Follow the Sun

Sweet Speck!  Unless he’s on someone’s lap, he spends the day following the sun.  Early in the morning, he starts out almost in the corner of the family room.  As the sun moves, he moves.  If I notice that he’s moved, I move his pillow for him.  When we lived in KY, we had big double glass doors on the back side of the house and Speck would go from room to room to stay in the sun.  Here, the only room where he can lay in the sun is the upstairs family room.

I think he’s ready to move to a sunnier house!  🙂


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    Gwen says

    Mine enjoy finding a sunny spot in the backyard for a nap even now when the ground must be cold. Recharging batteries.

  2. 3

    Marky says

    Our first Dalmation liked to sun himself. Once I found him stretched out on the diningroom table because that was where the sun was! Another time I turned around while I was mowing and saw him stretched out on the hot blacktop of the road in front of our house! Thank goodness we lived on a quiet street!

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    Susan Torrens says

    We lived in many different homes over the years, but in one, the afternoon sun moved until my Maxine was stretched along the back of the loveseat – the last place the sun hit before it went down! She would move from the seat, to the wide arm, until she was laying across the back. I kept it close to the wall, so she wouldn’t fall!

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    lw says

    My basset hound also does this. In the morning after I feed her, she goes outside and lies down in the sunlight. She’s a tricolor who’s mostly black, and she loves to soak up the sun in the winter and spring. She will also lie really close to the fire when we have the fireplace going.

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    My Staffie, Baby does the same thing. This time of year I always find her in the kitchen sleeping in the sun coming through my sliding glass door.

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    I dont have a dog that does this, but I have a cat that does! she is black and LOVES the heat. She will come running into the sauna when she hears us loading the stove, and will stay there, moving from the top bench, to the 2nd, to the floor, when she is ready to come out (usually it is about 140 in there by then) and dont think it is cruel, she WONT come out before she is ready! She will run and HIDE under the bench if you try and make her! We check on her often, so she is in no danger, but it IS funny…

  7. 12


    Our cat does this too, in summer she lies in the garden and follows the sun. Now, however, she manage to worm herself under our duvets (or in the covers) and sleeps in our beds.

  8. 13

    Doe in Mi says

    My Sammy cat likes the sliding glass door too and there’s a rug there to lie on.
    BUT, what he likes the most in the winter is the furnace register. He lays there covering the whole thing and I’m always imagining that his skin under that fur must look like an accordion.

  9. 14

    Darlene S says

    Too funny, but smart. Many people “follow the sun” too (all those snow birds).
    One of my kitties has taken to covering the heat register this winter. This is the first time I’ve noticed here doing this. I think she is getting older and has less fur/fat to keep her warm. Also, our house is a bit cooler since the outside temps are so much colder this time of year. Aren’t animals smart. If only some people were so. I still see people running around in the snow and cold with no coats, short sleeve tops or even sandles without socks sometimes!! What are they thinking.