Country Folks Go To Town

We really should leave this town more often! We do like living in a small town, though I seriously think we’ve been here about long enough . . but when we stay in our little cacoon and never leave or go visit a real city, we forget what life is like out the big world.

Last week one day when Vince was home at lunch, he was saying that we need to go somewhere . . just get away for a day or two. About that same time, I had been thinking about learning to weave. I had already found a yarn shop in Lawrence, KS that has a big stock of looms so that was the perfect opportunity to spring my new idea on Vince and tell him I wanted to go to Lawrence to look at the looms.

Considering it was January, we had several gorgeous, sunny, halfway warm days so we drove up to Lawrence and fell in love with that town. At this point, after living in a town with no restaurants, no Target, no decent shopping of any kind . . we had a blast in Lawrence and Overland Park. I just wish we’d had more time.

One funny thing, and something Vince and I talked about on the way home — so often we don’t appreciate what we have until we don’t have it. It’s definitely that way with our health. I feel so good almost every single day and then on the rare occasions when I don’t feel good, I always think how blessed I am that I feel so good but I don’t appreciate feeling good til I feel bad! Ever think of that?

But, the people, many of you . . who live near malls, restaurants, nice libraries, shops . . sometimes when you’re not thinking of anything else, just think of life without those places! If all you had was McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Taco Bell and a couple of local grocery stores and a Wal-Mart. If you wanted to go anywhere, you’d have to drive 70 miles to get to a restaurant, a really nice grocery store, a yarn shop.

We’ll probably always live in a small town but hopefully some day, and sooner rather than later, we’ll be able to go somewhere that isn’t quite so far from a few amenities.

In the meantime . . here are a couple of photos just to prove to you that we really should get out more!

NO!  I don’t think so!

Definitely not!

Oh, yes!  Flannel with feet.  That’s my style!  🙂

Yes, definitely . . we should get out more . . don’t you think?


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    Connie says

    You two crack me up. How about somewhere in Oklahoma? There are plenty of small town places that are close enough to the big city to make it perfect. Just saying. (Oh and I’m here too)

  2. 2


    Our town is so small we don’t even have a Wal-Marts! But we are close, 20 miles, to a college town with every name brand, plus, eating establishment your heart could desire. And I love our small town.

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    Glenda in Florida says

    I’m guessing you went to Yarn Barn. My mom bought her biggest loom from them. I call them to order her gift certificates from there often–they are great people to work with.

  4. 4


    I’ve lived my whole life 60 miles from everywhere…..the items vince picked our look wonderful…you would look like quite the fair maiden in those first two!!!

  5. 5

    Denise says

    Vince’s disguise did not work – leaving his green shirt at home so we would recognize him in the lingerie department! Where I grew up (village of 550 pop.) even the things you have in your small town were no where near for us (but it was a great place to be a kid all those years ago) and is also the reason I moved to the City 😉

  6. 6

    Weed says

    Vince is finally going to make the Website “The People of Walmart”!!! He could have made the Website “People who took Sears for a ride” back in our days at GT but they didn’t have websites back then!!! Looking Good, ole buddy!!

  7. 7


    Those pictures are too funny! I expected to see weaving looms though! Not lingerie.
    Judy, what you are doing by living where you are in MO. is essentially “living in the country”. Small town country living, on a small, but yet spacious plot of land, and driving to the city to do shopping.

    We live “in the country” on five acres and drive to the “city” whenever we shop. It’s just part of our life, and living out in the country. We don’t want to live in the city, just visit and shop there. You may not fully realize how you are living now is what you frequently talk about wanting in the future when you have those conversation about moving out to the “the country”.

    • 7.1


      No! Not quite true. I want more land but I want to be 20 – 40 miles from a decent city, a hospital, a restaurant. 70 miles to the nearest decent restaurant or hospital is just too far.

  8. 8


    I really did think we would see a picture of a loom – you are slipping – or were you just information gathering? Love your pictures and would be nice to post for Valentine’s Day. Judy C

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    Freda Henderson says

    It is the same way here Judy. We have a Mcdonalds, a BBQ place, a couple restaurants and 2 stations. We do have a local Walmart. It is only 18 miles from my house.

