That Mars & Venus Thing

They say opposites attract.  I believe it but at some point, the more opposite you are, the harder it is to keep from getting really frustrated.  I’m on the far end, over the end some would say, of being prepared.  Vince is off the map on the end of not having a clue what’s going on when it comes to preparedness.  Always, it’s been his responsibility to keep up with the outside issues — gas for the generator, propane for the grill, snow shovel at home and not in the rented storage building.

We’ve been here 4 years, 30 days, but who’s counting?  Since day 1, I’ve begged . . you know I’ve begged because I’ve resorted to even begging on the blog . . for a gas stove and some alternate source for heat.  We’re total electric.  No fireplace.  No gas of any kind.  If the electricity goes off, I have to hope those KCP&L guys remember my brownies and get here quickly.

I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the weather because it doesn’t matter to me.  Not much I can do about it and I’m as prepared as I can get whether I know what’s coming or not.  We were gone over the weekend.  Sunday night I turned the TV on and heard about a tremendous storm that’s headed our way.

Accuweather tells me this:

And look at these chill factor temps.

The forecasts today are looking more like the ice may miss us.  It looks like there’s going to be ice south of us and northeast of us but I’m hoping we don’t get any, although it’s now below freezing and drizzling.  I think our power will stay on with 10″ or even 20″ of snow.  They do a great job of keeping the limbs trimmed around here and most of the lines in town are buried.  I’m not worried about snow but if there’s ice, that could be bad.

All my “electricity is out” supplies for upstairs are right here.  Two lanterns, plenty of lamp oil, candles, a couple of flash lights and every room has flash lights plugged into the wall.  We have the same things in a cabinet downstairs.

In the fridge is gumbo, rice and chicken and noodles.  One crockpot has split pea soup, one crockpot has chicken/white bean chili.  I made two loaves of bread yesterday but we’ve already eaten part of one and Chad took one loaf back with him.  This morning I made two more loaves of bread and a batch of cinnamon rolls that Vince took back to work.  Everyone is kinda stressed worrying about the coming storm so I figured they’d appreciate warm cinnamon rolls.

Vince got the gas cans filled, the propane bottles were already full, and even though I hope the power stays on, I surely wish I could convince him to have a wood stove installed if we’re not going to get a gas stove.

I’m hoping everyone stays warm and safe as this storm is going to cover lots of area . . not just my house!


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    um…i have bread, milk and eggs?? lol It is sleeting here in St Louis now and we are looking at a possible 18″ of snow…

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    It sounds like you are as prepared as you can be!
    How about a kerosene heater? We have a propane heater too…except I’m not sure where it’s at! We have an outdoor wood furnace which does use electric but with the farm we have a couple of generators that will power everything…and have had to use them too.

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    I have a woodstove and plenty of wood. I have a generator and plenty of gas. I have a kerosene heater and plenty of kerosene. My laundry is done (washer/dryer don’t run on generator). My dishes are done (hot water heater doesn’t run on generator). I have stores of food in the house and know how to cook on the wood stove. I’ll bake bread tonight before the storm hits. I a bit of a preparer.

    My husband is not much for preparing, but I can usually get him to get the kerosene, or gasoline, or wood with a simple phrase: “Honey, if the power goes out and we run out of gas for the generator, I will have nothing to do while we are sitting here in the dark but to make your life miserable”

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    Chicken/White Bean Chili in the crockpot. Will you share your recipe? Didn’t find it in the Recipe Index. I’m hosting Quilt Day on Saturday and I usually put something in the crockpot for lunch so folks can help themselves whenever they are hungry. Since this is my 6th Quilt Day making charity quilts for Binky Patrol, I wanted to try something different and Chicken/White Bean Chili sounds like just the ticket!

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    We are awaiting the monster storm set to arrive on Wednesday. First we have to get through tomorrow’s storm of 3 – 5 inches. In the two days we may get two feet! JOY! As long as we have electricity I can sew. If not, I can read.

    Good luck….you are very prepared.

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    Linda in NE says

    Sounds like you’re as prepared as possible and all the food you have cooked sounds wonderful. Hope the weather doesn’t get all that bad but the forecast for some places doesn’t sound good. We’re not supposed to have much snow but the low temps and high winds are going to make for whiteout conditions on the roads and a wicked wind chill tonight…something like -35 according to DH. Brrrrrrr!!! A good night to stay inside and safe.

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    i’m with you Judy…stay prepared. i know where the candles and flashlights are…soup is in the crockpot…wood is stacked high for the wood stove..generator is on the back porch…sewing projects are at the house and ready….let it snow. although, truth be known….i am NOT a fan of snow and even less so of ICE.

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    pdudgeon says

    i’m with you, Judy—i would definitely have a wood heater in the basement as standby heat if i lived where you do, as well as a house generator for the appliances.

