That’s the name of a sweater I want to do.   The Hooray Cardigan.   Click on the link and look at the gorgeous cables!  The cables in my scarf are so much fun that I want to make this sweater.

I spent too much time yesterday trying to decide what yarn to use.   The  yarn I wanted to use was over $110 for the sweater but the second choice, which is good yarn and even a better color that my first or second choice, came to about $32 so you can guess which one I chose.  I’ll take pictures of the yarn when I’m closer to getting ready to knit it . . just in case I change my mind! 🙂

Before I can start the Hooray cardigan, I have to finish my Hollygrove scarf and make one more so I doubt I’ll be wearing it this winter.  Sure hope I can figure out how to knit a sweater!


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      I’m not nearly as prolific knitter as I am quilter so I’m perfectly happy with doing patterns I find. On Ravelry, there are thousands of patterns, many free or for a nominal fee and can be downloaded instantly.

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    JoAnna says

    Judy I love it! I would join you, but I have 2 sweaters on the needles now. Her patterns are really pretty.

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      Thanks! I’m going to finish the scarf and make another one before I try the sweater so you’ll probably be done with both of yours before I get started.

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    peggy says

    Judy, I have no doubt that if you decide to knit a sweater, you will knit a sweater! It’s lovely.

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    If you can read, and follow the instructions to knit socks, with all the increases and decreases and picking up stitches, you can do a sweater. Same instructions, same stitches, just more of it. And, it is a gorgeous sweater, well worth doing.

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    Hooray for deciding to make a cardigan!!! I’ve looked at that pattern a couple of times, but I’ve got several other sweaters that I want to make first. I can’t wait to see what yarn you ordered. Was it from ESK? I would choose the lesser costing yarn too. Although it sure would look good in Tosh’s Tart colorway. ;0)

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    You will have no trouble knitting a sweater. I CAN KNIT A SWEATER WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE (and I even knitted a 6 foot stuffed dinosaur once) ….but cannot *yet* knit socks. YOU CAN DO THIS…..love it!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    I love that pattern. I purchased the Hollygrove scarf pattern and now I’m deciding on yarn. I’m slow so it will be quite a while before I get mine finished. I did get my socks finished and started on another pair that I’ve started on three times now, but it’s getting better. I also have a jacket in progress that I hope to finish by fall. Then I have a couple of other projects waiting. There are so many I’d like to do. I think I’ll try a more simple cable before I start the scarf.