Pictures of Pictures

Yesterday I opened a drawer and found some old pictures that made me smile.  I was too lazy to scan them so I just took a picture of them so they’re not great quality but still thought I’d share.

This was Vince and me about 14 years ago.  We were both so much younger and skinnier!  After looking at the picture, we’ve decided we’re going to work harder on losing weight.  Now if we could figure out how to get rid of a few of the years . . that might be a bit harder.

This angel!  Once when Vince and I were in NY, he wanted to go by the cemetery where his dad is buried.  It was a really large cemetery and he wasn’t exactly sure the area in which his dad was buried but he told me there was an angel monument at his grave.  I was looking for a small angel.  Then Vince spotted it.  It’s HUGE!  It’s probably 10 – 12 feet tall.  I think it was more like 20′ tall but Vince says it was 10 – 12′ so you can decide for yourselves.  It’s big!

Can you read on the marker that Vince’s dad was born in 1897?  He was not a spring chicken when Vince was born!  Maybe that explains why Vince acts like he acts!  🙂


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    I realized recently that I have a lot of unsorted old family photos- some going back to pre-1900. It occured to me that if anything happened to these photos, my children and grandchildren might never have the chance to see them! So I, with my extremely limited computer skills, scanned each one, labeled them and put them into my hard drive in a “Family photo” file. I also had DH burn a CD for me and one for each of our children to make sure that these photos never get lost!

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    Diane in CA says

    What a wonderful thing to be watching over you for eternity.. So, I’m guessing that’s not his mom sharing the angel, because that would make Vince pretty un-springy himself since she passed in 1942.

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    I have recently found pictures of myself in various stages of weight gain and loss. It motivated me to lose 50 pounds and my husband 100. We ate too much rich food and joined a gym. Love your picture, you both look so happy and in love.

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    Doe in Mi says

    Judy your sense of humor just cracked me up w/ why Vince acts as he does. To funny. Don’t ya just love coming across those photos you’ve forgotten about? Sometimes gives me a different aspect or thought of how things were back then.
    For example as a teen I used to think I was homey now, I see old photos of me and think, Wow wish I still looked like that now!! LOL

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    Michelle F. says

    I love the picture. You both look great and very happy. The angel is very beautiful. There is a headstone in my husband’s hometown that has an etching of a Viking Sewing machine on it! I guess that lady was really into her machine. Kind of cool that her family put that on there.

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    lw says

    I love the photo of you and Vince. You’re both still attractive people, just slightly older versions of the ones in the photo.

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    I just did the same thing, came across old photos, and said “crap, we have to lose weight” but as the saying goes, easier said than done! Part of it is up to the COOK, and since my husband thinks it is all about EXCERSISE, (which is also true) he won’t change his cooking habits. I have no self control or will power, so I am screwed. (I am SO glad I never smoked, drank or did drugs, I would have never been able to quit) but eating is a demon I cant get under control. Anyway, the old pics are fun. I am not done digging yet, so I hope I find some more, but yes, I need to scan all of ours too (some day when I have a month) and get them recorded. Somebody might want them…(I have no kids).

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    It’s funny how I can look at an old photo of myself and think, “yeah, that’s me”. but I show the same photo to the grandchildren and they are clueless as to who that person in the photo is. Ha

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    Rose says

    The monuments are beautiful at the cemetary. So much history.
    Cute picture of you two! Oh, yes, I remember when my waistline was so slender. Even kept a belt in my closet for years to remind myself. Of course, all the junk we eat these days has taken it’s toll. We are the land of plenty, aren’t we.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Vince is looking at you like he has just found the most wonderful thing on earth! I’ll bet he still thinks that, too. Especially since you are such a prolific cook.

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    Mary Beth says

    Cute picture of you and Vince….you always remind me of Sandra Dee when she was Tammy. So cute. Just my two cents…and about what it’s worth. I have found that when I started losing weight and started working out….I started feeling younger. Then buy a Wii. My Wii thinks I am 37!!! Can I just say, we are the very best BFF!!!

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    Caroline says

    Since you mention NY re this post, is Vince any relation to a Sam Laquidara? I worked with him at Bristol in the ’80s here in upstate NY. Great guy!
    Caroline D