Stash Report – Week 4, 2011

Sorry this is late . . my internet connection has been a bit uncooperative this morning!

Nothing added this week.  Not much sewing done this week.  What did I do this week?  It went by so quickly! I did quilt two tops and have a third loaded on the longarm that I hope to get quilted today.  The only fabric I used that I can count is one backing.  The other two backings were already counted in last year’s numbers.

Used this Week:     5 yards
Used year to Date:    27.25 yards
Added this Week:    0
Added Year to Date:    0
Net Used for 2011:    27.25 yards

How’d you do?  Add anything?  Use anything?  Do tell!


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    Glad it was only your internet connection! I checked your blog this morning, and thought, “oh, no, I hope everything is all right at Judy’s house….”.

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    Susan Torrens says

    At least you have some progress to report. Although I seem to be sewing a lot, I seem to be spinning my wheels. This past week, Wednesday was taken up with my quilting group, Friday DH and I took 5 other quilters to the Orlando quilt show, and Saturday we spent the afternoon in Tampa attending Beauty and the Beast (from Broadway), followed by dinner out. We’re having friends over for dinner tonight, so I’ve spent the morning making bread, a lemon meringue pie, and preparing the veggies and stock for seafood etoufee. DH has volunteered to make the roux this afternoon, so I might get some sewing done yet!

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    I’m glad everything is going better with Speck. Not much sewing here, but a lot of hand quilting. I need to get a move on and get some quilts made!!!

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    It was busy week with no time/energy for quilting that culminated with a visit to a quilt show with vendors followed by a stop at a quilt shop. Oh yeah…and a planned addition of 30’s fabrics from the Fat Quarter Shop. Do I even need to say that I totally blew the whole “use the stash” concept? The damage is….

    Used this Week: 1/2 yards
    Used year to Date: 1/2 yards
    Added this Week: 28.5 yards
    Added Year to Date: 28.5 yards
    Net Used for 2011: -28 yards

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    Jane says

    When I first saw your blog headline in my reader, I misread it, leaving out the comma. So I saw Stash Report – Week 4,2011…..which still doesn’t make sense but it really caught my attention. My, you’ve been doing this a long time!

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    I saw an intriguing ad on Craig’s List and added 120 yards of really nice yardage for fifty bucks. I’m not going to feel guilty about that!

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    I’m plugging along. I’m in that stage of not sleeping, but to tired to doing anything. Going to have to make up a Force ME— To do List. I’m working on laundry, put the clean dishes away, made the bed (against my will) oh yea let the dogs out!

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    I am not the smartest when it comes to the computer, so…where to I post or comment about finishing my January UFO? Do I just post on my own blog, or do you have somewhere I am suppose to check in? Thanks for having the stashbusting and UFO projects this year!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I went on a mini retreat Friday night and Saturday and slept in my own bed. Our guild does a come and go retreat. It was held at the Knights of Columbus hall just down the street from me. You come at 5pm on Friday and go home at 10pm, then arrive on Saturday at 8am and leave at 10pm. You can come and go as you like, it’s pot luck and Friday night you leave all your stuff right where it is and go home to bed. The room is locked and the alarm set so no one can come in and disturb it. The cost is $50 and includes mini workshops too. I love it. I can’t always go overnight so like that I can come and go as I need to. I got the backing pieced for a 80×90 quilt and the lady who is going to quilt it for me came and picked it up (I wish I could have boxed it and sent it to you – I’m a little nervous about someone else doing my quilts but she quilted our guild’s raffle quilt and did a really nice job I hope she does as good a job as you would have). I got a top done from my mini group round robin, 2 pillow covers, binding on 2 wall quilts and half the borders quilted on a wall quilt. I posted the quilt on my facebook page that I put together from my mini groups round robin. All the fabric I used was from my stash but I ran out of red for my quilt top so I got 1/2 yd today for binding. I’m so pleased!!

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    Denise says

    5 yards used this week but there was a bit of “stash enhancement” today that will be on next week’s report. 🙂

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    Darlene S says

    Great numbers Judy. I was good –nothing added to my stash this week. But, I did not use anything either. However, I did quilt 2 quilts for friends, so all was not a bust. Dar

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    I am working on my UFO quilt… and making progress… And using up fabric… had to change my plan on the quilt top & binding as I was short, but its still all from stash….

    You are doing great so far!

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    corinne says

    I would love to do this. But I’ve been hopping from site to site looking for someone who’s shared the spreadsheet – I don’t want to make my own (Boo formulas!)
    Do you have one you’re willing to share?

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    A bit late this week, my husband totaled his car during a snow storm here in PA last week and i had a horrible, terrible root canal (it is still painful!)