Vince’s Snack of Choice

Personally, I think this is gross but this is one of his very favorite snacks.

He starts with a graham cracker, then puts on crunchy peanut butter, then strawberry preserves and tops it all with cottage cheese.

Gross?  Yep, that’s what I think!


  1. 1

    Deb says

    My first thought was GROSS – now I’m moving to interesting.

    I really like cottage cheese, but I’m not sure I’m ready to try this one.

  2. 2


    It sounded yummy until the cottage cheese. I remember in school we used to have a pineapple ring with cottage cheese on top. I always ate them separately.

  3. 7

    Karen says

    I’m with you on this one. I was with him until he gummed it up with cottage cheese. Yuck! Not that I don’t eat cottage cheese – not my favorite but doable with pineapple, mandarin oranges & pecans – but not Vince’s combo.

  4. 10


    My mom makes a strawberry jelly and onion sandwich. My husband salts and peppers his cottage cheese.
    I have normal taste buds!!

  5. 13


    eeewww. I do put salt and pepper on my cottage cheese though. My husband started it, he salt and peppers everything.

  6. 17

    Sandy says

    You were doing okay until you said COTTAGE CHEESE!! Ewwwww…that doesn’t quite go together IMHO. Is this one of Vince’s recipes or Chad’s? lol

  7. 21

    Pat Hedrick says

    ya my husband and I have a running debate over cottage cheese. He likes his savory; he tops it with lemon pepper or mixes in salsa. I like mine sweet with fruit cocktail or pineapples.

  8. 22

    trina says

    I am ok with all of it but not combined. Thought my brother’s peanut butter, bologna and pickle sandwich was odd.

  9. 23

    Michelle says

    Actually, that sounds kinda good! It also has fairly balanced nutrition. Grain, Fruit, Nut, Dairy. Now if only he’d put a spinach leaf on it as well. . . No. . . no THAT would be gross!

  10. 24

    Doe in Mi says

    Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it ! Sounds good to me – I’ll try it. I throw all kinds of things in cottage cheese. Fruit and homemade granola is really good.
    Also tomato chunked up is great. A nice salad – lettuce, cot. cheese, fresh or canned fruit of your choice and granola on top. Oh yum, I better go fix lunch.

  11. 25

    lw says

    It sounds good to me– you’ve got the sweetness of the preserves and graham cracker, the crunch (graham cracker), some saltiness with the peanut butter and the cottage cheese– the sugar energy burst followed by the longer burning peanut butter and cheese…if I could eat dairy, I’d probably give it a try.

  12. 26

    Rose says

    I also love cottage cheese (have not tried PB&J with is tho–might be very good). My DH & I always eat minced onions with cottage cheese topped with black pepper; my Dad loved it also after he tried it. Cottage cheese is something you learn to eat as a kid; besides it is healthy.

  13. 29

    Gina says

    hahahahaha, we all have strange things we eat. I have found that canned potted meat is delicious on rice cakes, especially the white cheddar flavor.

    And yes I discovered this when I was dieting. hahahaha