Cable Scarf

I’m knitting on the Hollygrove Scarf as I have time.  When I sit down and have just a few minutes, I usually knit on socks but when I have a big chunk of time, I grab this scarf.

It’s about 24″ long and I just finished the first ball of yarn last night.  I love the pattern and love knitting the cables but am disappointed in the yarn.  The dye isn’t saturated into the yarn so if there’s the slightest snag on the yarn, underneath the very top layer, there’s white undyed yarn.  From a distance, it looks fine but up close, for what I paid for this yarn, I’m disappointed in it.

It’s probably a rather lofty goal but I’d love to have this scarf finished by the end of this week so I can start on another one that I want to give to a friend.


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      I was pretty much a beginner when I started it. I did have to rip a few times but am finding it very easy to follow, no weird stitches and so pretty! I sent you an email.

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    Marla Southers says

    That is so pretty. I love red. I would be dissappointed in the yarn too. Anyway you can get a refund or a discount from the manufacturer of the yarn for the poor dyeing job?

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    shirley bruner says

    OOOOOOooo that is beautiful. i hate when yarns and fabrics don’t turn out to be exactly what you expected. perhaps you can dye it when you are finished. it is still pretty, though.

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    Sandy says

    I would be disappointed too if I spent all that time (and MONEY!) on yarn that looks so pretty and find there is a problem with the dye. It looks fine from the picture but maybe it would be a good idea to let the company know there is a problem. You could end up getting a discount or maybe some free yarn since you order alot. Love the pattern, Judy.

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    Very strange, I haven’t run across any yarn only partially dyed. I love the cables, they are one of my favorite knitting patterns.
    Scarves seem to take forever to knit!

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    That is really beautiful – I love the cables. Unfortunate about the yarn – I would definately contact the shop where I bought it … perhaps they’ll send you a new skein or two of a different brand that you might not even know about !!