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    You are so prepared!
    Altho – when we put in a gas stove, new bldg codes say that you have to put a sniffer at the source of your propane. Well …. the sniffer is electric powered, so when the electricity goes out, the sniffer goes out, and Poof the Gas gets turned off. So now I am begging for a wood stove.

    Just a thing that you might check with your bldg codes…which knowiing you, you probably already have….. *smiles*

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    quilterbee says

    The storm is heading my way too. Went to the grocery store today and so did everyone else. Stay safe and warm.

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    Karen says

    We’ve battened down the hatches too. Bob got fuel for the generators and I have lamp oil and plenty of lamps. The wood burning stove is fired up and the house is nice & cozy. Ice has already coated the bushes and trees and cars.
    Tonight is supposed to be the prelude to the ‘real’ storm that starts tomorrow. All I can say is I’m glad we’re both retired and don’t have to deal with rush hour.
    I’ve got enough yarn to knit socks for a good long while and plenty of books to read. If the power stays on I’ll be sewing.
    Stay safe everyone, Karen

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    Gwen says

    Do you have water in case the pipes freeze? You probably have a supply, but didn’t see it mentioned. Take care!

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    Becky says

    You sound really prepared and that is good. We will get lots of snow up here in NNY. Last week, we had a real temp of minus 33 and that was not the wind chill. Stay warm.

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    We are supposed to get a lot of snow. I have gas stove, propane and electric heat. If my power went out I would have to sit by the stove with the door open. But I imagine I will be outside shoveling. Poor hubby will driving back from NYC in all the snow (tractor trailer).
    Sounds like you are super prepared Judy. Good luck!

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    Mary Jo says

    I sure hope that all of your preparedness is unnecessary! I hate, hate, hate it when the power goes out! We don’t have any alternative heat source, and a gas grill outside in the cold works for cooking, but sure isn’t fun!

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    Opposites attract–it doesn’t mean they necessarily get along, I always say!

    Hope you keep all your power on and don’t get too cold. Yikes at those temps!

    Called my sister in St. Louis midday today and she said she was planning to spend the night downtown at a friend’s so she can go into work tomorrow (she works for the Feds), but was sure to be abandoned by her two roommates and daughter if the power went out, leaving her home with 6 dogs (King Charles Cavaliers). They all pile on her and she doesn’t need any more heat than that!

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    Mel Meister says

    Hope everyone in the Midwest fares well through the storm. This Florida kid will be watching and praying.

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    Donna in KS says

    It does look a bit like it will miss some of us… least right now that’s how it looks! I pray for everyone’s safety. I think we are pretty well prepared….our kids not so much, although I do know that none will go hungry, just may not be able to fix what they like. My husband got the snow blower out of the shed, moved it to the garage today and of course, has all his refrigawear ready! But radar looks like we might get “lucky” and not need all of it.

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    Marie says

    If the power does go out, if you will leave your water on, just a small stream, the pipes will not freeze. Have to do this every year, as our lines will freeze if the temp is down or the wind in blowing. I pray that no one loses power in this horrible storm that is coming. Everything here in southern Bates Cty,MO is already covered with glazed ice. Have extra CO2 tanks for DH, food, quilts and a gas stove, so we will make it one way or the other.

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    Brrr, already a winter mix early this morning in PA. BF got the call he’s not working so he’ll be making my life miserable, lol. If the power goes out so does the coal stove (needs an electric vent) so hopefully I can get him to go fetch some kerosene soon jic. I have my treadles standing ready so I can at least sew!

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    karla says

    its sleeting over in my neck of the woods central texas. the wind has howled all night and this morning i could hear the beating of cold rain as it hit the sides of the house and windows. brrr. still have heat and water so can’t complain too much so glad I did not have to get out in this and go to work today 😉

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    Balinda says

    I live a couple houses from a hospital and elderly housing. If my power goes out it is only for a very short time. I am the house that everyone comes to to take showers and get warm if they are out of power. I made sure that I have all my towels clean and bought some extra toothbrushes just in case we get company.

    We are supposed to get 18 to 20 inches and we probably have a good 20+ on the ground. We will be shoveling paths for the dogs.

  23. 25


    We went without power for 10 days because of an ice storm 18 years ago. We had a wood stove installed after that. Natural gas furnaces need electric to work (safety issues and blowers). Natural gas stoves have electronic ignitions so they do not work without electric either. We have oil lamps and a camping stove stored in the basement.

  24. 26

    Karen in WI says

    Have you considered purchasing a camp stove and lantern? The newer models of both will use unleaded gasoline. For a temporary supply of heat there are heaters that will attach to the top of portable LP tanks. Just be sure to crack a window open so that carbon monoxide doesn’t build up in your home. While not the desired wood stove they are less expensive options for now.