Sunny Side Up is Done

What an appropriate quilt to finish on this day when the weather is so threatening.

This quilt really kinda brightens up my family room so I left it all in instead of cropping out everything but the quilt.  It’s 64″ x 82″ and I used Mountain Mist Gold batting.  I really like that batting and when it’s gone, I don’t know how easy it’s going to be to find more of it.  I’ve used half a roll of it in the past month and unless there’s a roll hidden, which is possible, this might be my last roll.

The backing was pieced using up small pieces of golds and yellows.  I don’t usually piece smaller size pieces together but each of those was all I had left and now they’re out of the stash.

This quilt will go to the children’s home in Louisiana.


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    looks great! i’m (im)patiently waiting for you to draw the next number for the UFO challenge. we’re expecting a snowstorm, so maybe i can get started on it tommrow during nap time!

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    looks great! i’m (im)patinently waiting for you to pull the next number for the UFO challenge. we’re expecting a snow storm, and maybe i can get started on it during naptime tommorow!

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    I like the name “Sunny Side Up”! :o) It is such a pretty quilt, and it looks beautiful draped over the sofa. The quilt just adds to the warm feeling of the room. I hope this raises a lot of money for the Childrens Home. It’s gorgeous!

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    You’ve made a beautiful, warm, buttery quilt here, Judy! And it lovely of you to give it to a deserving institution. You’re a wonder!

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    It is very bright and sunny side up! Great design and execution, as always. Some down on their luck or ill person will love this to lift their mood!

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    Jeanette says


    After several days of no electricity a few years ago I searched online and found this website:

    These heaters are made for camping and are safe to use indoors. They operate on those small canisters of gas and have battery operated blowers. We also purchased a camping burner that operated on the same canisters. A local plumbing and electrical supply store was able to order them for us. So far, we haven’t had to pull them out, but it is comforting to know that we are ready if we get a repeat of that storm.

    The quilt is also very beautiful!

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    SarahB says

    Judy, just an idea but if everyone makes a couple extra blocks each month then at the end of the year you’ll have a rainbow sampler that will be great to capture your year in quilting for 2011 AND the monochromatic quilt-along… I have extra snowball blocks in yellow that will be perfect! Or maybe one of the blocks is the same in each monthly quilt so at the end you have a rainbow of the same block… humm, it gets the mind going, doesn’t it?!?!