  10. 11


    I travel 50 miles to go to my Favorite Grocery Store. I don’t get to go as oftne with slick roads in the winter though. Was Vince shopping for Valentine’s Day? I don’t think they are his style either. Did you buiy anything at the Yarn store?

  11. 12

    roccagal says

    The pics are hilarious and I agree with you Judy, flannel pj’s are the way to go!! I live in an urban center in Ontario, Canada and even though at times I wish I had more land , I do luv the convenience! I drive 5 mins to a major strip mall and in 10, a major shopping center. It is great!

  12. 13


    I thank you for a great laugh! Where was the thong for him? I love space and a small town. I don’t like malls or large shopping centers. Give me a Mom & Pop’s or the corner mart and I’m happy.

  13. 14


    We’re very centrally located with at least two Walmarts within 15 minutes and three malls within 20. What I love about my city though is that I can have chickens! I love my girls Lucy and Ethel!

  14. 15

    Linda in NE says

    Almost 60 mi. to even get to a Wal*Mart….and if you’re going to wear the cute lingerie Vince found you’d maybe better find a warmer climate. I vote for the flannel too. 🙂 It’s only about 9 degrees here today.

  15. 16


    Oh Judy, you always give me a laugh. I, too, love Lawrence, and that is saying a lot. I am a country girl and usually hate the city, but Lawrence does not feel like a big city. Our daughter and her family moved there about 4 years ago. She loves it there and hopes they never have to move. She said they are less than an hour from Kansas City and about half an hour from Topeka if they need to go to a bigger city. I have found the people in Lawrence very friendly. I am a Missouri country girl, but if I had to move to a city, Lawrence would sure be my first choice. Now I think you should buy that red lacy outfit for Vince for Valentine’s Day. Bet he would be surprised, but very happy. LOL Have a good day.

  16. 17

    Mary Beth says

    I vote the northern side of Kansas City, maybe Smithville. There is a lake there so you could go crawdaddy hunting, then cook up something cajun and invite Rod and I over for dinner :o) We would bring something. Also, this would put you north of the river and you would only have to cross over if you want to go to Overland Park…but you really wouldn’t need to. It could be fun.

  17. 18


    Judy–I absolutely loved this blog post–Vince has to be a joy to live with (most of the time)! We live 22 miles from anything–grocery store, gas station, anything–when we are home in Montana and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  18. 19


    Too funny!! Those pictures of Vince, in that order, are just hysterical!! 🙂 Thanks for a good laugh.

    We tend to get in a rut, too, and then when we get out of town, wonder why we don’t do it more often. We do have Applebees, a couple of good burger places (NOT Hardees or McD’s!) and two good Mexican restaurants, so at least we can eat out when we want. No Target or Walmart though. (Is it wrong to confess we’re not Walmart fans??)


  19. 20

    Donna in KS says

    You need to come up this way and find something out by our second son’s place. They have been out there two years this coming summer and love it! And a brand new hospital just went up on west 21st. Although they only bought 5 acres, more are available many places. Lawrence, one of my all-time favorite places! Did you go into Sarah’s or Stitch On? did you happen to see my grandson? did you see any basketball stuff or players? Lots of interesting places to eat in both Lawrence and OP. I find Yarn Barn overwhelming! I need you to help me make yarn selections for what I want to make. We have a fairly new yarn shop named Twist. I’m thinking about taking a class there; I crochet well, knit not so well!

  20. 21


    This is Hilarious!! Yep, you need to get out more, but only if you want to! I really don’t think that Vince was in favor of the flannel. But I could be wrong. 🙂 Gee, you should think about moving closer to Lawrence. (Then you would be closer to me!) But I bet everyone would love to have you closer to them!

    I’ve been thinking about Tri Looms. Not sure if I want to get into them or not, but they are truly fascinating. Right now I am trying to teach myself to knit. I may have chosen the wrong method (English method) because I can’t find anyone around here that does it this way. But I will keep on trying! Glad you and Vince had a great day out.

