Design Wall Monday – January 24, 2011

This picture was taken fairly early yesterday.  The top is all together now except for the last two borders.

What’s on your design wall?


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    I was tempted to join in the monochromatic challenge, but I already have so many unfinished projects. I really like this one.

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    I’ve been off the design wall for a few weeks finishing stuff. I do enjoy seeing everyone else’s work. Thanks Judy!

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    CindyC says

    That looks great! I have always wanted to do a yellow quilt. I have been dreaming of a yellow drunkard’s path for several years. Maybe one day it will become a reality.

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    I love your yellow quilt–it’s beautiful. I love the diagonal design, too. Many of my quilts have had the same alternate blocks in their design. I think it really gives the quilt a special look. I have put yellow in many quilts, but I’ve never done a monochromatic one–it’s just lovely.

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    Beautiful Quilt!
    I have been off for a couple of weeks and now am getting back in the groove. I so love looking at all the beautiful desgns that are posted for us to see.
    Thank you all..

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    Susan Torrens says

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see your border choices – they are always interesting.

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    I’m going to have to burn some midnight oil to get my January UFO done, but I love how my Crazy About Cowgirls quilt is coming along! Thanks, Judy, for “spurring” us on to get some projects done!

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    Love your yellow quilt! I think this challenge has passed me by, but I’m enjoying looking at others. Thanks for all the motivation and inspiration this very snowy Monday morning:)

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    Sarah B says

    It’s beautiful and if I didn’t hate piecing triangles I would “borrow” your idea! I agree, also, with a lot of the previous comments; yellow is the perfect color for this month in Ohio… it’s just so gloomy that anything of color is truly appreciated! The yellow is so welcoming against the cold gray of outside…
    I don’t have anything on my design wall but I have “piles” of projects all over the work table! I did actually make a few decision:
    1) my UFO, which was the hexagon quilt, I decided will be a long term project since I want to hand piece and quilt it AND I want it to be a twin size. I keep working on it little by little but I am not worried about it being finished by the end of the month. I just want some progress shown on it.
    2) My yellow quilt I decided needs to be a twin size as well which means I need to add some more blocks and borders and it will be sort-of like a medallion quilt, or like a round-robin, instead of the table topper the pattern called for. My goal is to have the top done by the end of the month.
    3) I started a couple more quilt-alongs with other blogs that I don’t want to lose track of. Otherwise instead of finishing UFOs I will be adding to them and I certainly don’t want that!

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    My quilt is waiting for the rest of its borders… one set is cut, the next two are still yardage… Need to figure out how wide I can cut the outer border and have enough fabric!

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    That is a pretty quilt! This is my first time to participate in your design wall Monday. It’s good to be quilting again.

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    I love the yellow. I love that block with all the squares, have you demo’d that block before?? I am thinking that would be the perfect block to add to an idea I have on another quilt. I wish now I would have joined this yellow project….yours is so pretty.

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    Love the way this quilt is turning out! You have really been busy, I finished my UFO for this month and my monochromatic yellow was just placemats.

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    Very pretty quilt. I just couldn’t swing a new project this month. Maybe I’ll get to done one or two later ones.

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    Mary Johnson says

    Can’t wait to see what next month’s color is. You’ve done a great job with a difficult color here.

    I actually have something up on my design wall for a change!

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    Judy — my first link is wrong — # 34. I’m not sure what happened — but it’s doubled the # hits on my blog. But I’m not sure anyone really cares that I got the packages in the mail back in May.

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    I’m an entire day late and #80 to visit you and Mr. Linky. You are certainly doing a lot of sock making lately. Going to be some warm piggys in your home. Sandi