Socks – 2011 #4

The good thing about having so many almost completed pairs of socks is that once I buckle down and commit myself to finishing them, it seems I’m getting so much done.  And, watching all those football games are also good for getting lots of knitting done!  Of the four pairs of socks I’ve finished this month, the first two pairs were started and completed in January and the latest two pairs were started at some other point and finished in January.  Here’s the latest:

This yarn is Caper Sock by String Theory which is 80% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon.  It’s one of my favorite yarn bases, both for knitting and wearing.  The colors are much brighter and more vivid than they appear in this photo, and the color is Mardi Gras.


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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    I was going to say – they look like a pair I made but not as bright. But then when you mentioned the name – yep they are the same -Mardi Gras. I was at an indoor miniature golf place with my nephews and part of it is in a room with black lights so the golf balls glow — trust me – those socks glow under black light too. 🙂

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    Deborah Scott says

    Judy I saw your post about using some yarn from Hobby Lobby. The store near me doesn’t have sock yarn. I would be interested in what kind you used – thanks much – Deborah

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    I followed your link to the Loopy Ewe and that yarn is $24.00 a skein. That’s a little rich for my budget, I’m afraid. I can’t imagine paying $24.00 for a pair of socks, even ones I don’t have to knit myself!! I’m sure there are less costly alternatives, but those must feel GREAT on the feet!! Maybe once I get really good at knitting socks, I’ll treat myself, who knows!!

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      Terri, I think you’re looking at this the wrong way — you’re NOT paying $24 for a pair of socks. You’re paying $24 for a crafting supply (yarn), which will provide you with many hours of enjoyment doing something you love, and in the end, as a bit of a bonus, you’ll have a beautiful pair of socks as a memento of your hours of crafting bliss.

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    Your Mardi Gras socks are ready in plenty of time for Mardi Gras this year 😉

    Of course, I know you’ll wear them other days, too. They look great.

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    Ray says

    Good for you, Judy!!! I can’t wait until I’m not working 8+ hours a day in an office. It’s coming!!!!!

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      Definitely! Real jobs cut into the fun time but think how much you’ll enjoy your day when you’re no longer working.

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    Carla says

    Judy, I love your socks.
    I started making socks about a year and a half ago.
    I am on my fifth pair.
    I have a question ,It looks like your cuff on the sock is more defined than mine are, do you use a smaller needle for the cuff and then a size larger for the rest of the sock?