also made a difference for me too! Plus your advice so determination is a must!

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    Eileen Keane says

    You are absolutely right, Judy. I’ve been a slug about this. Our DIL gave me a basic knitting book, needles and worsted yarn for my birthday-last January!! Not only did I not start knitting but I’m sure she probably thinks I didn’t love and appreciate her gift! Can I even use the yarn she gave me?

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    ruth anne shorter says

    and if we know, we should just do what you do, and just do it!! I am getting off now to knit on a pair. Way to go Judy!!