  21. 23


    you guys are a hoot. in our ‘town’ there is nothing…no school, walmart, grocery store, church, gas station…nothing. about 150 people. ‘town’ is 11 miles away and you could find gas, groceries (not too much and mostly outdated), 1 restaurant (smoky), and a few bars. go another 12 miles to the next town and get mcdonalds, sonic, good grocery store, several restaurants, thrift stores, and access to the freeway. take the freeway 25 MORE miles and get all the amenities in a good size town. but after getting out for a day……i am happy to come back home to the woods.

  22. 25


    You make me giggle. YES, I am one of those who is close to EVERYTHING and I think I do take it for granted. But – get this – I WISH I LIVED IN THE COUNTRY FAR FROM ALL OF THIS….LOL. Living on a farm with chickens and goats….that just sounds like HEAVEN to me! 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  23. 29


    Ha – no Walmart or Target here, either. I know just how you feel 🙂

    How did the weaving exploration go? I used to be a handweaver …


  24. 30

    Kristin says

    You should visit Madison, WI. I love it here and never take it for granted. We have several wonderful, independent yarn and quilt shops, tons of foodie restaurants, multiple local grocery stores with a great selection of products. People refer to Madison/Dane County as “77 square miles surrounded by reality” and it’s true!

    My friend has a beautiful loom that she would like to find a new home for. I’ll see if I can get the information about it and send it to you. That would be a perfect opportunity for you to visit AND get a loom! =)

  25. 31


    But Judy, if you move to a place with lots more stores, your hubby will expect you to go shopping w/him a lot more frequently.

  26. 32


    I think you guys should move up here around Indy – plenty of wide open spaces, no bridges and good stores and restaurants. There are several good yarn shops, a ton of quilt shops and a really nice guild. 🙂

  27. 33

    Sandy says

    It’s funny Vince ended up in the lingerie department. Judy, you should surprise him with one of those outfits on Valentine’s Day, lol.

    I think it is always fun to shop the specialty shops in a big city for yarn, hobbies, fabric, groceries. We only have Hardees, Pizza Hut, and Subway plus a couple of mom and pop restaurants in our small town. Maybe I should just cook more!

  28. 35

    Cindy Kuipers says

    Your pictures are sooo funny! That could be me and my husband! Except that I am in that wonderful stage of life called menopause and would die in those footed flannel pajamas now.

  29. 37

    Darlene S says

    Cute pics of Vince with his “selections”. The red one would look better on an Italian — ask me how I know! A bunch of us in this area would like for you to move closer to the eastern side of MO. We have at least 12 quilt shops in the area, lots of good guilds and friendly quilters who love to have guest speakers/teachers each month at our quilt guilds. You could still be enjoying “country living” and be only 30 mins. from everything city.

  30. 39


    Great pictures!

    I’m a suburbanite through and through. I like the luxury of a 24 hour grocery store less than a mile from my house and trust me, I thoroughly appreciate it. I’m not saying I’m against small town living as the peace and quiet does hold a great deal of attraction for me, but I’m quite happy with where I live.

  31. 40

    Dawn says

    do they have the red style in green? LOL you guys are sooooooo funny.
    Glad you had a great day “out”.
    I live in the country but am lucky to have the best of both. I am literally just a few miles from shopping (oops did I say the “S” word?) but peaceful enough to enjoy my home area.
    Dawn in MA

  32. 41

    Suzette says

    Except for the fact that I live in North Carolina-we could be neighbors! The big town (Raleigh) is about an hour from here. I go once a month to go to a “good” grocery store and pick up other essentials (quilt fabric). I guess if you can’t shop, life is cheaper. And I definitely quilt out of my stash because my LQS is an hour away.

  33. 42


    Vince definitely dressed “up” for the occasion, didn’t he? I fully expect to see a green shirt & purple crocs in every shot. . . .guess I’m “typecasting” too much, eh?? LOL

  34. 43

    Connie says

    Yes, you two need to get out more. This post is an absolute hoot. I think it’s great that the two of you can have so much fun.

  35. 46

    Cindy B. says

    I was thinking the little red number might be on sale left over from the Christmas holidays. Altho … might be suitable for Valentines.

    And we know what bargain shoppers you two are. Just makes sense.

  36. 48


    One went to Lawrence for a conference – lovely town. Like Blomington, IN – small towns with large colleges seem to be quite diverse.

    LOL – love those pix!!!